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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 8 Recap

Hey(((: This was supposed to be done and up earlier, but I suddenly lost the drive to watch and recap anything for the past 24hours-ish or so. No fear though, because I'm back hehe.

One of the aunts gave the Ihara family a really expensive fish and as they wondered out loud how they should deal with it, Masasto reached home, and came out of his van, only to see Kento and Yuki walking together. He murmured, "Why?" just as Yuki caught sight of him and jumped visibly. Kento brushed aside Masato's questions and entered the Ihara home. Masato turned to Yuki and asked if they were "that" (together) and Yuki distracted Masato by saying that he's jealous, "Ah, you will only know how precious it is after you lost it…that's how noble love is:D" and she quickly escaped. 

Everyone was ecstatic to see Kento's return, and Eisuke commented that it's great he's back to Masato. Masato nodded, and looked at his brother.

The next day, Masato took a 'bribe' to Nagamine again, and Yuki feigned busy so that Masato wouldn't persist in his questions. Nagamine treated Yuki and Masato to lunch, where he revealed to Masato that he made a wish at the shrine and got married. Masato was surprised, and congratulated him.

While reminding Yuki and Masato to be healthy and eat more cabbage on the tonkatsu, Masato asked him what his wish was, to which Nagamine replied that his wish was already fulfilled — to have a baby. Yuki gasped and both of them congratulated him once more. Yuki got a call, and they got called to a scene where a set of skeleton was found buried. Kento asked to see the last words that his father left behind, and Masato handed him the letter. Upon reading the words that his father had written to him, Kento muttered, "Isn't Father sprouting nonsense," and he left. Haruka wanted to wash their clothes and Masasto went into Kento's room to pick up the worn ones, when he found a plastic bag with a bag of medicine from the neurological department. 

Kento sat on a bench and cried, even as it started pouring. The police investigated the case of the body and found that it could possibly belong to a woman who went missing six years ago. It wasn't made into a case even though it was reported to the police at that time, and after being dismissed, Yuki was greeted by a man, Kinohara-san, whom she was happy to see. Kinohara asked about the case that she was investigating and reminded Nagamine to train Yuki well. 

After he left, Nagamine asked how Yuki knew Kinohara, and she replied that he was the subordinate of her grandfather previously. As for Nagamine, Kinohara was the first boss that he worked under. Masato came and told Yuki to tell him the truth, saying that he could take it, but Yuki told him to ask his brother directly.

Masato told Kento that they should talk after dinner, and snapped at Hayato who wanted to go drinking with them. They went to a bar, and Masato was displeased, saying that he couldn't talk properly there. He shouted at his brother to stop fooling around, thus scaring everyone in the bar, but they returned to what they were doing, and Masato sat down. 

Kento finally told Masato the truth — that he had a tumour in his brain. Masato was in slight denial initially, believing that medicine would treat it, but Kento dashed that line of hope. What about surgery? "Seems like it's not a solution." 

See that blur streak of a tear? I realise that Yamapi's very good at shedding one tear from only one eye:O It's like his trademark tear. 

Kento requested for Masato not to tell the other three siblings first, so that he could continue being the good brother, and to take good care of the Ihara funeral home.

"Father's right, that place is my home."

And Masato finally broke down.

The irony of the situation strikes as we watch Kento place an arm on Masato's shoulders and pat him in consolation. 

Masato went with Kento to the doctor where he confirmed the worst, that with the current technology, there's no way to save Kento. "That moment could come any time…right now, you have to think about how you want to face it."

Iwata came by and in his usual philosophical words, told Masato how as one aged, the fear of death got lesser. He asked about Kento's age, and commented softly, "He must be afraid."

Yuki and Nagamine investigated the case together, and they questioned the brother of the victim who said that his sister had left a letter behind which had said that she had wanted to put every thing down and leave, "Don't find me." Yuki left to take a call from Kento who told her that Masato knew the truth now, and he apologised. Back inside the cafe, Nagamine continued asking questions, and the brother remarked that he had passed a letter to someone who claimed to have worked in the police force, "and he sat in a wheel chair." Nagamine was taken aback to hear that, and given the look that the brother shot Yuki as she walked out of the cafe, I think we can safely say it's someone related to Yuki. 

Masato watched as Kento resumed his usual vigour and praised Haruka for her good cooking skills. Haruka commented that usually, everyone would just eat and not praise her, and Hayato quickly went, "This is reallyyyy good!" "How fake," Haruka replied. Hahaha. 

Kento reminded Haruka and Momoko that looks weren't everything, "The way to get a man is through his stomach," and Momoko looked enlightened. Nagamine met up with Kinohara and consulted him on what to do. Turns out that evidence pointed out that the policeman who had taken the letter and destroyed its evidence was Yuki's grandfather. Kinohara said he would break it to Yuki gently, and told Nagamine to keep it a secret first. Nagamine returned to the station to find Yuki waiting to give him a celebratory party. They went for drinks, and Yuki gave him an early present — a pair of baby shoes. Aww so cute! 

Nagamine could tell that Yuki was bothered by something and asked her about it. The Ihara family took down all the decorations on Women's Day, since it's a tradition to do so, or else, all the girls in the family would become spinsters. Haruka commented that since there's Kento, no matter where they went in the end, the Ihara home would still be home, "Right Masato onii chan?" and Masato nodded. He got a call and went to find Nagamine and Yuki.

Apparently, Yuki kept muttering that she was sorry to Masato, and something about his brother. Masato inferred correctly and knew what Yuki was so bothered about. Yuki suddenly sat up from her drunken stupor and demanded to see something — the ultrasound photo of the baby. Masato asked if it was a guy or a girl, and Nagamine jabbed at a point in the photo. Cough, a certain male anatomy, and Masato realised it's a guy. He joked that it seemed to be quite perky and Yuki joined in, "Perky, perky!" before Nagamine reminded, "A girl, don't talk nonsense o." Masato was amused to see that Yuki had collapsed again.

Nagamine received a call and left, so Masato took Yuki home in the usual way — by putting her on a trolley.

She woke up and Masato gave her water to drink, even handing her a hankerchief when she dribbled water all over. She wished that there was a wishing star that night for her.

And asked Masato what he had wished for previously, to which he answered that he hoped everyone he loved would be able to love his or her entire life. Yuki apologised for keeping the truth about Kento's situation from Masato, and he accepted it. He asked about Yuki's and she joked that she couldn't say it, but revealed that she had wished for her grandfather to live well in heavens.

Remember that very first episode where Yuki stood by the platform with her hands clasped together? She was praying for her grandfather who had died there five years ago. 

She told Masato that it's her fault because she didn't put the seatbelt on her grandfather properly, so her grandfather had fallen onto the tracks accidentally. They had even quarrelled before that because it had been her grandmother's death anniversary and her grandfather was out investigating something that he didn't turn up, and Yuki had been angry. Now, the last time she had seen her grandfather was him with a sad face.

Sigh…it's always so sad to lose someone and realise that your last moment with him or her isn't what you want it to be at all.

She showed Masato a picture of her grandfather, and to his shock, he realised it was Iwata san. Yuki thought that he's pulling her leg, since she was very sure that her grandfather was dead. Iwata came by later that night, and as Masato prepared to ask him about Yuki, a sudden gust of wind chilled him, and he said haltingly that he looked like Yuki's grandfather who was already dead. Iwata denied being her grandfather, and he replied, relieved, "That's right, it wouldn't be that spooky." His phone back in the house rang and he went back to answer, while Iwata looked back to give him a look.

Oh my, that looks quite ghostly.

Masato was taken aback to find that Iwata had disappeared and picked up the call. It was from Nagamine who asked about Yuki and Masato said that he had sent her back safely. He commented that Nagamine must be really excited for the baby and he laughed, "Yes indeed."

Okay, I have drama instincts I swear. The moment Nagamine walked into that eerie, empty place, I knew he was going to die, and hence that screen shot which I immediately took, since it's possibly the last time we will see him. True enough, just as he was laughing into the phone, someone shot or stabbed him and everything in his hands fell as he collapsed to the ground. He reached out for the baby shoes but fell dead before his fingers could touch it. Over at Masato's end, he called out for Nagamine but the phone was hung up.

And the next day, a jogger found Nagamine's body deserted under some trees. Yuki was distraught to see her senior lying in the morgue.

She broke down later on, and Kinohara consoled her, "He didn't die while on duty…Try not to blame yourself."

Who else but me thinks that this Kinohara is the one who killed Nagamine? I think he's reallyyy suspicious. 

Nagamine's wife decided to use Ihara funeral home for the service but as Kento called out, "Madame," she had no response, only to jerked back to reality after a few seconds, "I'm sorry…we hadn't been married for long, so I'm not used to people calling me Madame." Sigh…Masato left, unable to see this anymore, and Kento followed after him. Masato blamed himself for not asking where Nagamine was going or who he had the call from, and Kento reached out to comfort him. He had a vertigo attack suddenly and collapsed to the ground.

Yuki happened to came by at that moment and they worriedly told Kento to rest. Back in the room, Yuki cried as she told them that no leads could be found yet.

Nagamine's wife started crying as she said that she should have treated Nagamine better, instead of always scolding him, "I should have let him done what he wanted to do," and Masato watched tearily from a side. Masato and Yuki went out to have upgraded tonkatsu and Masato commented that after having that, he would gain the strength to give Nagamine a good funeral service. Yuki wanted to have the strength to catch the culprit, and the both of them started eating…but this gave them memories of the last time they came to have tonkatsu with Nagamine, and as the memories hit the both of them, they started crying.

It was the day of the funeral service, and Yuki was invited to say some words. She said that she didn't know what she should say, but as she stood up there, she realised that she's very grateful to be a policeman. She felt that Nagamine was telling her, "In order for everyone whom I treasure not to be devastated anymore, please help me catch the culprit…"

Aww T.T I can totally imagine Nagamine saying that. 

Momoko, Hayato and Kento stood back at home and prayed sincerely. The police force stood out in the rain as Nagamine's wife thanked Yuki.

They then drove Nagamine's wife and the others home, while Masato clasped his hands together, "Have a safe journey."

Iwata came by and asked about the case of the skeleton. Masato searched for the details on the Internet, and asked if Iwata knew the victim. Iwata replied that he had investigated the case before, and Masato remembered Yuki saying that her grandfather was a cop. Putting one and one together, he asked again if Iwata was her grandfather, and this time round, Iwata said, "Yes." Masato looked down and winced, "Does that mean you are dead—" and he looked up to find that Iwata had disappeared.

He turned back to the house worriedly and muttered, "It can't be…"

Dear father,

What on earth is this?

-the end-

Oh, so it's true that Masato has been seeing a spirit all along then? I commented in one of the recaps earlier on that I didn't know how I would receive that, because this show is very much grounded in reality and I'm not sure how well an introduction of a spirit would go…but right now, I think it's going fine, and it adds an interesting twist to the story. I'm sad that Nagamine died though! He was such a nice character. Not a lead perhaps, and not that three-dimensional, but a character with his own personality all the same. I had a gut feeling that he was going to die, and thus his death didn't come as a shock to me.

Do we only realise how precious someone is to us, after he or she is gone?


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