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Strawberry Night Episode 6 Recap

My lesson learnt from watching this series is that I should never be eating something when I'm watching the first few minutes of each episode. Why?

Because each episode starts with some gruesome murder. For this one, a guy stabbed a man who came out of his house repeatedly. By repeatedly, I mean that, repeatedly, many times. 

Nori got Kikuta to come out for a drink because he wanted to tell him something.

However, this was interrupted by a call from Reiko who asked if Kikuta was alone. Knowing that Nori wanted to keep this private, Kikuta said that he was and Reiko, while buying shoes because her own heel broke, told him that there's another murder case. Nori ordered water for the both of them so that they could clear their heads. On the scene, Reiko asked Kikuta if there was someone with him because his replies were all one sentence long, "Girlfriend." 

Haha, Reiko, do I sense some form of jealousy here?

Imaizume got a new detective, Takano, to work with Reiko and she's a pretty, young lady. As coincidences went, she's also a university classmate/friend of Nori. They went to the scene of crime, and from there, Reiko could already tell that the victim was killed after he just reached home. Takano asked how she knew that, and she replied that the victim was wearing slippers but still having his suit on. This meant that he didn't have time to change out. 

During their usual meeting, Imaizume briefed them on the details that had been gathered for this case, and to everyone's shock, Nori had a question. 

He asked if there were any fingerprints on the bell, but there wasn't. After the meeting, Takano talked to Nori and told him that she would work hard not to lose to him. Reiko hurried Takano and they went to the victim's house again. That's when Reiko discovered one thing…that she and Takano had the same brand of shampoo. 

Hahaha, Reiko (Y)

They talked to the victim's father who was sure that his son had no enemies. He left the room to take a call and the housekeeper came in. She only came to the house a few times a week to keep it tidy and clean, and she told the two of them that because it was raining so heavily the night before, she left after shutting the windows and leaving the porch light on. She lamented that she should have only left after the young master came home. 

Nori went to investigate the victim's co-workers.

He got very worked up though when one of them was reluctant to spill on what he knew because he was scared that someone would come and take revenge on him. Ah, now we start to see the puzzles of Nori's secret falling into place. The team had their usual dinner where they brainstormed, and one of the ideas thrown around was that the victim's girlfriend, who was really smart and high up in the workplace, didn't accept his request to break up. Kohei remarked that all strong women had strong sense of pride, and Kikuta agreed, causing Reiko to shoot him a glance. 

After Reiko got up to pay for the meal, Tamotsu asked Kohei to stay for another round of drinks, and Nori shocked everyone by saying that he would go along too. In the spirit of things, Kikuta joined in, but Reiko promptly came into the room and asked Kikuta to send her home. Everyone fell silent and looked at her.

Hahahah. I love how the show drops the occasional comic relief on its viewers. 

Reiko was walked home by Kikuta and before they parted ways, Reiko told Kikuta that it's untrue that strong women had a strong sense of pride. Kikuta promptly replied, "You are different," and left. 

Wheee:D Am I the only one loving these small interactions between Reiko and Kikuta?

Nori got drunk and parted ways with Tamotsu and Kohei so that he could wake up from his stupor. Kikuta called him but he didn't pick up and he recalled once more of that secret he had. We now see a fuller picture — he was walking home and he saw a lady in front of him. He was very happy and was going to walk up to her, when a guy suddenly appeared and stabbed the lady repeatedly  before running off. 

The next day, Kikuta tried to learn more about Nori from Takano, and Takano filled him in on how Nori used to insist in their university days that girls had no place in dangerous situations and shouldn't be in the police force. He also vomited when he saw a murder weapon that was the knife. Reiko came into the room and saw from a distance away that they were talking.

Later, she asked Takano what the two of them were talking about, and Takano decided to play on Reiko by telling her that Kikuta wanted to date her. The two of them went out investigating once again and Reiko couldn't take it any more. She randomly asked Takano to change her shampoo and was going to elaborate further when she got a call from Imaizume that fingerprints weren't found on the bell but were found on the buttons of the victim's coat. Reiko rushed to the crime scene once again and talked aloud what was going on in her head. Takano very earnestly answered Reiko's questions but was told to shut up. 

Haha, since Reiko's questions were directed at herself and not for anyone else to answer. Finally, Reiko got her flash of inspiration. Back at the police station, she filled Imaizume in on the victim's father's background. He was responsible for not recalling faulty products, causing a few victims to be terminally ill. He was trialled but later released as non guilty. Her deduction was that the murderer's target wasn't the son (who had excellent conduct everywhere) but the father. The murderer waited outside the house and the son came home. He asked for his father, and the son went into the house. Seeing the porch light, the murderer thought that the father must be home, and simply stabbed anyone who came out of the house. 

This was how fingerprints could be found on the buttons but not on the bell. Wonderful~ Everyone was very amazed by her deduction and Imaizume sent them on their way to investigate the people related to the victims who had died from the disease. Nori shocked everyone once again by requesting to go with Reiko to investigate her lead.

This was considered a breach of conduct, because Reiko was the one who discovered the lead, so she should be the one who investigated it. Reiko allowed Nori to tag along, but Kikuta was really angry and told Nori to come out for a talk. There, Nori finally revealed that he wanted to be stronger. He recounted what had happened when he was back in high school — he saw his tuition teacher get stabbed but didn't have the courage to tell the police that he saw the murderer. This was why he came to the police immediately after high school, so that he could become stronger. 

He walked off after that, without Kikuta saying anything. 

Kikuta investigated the family of a woman who committed suicide after learning that she was down with the disease. He found out that the woman had a lover who also kinda ditched her after knowing that she had that kind of illness, which everyone believed could be passed with intercourse. 

I'm kinda tickled by this screencap, I have no idea why. 

Kikuta asked for the name of the lover and he and another policeman went to his house. There, they found the house empty and Kikuta opened the laptop lid to find details of the victim's father plastered on a website. Reiko and Takano tagged behind the victim's father car and Reiko called Nori to tell him that the victim's father was heading his way. Nori and another policeman got ready and when the father got off his car, a man suddenly barged forward with a knife. Nori tried to help but his feet got 'stuck' when he saw the knife. The policeman was stabbed, Reiko was slashed in the arm and Takano was thrown to the ground with the knife in her face. Faced with this, Nori still couldn't move. 

Luckily, Kikuta came and punched the guy so that he was defeated. Then he walked over to Nori and punched him, before walking back to Reiko and asked in an impassive voice if she's all right.

After the whole incident, Kikuta led Reiko away, and she kept complaining that he's causing pain to her arm. "You didn't say that it's painful just now." "Just now is just now, now is now" She gritted out. Hahaha. By the way, stupid father stepped out and shouted at everyone, asking why they were doing such chaotic things in front of his house. Hello old man? This is all happening because of you.

Takano came to tell Nori that maybe he's right, for she was really scared just now when the knife was in her face. Aww. Confession time. The guy admitted to targeting the father because of his lover. He only did this 15 years later, because he accidentally saw details of the father written on this website and suddenly, he could hear his lover's voice. He always felt guilty for not believing in the woman and he felt that maybe the woman would forgive him, if he killed the father. 

Reiko found Nori on the rooftop and he sunk into a bow for a sincere apology. Reiko didn't say anything else other than to work hard for the next case because they couldn't afford to relax. She turned to leave but saw Kikuta and mock punch him before leaving. Kikuta came onto the rooftop next and Nori told him that he could understand now why Kikuta would follow Reiko's lead. If Reiko had comforted him, he might have quit the force, but she didn't. Kikuta said (with a tinge of pride, I feel) that Reiko was always in the know about their situation. 

Reiko walked down the stairs, and to her dismay, her third pair of shoes for the month had broken.

Kikuta invited Nori out for a round of drinks and Nori rejected it, saying that he needed to study for the upcoming examination. Kikuta held him by the neck and said that they would be going to the meeting room for drinks. 


-the end-

So. I thought that in this episode, we will see Nori overcoming his obstacle, but we didn't. It's okay though, because on hindsight, I rather they make him grow a little by a little, than to see great jumps of character, since that would be more convincing. Now that we know Nori's full story, I can't wait to see Reiko's full story! I wonder if the full story was already shown in the Strawberry Night Special, but I simply have no time to check that out so I remain in full curiosity. 

Also, anyone loving the tiny developments in Kikuta — Reiko pairing? I know, I know, that romance isn't the main point of this show, but give me a break. I need to look for such things to contain the fangirl in me:P Besides, I'm definitely not imagining the fact that Kikuta cares for Reiko and Reiko cares for him!(: 

On a random note, I love this week's screenshots. So much clearer, don't you think!


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