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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 9 Recap

Kento's plot and Yuki's story develop in tandem, as we reach the second last episode of this drama. 

Masato was questioned and he revealed hearing some sounds during the conversation with Nagamine. The police gave him different samples of sounds for him to identify, and he soon picked out the ones exactly like those he heard. The officer told Yuki that those sounds came from machines in casinos, and Yuki realised that Nagamine's death had indeed something to do with the case. Yuki thanked Masato later for his help, and got irritated with him when he asked about her grandfather again. 

He went home and called out for Iwata-san around his courtyard, telling no one in particular that he's really scared of stuff like that (spirits).

Haha, seriously, Masato do you expect Iwata-san to pop out from behind your plants or something?

Someone did pop by and gave Masato a shock. Turns out it was Kento's mum. As she paid her respects to their father, the three siblings scrutinised her.


Kento's mum sat down for a meal with them, and Momoko couldn't stand it after Kento's mum commented that it's bad luck to work at the funeral home, then told them that they should be grateful that she had left their father, for if not for that, how could their mother move in and then give birth to them? *roll eyes at such line of logic* Hayato tried to stop Momoko, but she asked directly, "May I ask, what on earth are you doing here in our house?"

The siblings realised that Kento's previous disappearance wasn't a trip as he had claimed, but a return back to his mother's home. His mother wanted him to come home with her, and Haruka told her that Kento was born here, and grew up here. "Other than giving birth to him, what else have you done?" Kento pulled his mother aside to tell her that other than Masato, no one else knew about his condition. His mother broke down after hearing that it seemed like even an operation wasn't an option any more. 

While washing the dishes, Haruka commented that people like Kento's mother would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Kento's mother asked Masato out for a round of drinks with her and Kento, and when they got to the beer house, she proceeded to piss people off by remarking that the funeral home brought bad luck. That's not all, while drinking, she requested directly that Masato helped in advising Kento to return with her.

Kento had to carry her home, and on the way home, he told Masato that he would often visit his mother (which explained his frequent disappearances in the past) who lived near Mount Fuji.

That's why he loved Mount Fuji, because his mother had told him before that she lived near there, "When you look at it, just think that Mother is looking at it too." Kento's mother wasn't actually sleeping, and she heard all of this.

Kento revealed that he didn't plan on returning to the Ihara house after his last disappearance, but on hindsight, it must have been their father's calling that got him home. "Masato…I intend to return home with my mother." Masato didn't reply, and contained his tears.

In the early morning, Kento's mother made breakfast before leaving the house. Momoko and Hayato ate what she had cooked and lamented that it's such a pity Haruka didn't pick up any skills from her while she was here. Haha. Yuki continued investigating and was stunned to hear the same piece of news that Nagamine had heard before — an ex-policeman who sat in a wheelchair had taken the letter.

Iwata-san finally turned up and made a ghastly funny face when Masato asked fearfully if he really was a ghost. Hahaha. Eisuke came out of the house and told Masato that he had been talking to himself a lot lately. Iwata commented lightly, "It seems like only you can see me."


Masato convinced Eisuke that it's just his way of releasing stress and after Eisuke returned to the house, Masato turned back to Iwata, "You are really a ghost?" "I can't take up a cup, nor drink what's inside…Sorry." 

Iwata walked towards Masato, who froze and stiffly shifted to a side in fear. Is it just me who find it funny how Masato is reacting to a ghost's presence? Iwata sighed that he didn't manage to become a buddha like Masato's father did. Masato replied that it might be because he had done something wrong when he was alive, and Iwata said he couldn't even remember why he died. Yuki told Kinohara about her latest findings and was told that she had to leave the investigation team, since her grandfather might be implicated.

The Ihara siblings, after Kento's suggestion, decided to have a barbecue in their yard. Hayato complained about having a barbecue when it's winter but the five of them were in a really jovial mood. 

Masato shot Kento a glance when Haruka said that they should pitch a tent in the yard when summer rolled around. He suggested taking a photo, and as Kento arranged them in a nice order, he saw how his siblings teased one another's cooking skills, and he teared.

He took his place behind Masato, and just before the camera clicked, his tears escaped.

After the barbecue, he finally revealed to the other three siblings that he had brain cancer and he's afraid that he wouldn't be able to survive till the next summer. Expectedly, the three were devastated and they refused to believe that there was no way out. Kento revealed that he's planning to return to the hospital back in his mother's place. Hearing that, Masato read his father's last words again and started researching on how to make one's last moments at home comfortable and blissful. He also asked the siblings if they were willing to pitch in, and they replied that they would be strong because they wanted to spend more time with Kento. 

Masato found Kento's mother who told him that she had thought that Kento always visited her because he liked her, but now she felt like it was more of a responsibility thing. Masato countered that, telling her that he felt Kento didn't do it out of obligation but out of love. He asked for Kento's mother to move in with them, "You are Kento's family too…a family should live together."

Yuki called Masato out for drinks and he looked amused at how Yuki kept going.

Sigh, it's sad how Nagamine is out of the picture now. 

Yuki got very heated up when Masato tried to tell her that he had spoken with her grandfather before, and she stood up to splash water on him. He muttered his annoyance and told Yuki that it's too early to give up and be so depressed. Yuki retaliated, "What do you know?!" Masato told her that there should be no regrets, "That's what your grandfather told me." That's why he would never give up on Kento because he believed there would be a day when he looked back on hindsight and felt thankful for not having given up back then.

Kento's mother took her luggage and entered the house. Imagine Kento's surprise when the four Ihara siblings greeted her politely.

Kento was very touched at their efforts to make him stay back at home. He started breaking down as he told them that he might lose his memories about them and himself, "I'm scared…" He's scared that he would not be the big brother they knew any more. Masato went over and hugged him, "No matter what happens, you will always be our big brother."

Haruka, Hayato and Momoko went up and hug him too, as Kento's mother cried next to them.

Yuki continued her investigation privately with a new vigour. One of the helpers suggested that Kento used a notebook to write down his memories so that he wouldn't forget them later on. A nurse came over to their house to teach them how to take care of a patient at home and the next morning, Kento fed Kotaro and fainted in the yard. Luckily, Masato heard Kotaro's barks (good dog!) and found Kento unconscious. He called his name worriedly, but Kento was out cold. Their lessons came into use…much too quickly D:

After Kento regained consciousness and rested in his bed, Masato came in to give him a notebook before leaving with a hopeful expression. Kento opened the cover to realise that it's a scrapbook of the information on the siblings, on his life, on the people around him. As he read each page carefully, he started tearing.

Yuki was chided for investigating by herself, and she was shocked to hear that a search warrant had been granted — a search warrant for her grandfather's house. She found Masato and talked to him in the courtyard where Iwata was listening. Masato was stunned to hear that the police suspected that Iwata was the murderer, and he told Yuki that Iwata was with them in the yard. Yuki asked him quickly, to ask her grandfather what's going on, but Iwata replied, "I don't know." Masato passed the message on, and Yuki murmured that she's being stupid, hoping to see her grandfather even after saying such harsh words to him before he had died. She left in disappointment, walking through Iwata who disappeared, and appeared again a second later. 

Masato fixed his glance on Iwata, "Iwata-San…are you the murderer?"

Dear Dad, there's a lot of strange things in this world, but why must they happen to me?!"

-the end-

Oh wow, so in this episode, we have it very clear that Iwata is a ghost. It's nothing lame like oh a twin brother or anything of that sorts and it's a true, blue, spirit. I like it that the links between the characters came almost in a circle, and maybe Masato was 'picked out' all along to be able to see Iwata so that he could help Yuki solve the problem. It will be quite easy actually, to convince Yuki that Masato is speaking the truth when he says he can see Iwata, I mean, just simply get Iwata to recount a conversation that only involved him and Yuki right? Then of course, we have the complication of Iwata not being able to remember anything clearly from his past…

And that means he can't defend himself too! Somehow, I'm pretty sure that he's not the murderer. He cannot cross to the next life because he knows that the case is still unsolved after six years, and he's staying to make sure that this unresolved knot gets untied before he leaves. 

Since next week is the last episode, I wonder if they are still going to develop any Yuki — Masato romance:O I think Kento dies by the way T.T


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