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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 6 Recap

So. Momoko ran into her teacher with his wife and his kid, and she couldn't contain herself. She walked up to them, and her teacher was taken aback.

But she left them before she said anything. The Ihara family decided to set up their decorations for the upcoming Women's Festival, and Haruka said that their family placed a lot of emphasis on this festival, which explained the beautiful ornaments and decorations that they had. Momoko was distracted throughout all of this, because she was busy texting her teacher, and wanting to meet him this weekend. 

On the teacher's side, his wife told him that they should buy a doll together with their daughter in celebration of the festival but having seen Momoko's message, the teacher told her that he would see about his plans. He paid no attention to his wife's statement that they should do it this time round, "What happens when I'm not around any more?"

You guys still remember the little boy from the first episode? He's Tomoya, the son of the guy who died. So, Masato got a visit from the guy's mother who lamented that it's going to be time again to pay respects to her son, and there's only her. Masato decided to go to Tomoya's house, but Tomoya refused to talk to him, saying that he's the one who bullied his father. He ran into the house, and his mother came out, telling Masato that whatever happened to the guy was none of their business. 

It's dinner time at Ihara house. Hayato commented that Masato's late for dinner (hehe, I really like it that he has become a nice, caring sibling), and Momoko got a message from her teacher agreeing to meet her that weekend, causing a smile to blossom on her face. We switch to Kento, who was helping an old man unload his boxes of fishes, when he caught sight of Momoko…and her teacher on the opposite shore. Wow, what a coincidence! 

Momoko and her teacher checked into a inn where Momoko took delight in being addressed as the wife. She stopped her teacher from answering any calls, but was stunned when Kento stormed into the inn, demanding to know what happened. Her teacher took the call in the end, and was shocked to hear that his wife who was usually punctual on picking up their daughter, was now three hours late. He rushed off apologetically, leaving Momoko looking dejected. 

When Kento asked Momoko how their father allowed her to go out of the house, he finally got the bombshell news — his father was dead. Yuki finished work and was spinning around in her chair but caught sight of Masato entering the room and pretended that she was doing work. Masato imitated her spinning act, and she had no choice but to help him out on the matter of Tomoya. Then, Masato got a call from Haruka — Tomoya had disappeared. 

Yuki and Masato immediately met up with Tomoya's mother and split ways to search for him to no avail. Tomoya's mother was devastated and while Masato comforted her, he noticed the few sweets lying on the pavement. He got an inspiration and quickly rushed to the rooftop where Tomoya always practised baseball with his father, and true to Masato's hunch, Tomoya was there. Turns out that Tomoya learnt about Masato's involvement in the incident when he overheard the insurance company talking to his mother. The guy's mother told Tomoya's mother to leave the guy long time ago because she worked as a hostess, thus when she found out that she's pregnant, she decided to raise Tomoya up alone. 

Kento drove Momoko home, and did a left turn instead of a right. Momoko's teacher's wife was still not back home. Masato fed Kotaro and Iwata came in. As usual, he gave Masato advice, "For the sake of those who are still living, do not have any regrets." He left before Masato could invite him for dinner…and during dinner, Kento appeared. He went to pay his respects to his father immediately and the four siblings watched silently. 

Kento praised Haruka for her well cooking skills, and they soon deduced by themselves that Momoko was out because she went to meet her teacher and planned to stay overnight with him. Look at Hayato's expression~

Hehe. Of course, what's a Ihara fight without some food right? Momoko got all hung up on the fact that Haruka had no love experiences before and started fighting with her. Hayato tried to separate them but got pushed to the floor. (Can I, once again, stress that I like this helpful Hayato haha) Finally, Momoko did her thing — throwing of food, but it got onto Kento who stood up and shielded Haruka. Momoko got angry with him too — he disappeared for such a long time so he had no rights to speak like he knew everything. 

Kento went with Masato to get another body from the police station, and you could tell that Yuki liked Kento a lot…well at least she kept smiling approvingly haha.

They saw Momoko's teacher in a fluster, showing the policeman that he found something like a death letter written by his wife. Masato almost went up and punched him but Kento stopped him. Back at home, Masato questioned Kento's purpose in disappearing this time round but Kento said that he simply guessed wrongly. Masato went into Momoko's room to tell her that he'd seen her teacher, but found her crying because her teacher wanted to break up with her. She said that she was lonely in school and her teacher was the only one who cared about her, who talked to her. 

She felt very blissful just by being with her teacher…nevertheless, she's worried that something bad had happened. Masato comforted her, and the next day, went to find her teacher to tell him two things 1. He reallyyyy wanted to hit him badly but 2 no, he wouldn't and instead, he would help him try to find his wife. Masato seek the help of Yuki, who insisted that she had a lot of things to do at home. Haha, as Masato told Yuki that there's welcome party for Kento and she should come. She asked how he would introduce her, and was immensely pleased with all his compliments, like how one couldn't help but smile when being with her.

Whoo, whoo, does this mean that Masato can't help but smile when he's with her?:D

They went searching for the teacher's wife, but Masato soon got a call that Kento had found her. We switched to the scene where Kento and the wife were both in a hospital room, and Kento apologised for Momoko's mistake. The wife went to the Ihara house, and as all the other siblings apologised once again for Momoko's mistake, Momoko said indignantly that the wife's at fault too. She was the one who neglected her husband the moment they had their daughter. Even though the Ihara siblings looked scandalised by Momoko's statement, the wife agreed, and told Momoko that she could be with her husband…"Please wait for another year."

She finally revealed that she had cancer and could only live for at most a year. She had long discovered Momoko's existence but pretended that she didn't know. She wanted to die as the teacher's wife, so that she still had family even on her deathbed.

If Momoko wanted to be with her husband, then please wait till one year later. She left the funeral house with her daughter, and Momoko ran out after her. Behind her, Masato soon caught up, and in front of them, her teacher appeared. Momoko told the wife that she didn't need her teacher any more, after all, he's just an uncle. She cried as she told the wife, "Please live well."

Then she ran off. Masato apologised to the teacher for Momoko's words, and the wife asked if she could book an appointment with the Ihara house. Masato rejected her saying that the Ihara house could collapse any time, and she thanked Masato. As Masato left, the teacher took the hands of the daughter and the three of them walked home. Masato found Momoko who said that next time, she would find a better man. 

Tomoya found the Ihara house and told Masato that he wanted to see his grandmother. With that, Masato tried to convince Tomoya's mother in coming for the next burial service and she seemed moved. On the day of the service, there were only the mother and Masato. 

He heard the sound of the lift, and a few seconds later, Tomoya appeared. Whoo~ The mother was really touched and fussed over her grandson. A few beats later, Tomoya's mother appeared and the mother apologised to her. She told her that later, she really wanted to let her son get old with her and their son. So, a knot was now untied. Tomoya would be moving soon and he gave Masato a sweet (the one in the first episode) as a gift of thanks. 

Iwata came by again but from Eisuke's point of view, Masato seemed to be talking to air. Gasp. 

Letter to Masato's dad: After interacting with the kins and seeing their love, I suddenly understand… A funeral is the last ceremony that one goes through with his or her family. To be able to feel that love within the family, I'm really happy. Just joking~

Kento said that it's just his instinct that led him to find the teacher's wife in the hospital. Haruka got yet another concerned letter from the guy that she was supposed to meet. 

-the end-

See, I knew that I wouldn't really like Momoko that much even after she became nicer. I know that she cried but she doesn't seem to feel any sense of remorse for liking her teacher. I don't really care that much about the teacher bit, but seriously, does she even care that she's in a relationship with a teacher who has a wife and a kid? Shall I go into all the moral issues about how a teacher who is supposed to be a model for his students isn't supposed to ditch his wife for a student, just because his wife didn't care enough about him?

True to my feelings, that Momoko's case will not move me at all. Hayato's case was rather moving and touching if you think about it, but no, not Momoko's case. 

Also!! I hope that they aren't going to drop some bombshell like how Masato is mad, or that Iwata is a spirit that only Masato can see! I wonder if that will feel out of place in this drama that is very much grounded in reality?


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