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It's so irritating that whenever I get really excited about posting a recap on The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Google got to start screwing up on me. I know that we don't actually know how Google crawls our pages exactly, and I don't care for the details, but all I know is that it gets so irritating sometimes. In the past few months, I've had the luck of my entries getting crawled almost instantaneously, meaning my entries appear on Google Search really quickly. But recently, I've had twice the experience of the recap taking two whole days to appear, and that annoyingly affects the number of hits I get. This isn't about me wanting to get oh a crazy number of readers, but more about me slogging my guts out to write and share a recap, and Google isn't cooperating. 

And it has only happened to The Moon That Embraces The Sun recaps. Not that I would want it to happen to any other series that I'm recapping, but whyyyy, why is it that my top favourite drama has gotten such bad luck. :/ So guys, like what I said in an entry a few weeks ago, please check thoughtsramble itself to find out whether the latest recap has been released! It's really lying there in loneliness and sobbing for people to read it. 

That being said, hehe, I think you guys have been reallyyyy awesome! Even though I can't write the recaps fast enough like other drama blogs out there, I put in a lot of effort to write these recaps and I hope you guys can continue to give me the support that you have been giving for the past few months. Recapping this drama has been one of the best decisions that I've made in ages. 

….Still!! Google, can you please stop throwing tantrums?



  1. I really enjoy your mtets recap! And there’s only 4 episodes left for the drama! I can’t bear to part with the drama but i’ll continue supportig your recaps!


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