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Hey guys:D

I miss doing my updates, so here they are!(: 

If you guys follow closely, you might have already realised that I'm no longer doing full recaps of Pretty Little Liars, and I haven't done the last episode of Strawberry Night either. Coming to these decisions was really hard, and it weighed on my 'conscience' because having the freedom to write on whatever I want and like, teeters closely, to me, on the line of being irresponsible towards my readers who actually look forward or need those recaps. But I've still decided ultimately, that this is the best way for me(: I wouldn't want to reiterate on the same things again, and I've been following closely what I promise myself a few months ago: http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/81357.html   so here it is, if you want to understand better the rationale behind this.

I'm watching Dream High on the side too!((: I couldn't resist the urge to watch Kim Soo Hyun in the end, and succumbed to it…but I'm still remaining on neutral grounds towards this show. Yes, I love watching how cute Sam Dong is, but I don't know if I will come to love it as many of the people I know do. It might have gotten something to do with how I feel really torn towards the show, especially towards the two male leads. You should know well enough, that I fall in love with most second leads thrown in my way, and I know that Sam Dong gets the girl in the end. This works strange things to my brain because now I see Jin Gook in a both main and second lead way. 0.0 which is rather mind-boggling. 

Also, I've heard that Hye Mi keeps taking Sam Dong for granted in this show, and that I don't like and cannot take. (Recall last few episodes of You Are Beautiful where I basically read recaps and put everything on fast forward) But we shall see((:

I was going into an apology that starts somewhat like, "I regret to inform you that…." (haha no, I'm kidding) because I wouldn't be able to write The Moon That Embraces The Sun's recaps this week on time, but wow, I just went to dangermousie's lj, and apparently the last two episodes aren't showing this week? 

Right, and I have a backlog of comments to reply to. I'm so sorry!! I swear I will get to them soon; this week has been really hectic.


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