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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 21 and 22 Recap

Hey guys!(: I'm not sure if you even noticed it, but yes Pretty Little Liars' recaps take a much longer time to churn out now, and it has come to a point where I've decided that I can't take up full recaps of Pretty Little Liars' episodes any more! The rationale behind this can be found here: http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/81357.html and I hope you guys understand that this doesn't mean I love Pretty Little Liars any less. It's just that in view of the dramas and other commitments I have, this is the best decision I can take(:

That being said, I will still be doing updates on each episode! (Just not full-length recaps)

Spencer gets the deal out of Melissa — apparently, she still can't accept that she had married a guy who killed Alison and she turns to Garrett for consolation and help. 

Spencer is in disbelief that Melissa will even turn to Garrett, but learns something even more shocking, which is the fact that Melissa had been sending Alison texts, warning her to back off from Ian. 

And this thing that Melissa had done, apparently their father had known about it, and he had looked very 'relieved' when Alison was found missing. 

Ashley wished Hanna a good morning, getting a "Not really…" for a reply. Hanna's dad has bailed on her for the upcoming Father– Daughter dance and Ashley convinces Hanna to go with her, saying that it's lamer to miss something she really wanted to go than to go with her mother. 

I like Ashley; she's cool. 

Hanna is dead sure that Melissa is involved in this and wants to get the evidence to the police, "Can we get into trouble for withdrawing evidence?" Aria, "You mean withholding information." Hahaha. Spencer asks for a favour from the other three, to give her some time to find out the truth. 

They all have curls suddenly, like dolls:O 

Spencer comes home to find a reallyyyy expensive necklace waiting for her, from her dad. Melissa suggests that the father is merely trying to use money to solve matters, and the father comes in and asks Spencer if she likes the necklace. Spencer splutters for a while, and gets saved by her own father, "See, speechless, that was what I was going for."

Hanna is distressed to see Ashley talking to Wilden and confronts her mother about it. Wilden has actually asked for Hanna's phone so that the both of them can find some answers. Mike says that Aria should go for the dance, lest their father suspects something, since she's still supposed to be going out with Holden. Aria asks, "What makes you think I'm not?" and Mike looks at her with a knowing expression.

He reveals that he overheard her and their mother's conversation when he came home the other day, and comes out right asking Aria why she's trying so hard when it seems like everything is going against the relationship.

Aria answers, "It's worth fighting for no matter what the odds."

Emily's dad returns for the dance and comforts Emily, taking her out to find Maya and they find out that Maya was seen talking to someone in a car at the ticket station before disappearing. Emily returns from her bath to find a missed call from Maya but when she dials back, it goes into the mailbox. Ashley demands for Hanna's phone and in a fit of rebellion, Hanna drops it into the basin full of water. 

At the dance, Emily apologises for being late.

Her dad tells her that it's all right, and drops a piece of bad news on her — he's going to Afghanistan. That's why Emily's mother didn't come down for this trip because she wanted to give her husband and her daughter some alone time. Aww.

Bryan queues up so that he can get a photograph with Aria. Hanna is joined by Mona and the three other girls, who ask her where's her dress, her mother and etc, and she tells them that her mother is onto A's trial. She can't have that because this means that A might do something to their parents. Mona comes up with an idea, and asks who can lie best to someone close to her. Instantaneously, the three girls point to Aria. Haha, who accepts it and asks what she has to do. 

She tells Byran that she has to leave, and Bryan says that they should just get a shot first. In the end, Aria tells him outright that she's no longer the little girl in his memories, and leaves, leaving behind Byran who looks stunned and pained. So what's the lie that Mona came up with? To tell Hanna's mother that she was the one who sent the police report, so that Hanna would stop shoplifting — A for Aria, A for Anonymous. 

Byran comes into Mike's room to asks if he has seen Aria, and Mike asks Byran if he knows why Aria didn't tell them the truth. "No…" "Maybe you didn't ask."

Aww Mike is really wise in this episode:O

Spencer leaves the dance in a huff too and she sees someone on a motorcycle ride towards her, stop….and turn around. Stepping forward, she calls out, "Toby?"

But the motorcyclist simply leaves. 

AWW, where's TOBY!!

Spencer confesses to her father that she had gone through his study and found records of 15,000 cash that was given out during the period around Alison's death. Her father hurriedly goes through his stuff again and Spencer is stunned when he picks up the phone to report the loss of a gun. She finds a stack of Ali's photos in his locked drawer, and Spencer's dad explains that it's because he gave the money and the photos to a private investigator — he was worried. Spencer questions his worry over Ali, and he reveals that he wasn't worried about Ali, he was anxious about Melissa and her involvement in this. :O

Melissa tells Spencer that she can't take it any more and that she's going back to her own apartment. Wow, and turns out that both Ella and Ashley didn't believe in the lies that Aria told. They know that something is wrong, and Ashley tells Ella, "We owe it to our daughters and ourselves to find out." Aria receives a call from Jona who tells her that Ali has been receiving texts from more than one number. They come to the location where the address was traced, and find a shop that sells the chucky dolls they received last time. Aria is cold so she picks up the coat that Ali/Vivian wore, and the moment she puts it on, someone calls out, "Vivian?" 

-the end- 

Oh, Spencer seducing Wren, and Wren telling Spencer that he can't take advantage of her when she's all drunk and high.

I loveee this screenshot. 

I've no time for Episode 21, so I've placed all the caps under the above cut. Do check them out if you want to! You get to see extensive caps of Spencer seducing Wren. SO what do you guys think!! We are definitely getting closer to who on earth A is, and to be honest, I've given up guessing, not because it's so hard to guess that I've given up hope, but rather, I don't want to spoil the fun for myself((: So I'm trying to put my drama-brain aside for the time being.

On a fangirl tone, I'M TORN. I really like Wren, but I like Toby too!! And now Spencer's stuck in this awful triangle. Who besides me thinks that…before she sorts out her feelings properly, she shouldn't get together with Wren?:/ Alsoooo, where on earth has Toby (and Caleb) disappeared to!


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