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Equator Man Episode 4

Aha, I'm so not done fangirling here. I'm so excited to see Lee Joon Hyuk as the bad guy (he was sooo good in City Hunter; I loved him!) yet, sad at the same time…because I'm an ordinary girl who likes a good guy any time (I'm a second fiddle fan, remember?) 

But this scene makes me really anticipate the development that is going to come our way:

(sorry he was moving too fast in panic and no screenshots that I've attempted were clear)

I'm so excited to see his acting; I think he will be able to carry out the different conflicts within Jang Il really well!

Then Seon Woo passed by Jang Il, who kind of heaved a relief…before Seon Woo grabbed him from behind, and Jang Il was in the most terrified, choked state I've ever seen.

Just saying, I thought that choked expression was really good. I hope I'm not being biased, am I, anyone? 

Phew, I finally caught up! I can't say for sure that I will be recapping this, but there's a high chance, since I obviously really like Lee Joon Hyuk and this gives an 'advantage' over Rooftop Prince, of which its cast I don't feel anything towards. I've yet to check out King2Hearts, so we will see if it does steal my heart. 

Go go go, Equator Man, I know you are up against strong rivals, but let's hope your ratings pick up soon!


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