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The Equator Man Episode 5 Recap

First recap on this show! Excited~

After Seon Woo hugged Jang Il from the back, he pushed him away and got into a hysterical fit. The doctors tied him down to his bed, while Jang Il watched in horror and finally stumbled outside.

Unknown to him, he was seen by Su Mi. As Jang Il passed by the market, he saw his father saying that he would make fish sauce for his son, and he quickly walked past, intending to pass his father by without his notice.

But Jang Il's father saw him, and stopped him, asking after him with full of concern, and telling him not to come back here again, "Father will go over there often to visit you."

Without making a reply, Jang Il left, and on the coach back to Seoul, he murmured that he would never return to the hometown again. 

I like the sense of coldness that Jang Il has towards his father, not that I like the coldness particularly, but rather, the effect of it. It presents a very detached relationship between Jang Il and his father, with the latter being willing to do anything for his son, but not understanding how that love is wrong sometimes, while the former hates his father for putting him in a position where he has to kill his best friend but not realising that killing Seon Woo was his choice alone. 

Then we see the adult Ji Won helping a visually impaired woman across the road, before we cut back to Seon Woo who was woken up by Sumi and he saw the bouquet of flowers in his hand. Knowing that this is a dream, it is very interesting to note how every detail in the dream appeals to the eyes — Sumi's brightly coloured clothes, the vibrant colours of the flowers, Seon Woo's directions for Sumi to find the vase. He volunteered to place the vase himself and was pleased.

Till the vase crashed to the floor, and Seon Woo woke up to darkness. Su Mi left to get the doctor and Seon Woo was thrust back into hysterics as he realised that being able to see was literally, just a dream. As the rest of the patients laughed at Mr Bean on the television, Seon Woo sat desolately on his bed, till his friend came along and gave him a change of clothes. He changed into a shirt by himself, but his friend pointed out gently that he had worn it the other way, and asked if he wanted shades. Seon Woo rejected the shades, and even as he went home, refused to get his friend's help for going up the stairs. 

His friend left temporarily and Seon Woo wandered into his house by himself. A voice called out for him, and he asked who it was. "Jang Il's father." The moment Seon Woo heard that, he touched his neck in discomfort. Yong Bae (Jang Il's dad) came to give him food, but watched as Seon Woo walked straight but not towards him. He asked Seon Woo if he could remember him, and Seon Woo winced in pain as he recalled the memory of walking into his house and finding Yong Bae there. 

He stumbled to the seat, and Yong Bae asked worriedly about how he was.

But Yong Bae was taken aback when Seon Woo mentioned about waiting for his father, before correcting himself, "Oh right, my father died when I was very young." Yong Bae couldn't contain his choked voice, as he hurriedly left, and Seon Woo asked, albeit coldly, strangely, "Why are you crying?" Yong Bae cried as he walked home, that it's all his fault and all he asked for was for Jang Il not to be hurt.

Jang Il had a presentation in school where he talked about euthanasia. His voice overlaid as we watch Seon Woo successfully opening his fridge and opening a bottle to drink, before spluttering the contents out upon realising it's not water. The irony strikes as we hear Jang Il's convinced voice that he agreed with the stand that no one was allowed to take away someone else's life. Seon Woo cuddled up like a foetus, as he listened to Su Mi, Kwang Cheon and the friend talking about Jang Il. Su Mi mentioned that Jang Il did visit Seon Woo the day he had a fit, and Seon Woo suddenly recalled hugging Jang Il and he asked inwardly, "Why did you do this to me, Jang Il? Aren't we friends? Why did you kill me?"

So the truth is out now in the clear — Seon Woo does remember how he had died. 

Su Mi called Jang Il to ask if he knew about any good welfare associations or service centres in Seoul, and he replied of course not. 

After a while, Su Mi's tone became gentler as she told him not to feel sad over Seon Woo's incident, and encouraged him to recover his spirit again. 

Seon Woo's friend took him up the hills because the landlord wanted his house back, and upon walking on the track, Seon Woo suddenly recalled the promise that his father had made, about meeting him on his birthday. He broke into a run and fell down, mirroring the way he had fallen when he had run into his father's corpse. Memories started hitting him, of Jang Il's confession that he was the one who had murdered his dad, of Jang Il's father, of himself desperately finding the suicide letter and more. 

There's this scene that throws me off though — it's a split second scene from the point of view of someone looking up at the trees, and it seems as if it's saying that Seon Woo had regained his eyesight…but following scenes proved that wrong. 

Chairman heard that Tae Joo only brought along two assistants in finding his son, and after leaving his house, Chairman saw Seon Woo's friend trying to get a cab for Seon Woo, whom he saw was in a daze. We then finally see the story of Chairman's 'love life' where he fell deeply in love with the fiancée, and introduced her to Tae Joo. He caught them speaking lovey-dovey-ly and later on, overheard the fiancée crying into Tae Joo's embrace, saying that she's pregnant. Chairman stopped the car and stood out by the road. He asked the secretary if he ever had a moment where he was so devastated, and the secretary asked the same of the Chairman, to which the answer was, "I don't have such a moment, I forgot all of them. They are obstacles to living."

Seon Woo had locked himself in the house, but Su Mi determinedly hammered the door down, before the friend and her shouted worriedly at Seon Woo.

The Friend later on, told Kwang Cheon that he must be a fake, for how then could he not predict that Seon Woo would be in this predicament? Kwang Cheon, in retaliation, told the friend that he would cry three times because of women problems, and he would be very ill after hitting the age of 40. Su Mi sent him away in irritation, and told the friend to get Jang Il to visit Seon Woo. Kwang Cheon went into the room and sarcastically agreed that living held no meaning for Seon Woo — he had four limbs, good looks, and people who cared about him, sure, living in this world was meaningless. 

He didn't believe that Seon Woo couldn't remember anything, and even held a few fingers in front of Seon Woo, to which he got no response. In the night, Seon Woo touched his father's photo (me: so he can see now??) but he rammed his leg into the table which sent food flying. (me: ….okay I think he can't see.) The next day, Seon Woo said that he wanted to write a letter to Jang Il, for he must be worried, "Aren't we the closest friends?" The friend saw this as an improvement and helped write the letter:

Jang Il, How are you? I'm fine. I've written a letter in case you are worried. We didn't have any contact during this period when I'm injured, but I'm okay so don't worry. I heard that you passed the test for law, congratulations, you will become someone great in the future. Be diligent, I will write again. Proud of you, Seon Woo.

The friend left to send the letter…and Seon Woo muttered that he had forgotten about the most important part of the message, "Jang Il ah…I remember everything, I know why you did this. I won't forgive you…even till death, I won't forgive you."

The camera zoomed in on his eyes, before we switch to a scene of Jang Il talking to Ji Won, who asked about his absence from the library. Jang Il joked that she's worried about him, and she answered that even if there's a drunkard on the street, one would go over and ask how he was. 

Jang Il laughed and they parted ways. He smiled as he saw a poster that promoted watching old films on campus once every week. Ji Won received a ticket, with a note that said, "Every Thursday six pm, hope you can take some time out on a day in this two months." She gave a small smile, but Jang Il was disappointed because she didn't turn up for the movie.

He was studying in the library when he heard that he had mail. Thinking that it was from Ji Won, he happily ran to get the letter, before his face fell. He read the letter, and crunched it up.

Hearing from one of her fellow rich ladies, Chairman's wife suggested working with Tae Joo for investments, not knowing that her husband hated him to the core. In a fit of anger, Chairman pushed the tea cup off the table, and the wife started crying, for it took her so much time to take care of the entire tea set. Wow, what a way to emphasize your priorities.

Ji Won had a tiring day of taking care of kids and she rested in the school library. I kind of love this scene, as she walked among the aisles, missing Jang Il who was putting books back on their shelves. She walked aimlessly down the central aisle, before seeing Jang Il's bag, and walking back the way she had come, to find him. She came to a stop as she found him quietly sorting out the books. 

With the same music in the background, we watch as Jang Il sat alone again in the theatre, before Ji Won quietly slid into the seat beside him. He turned around a few seconds later to find her there, and he smiled happily.

But she's tired and soon, her eyes closed and she snuggled comfortably on his shoulder. 

The movie ended, and got replaced by another one, before she jerked awake and self-consciously wiped at her mouth. Jang Il assured her that she didn't drool, and laughed when she was surprised at something in the movie. 

Su Mi could hardly contain her excitement as she picked out the clothes to wear. In a voice over, we hear her idea that she would go find Jang Il so that he would visit Seon Woo. But of course, Jang Il was hardly happy at all to find her at his campus, and told her that he thought Seon Woo was better, "He even wrote me a letter."

But he still promised to try and find time to visit Seon Woo. Su Mi asked if there's really no time to sit down for a cup of tea, and Jang Il cut her off with, "I have an appointment." He walked into the building and smiled radiantly as he talked to Ji Won, telling her that he missed his own lessons so that they could have a meal together. 

Su Mi watched from outside, as the two of them walked off jovially. She returned to Seon Woo's house, and was very surprised when her suggestion for them to go to Seoul so that he could find a new life was accepted by Seon Woo. Seon Woo asked if Jang Il's in Seoul, and Su Mi's smile faltered, probably in anxiety that Seon Woo saw past her intentions, but what Seon Woo wanted, was to stay in Jang Il's house until they could find an apartment in Seoul. We cut to Jang Il, who was on the phone and he replied that of course he would be fine with sharing his apartment. 

As the music built up in tension, Jang Il placed the receiver down. Seon Woo, friend (what's his name!) and Su Mi left Seon Woo's house, and they described to him the colours of the doors, the trees, the surroundings to him as they walked by. Seon Woo recalled the happy times he had spent there, with Su Mi, with Jang Il, with his dad. Ji Won read a diary entry out loud, of Alice's conviction that if her first love hadn't changed, then she wouldn't either, and she would protect him with her love. 

Jang Il watched as Seon Woo got nearer to his house, and he cuddled up, like a child.

But when Seon Woo finally got into his house, he put on a smile and welcomed him warmly. It was just like a normal reunion, except for the moment when Seon Woo insisted on getting his own water, and fell down. (I don't suppose Seon Woo's comment that Jang Il had become better looking means anything?) In the middle of the night, Jang Il got up and went into the kitchen, and Seon Woo sat up too. 

Jang Il got him a warm cup of milk, and they talked. On the surface, it was merely a conversation between a concerned friend and a best friend. But underneath, we see a cautious Seon Woo, who refused to drink the cup of milk. We hear Jang Il trying to wheedle out the information, whether Seon Woo could remember how he had the accident, we hear Seon Woo testing the waters, by asking if Jang Il remembered when their last meeting was. 

He dropped the information nonchalantly, that he was told to have disappeared before going to the police, and that people must be lying to him. Jang Il quickly assured him that no one had the reasons to lie to him, and he went back to his bedroom, passing by an opened door, which was actually Su Mi's bedroom. The camera switched around the three key characters here, Seon Woo once again cuddled up on the cushion, Su Mi with a thoughtful face, sitting by the door, and Jang Il, who leaned against his closed door.

Jang Il left the next morning and Su Mi wandered into his room, looking with a smile at his books and his desk. She left his room and commented that the apartment must be very expensive. Seon Woo asked if the apartment was big, and Su Mi answered that it's located in the rich men's region. Seon Woo's friend commented that Yong Bae was no longer hunted out by debtors, which caused Seon Woo to have a thoughtful look. 

Ji Won read a story, of a grandson asking the grand dad if people could live without love. Seon Woo was brought by the friend and Su Mi into the same building (probably a help centre for the visually impaired) and he was (strangely) left alone. Ji Won passed by him and went into a room, before realising with a bang that this was the exact same guy she had seen years ago, the very same guy whom she confessed that 'was her type'. She hurried back to Seon Woo, who was standing with his back facing her, and asked if he could recognise her. Seon Woo turned halfway, and Ji Won started noticing that something was wrong…before Seon Woo asked, "Are you talking to me?"

-the end-

How's the recap! I hope you guys like it!(: Also, do tell me if the screenshots are like horribly huge.

Do I love this show? Not yet, but I do admire the script, the casting and basic premise of the show. This is a melodrama that we are talking about here, and of course, with the concept that we are talking about a friend giving the best friend the ultimate betrayal, we aint going to see flowers and sunshine in the plotline, which means that I hope they don't get too distressing and dark with the contents, seeing that the plot is already naturally going to take place like that. True, I think we will see cute moments when Ji Won and Seon Woo properly interact, but even then, I suspect it will be more of a quiet kind of love, something sweet (like what we see in the preview of him carrying her) but nothing fluffy and brainlessly squeal-able about. This is why while I know the consensus out there is that Ji Won belongs to Seon Woo, I do look forward to Ji Won and Jang Il's interactions. Think for a while, if Jang Il had not been a 'murderer'. Jang Il had a crush on Ji Won, normal enough, and even after knowing that she's poor, continued to like her, that's sweet. Skipping his lessons for her, hahaha aww, and then teasing her about drooling? Cuteee. I'm not saying that Ji Won and Jang Il should go together. What I mean is because their relationship develops on a normal basis, they will have the kind of interactions that we see in almost every couple that we fangirl over in dramas. 

Whereas with the Ji Won and Seon Woo couple, they met in a very unusual way, but powerful nonetheless. A scene that requires not many words, but which strikes a chord in Ji Won, Seon Woo and many viewers. This kind of foreshadows what kind of love the two of them will share in the future. I know, I'm horribly biased, but I do pity Jang Il for who he is (cough, and not because he's acted by Lee Joon Hyuk) and I suspect, the person that will partially break him, whether intentionally or accidentally, will be Ji Won. 

Acting wise, I thought everyone did quite a good job, conveying much with their facial expressions, rather than the mere words that they are saying. It does take some time to get used to the idea that Seon Woo and Jang Il are the same age, and also, I feel like I've been thrown in a mist of Time, not really knowing how many years have passed between the younger version of them and the adult version. 

What do you guys think?



  1. Anonymous says

    Awesome Recap

    Thanks so much for the quick recaps. I am sooooo glad that you are recapping this drama. I love all the cast, and the story is very interesting. Hope you continue. Thanks again.


  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks a lot for the recap!!!:) You did great job here and I like big screen caps and I am waiting for ep 6 recap!:)


  3. Anonymous says


    well I like it so far I have been watching for LBY (jiwon) as I am a fan but it is a solid drama I like how the scenes are interesting because of the little details like the library scene when she watched him and changed her mind about joining him for the movie… it is obvious that Jiwoon will play the positive person in the show with three negative ppl she is the one to make the balance I agree that her relationship with Jang II could be more interesting ( cause good girl/ bad guy is always more interesting ) and her meeting with Sunwoo while it is romantic it is a bit too ideal ( when she reading from the dairy she was telling her upcoming love story obviously ) thanks for the recap it clarified a couple of things 4 me


    • Re: sandy

      The only show I’ve watched with LBY is Save Your Last Dance For Me:P Yeah, I like the way how they show a lot through actions, rather than dialogues, and it takes a good casting to be able to show that through their facial expressions.

      Haha I’m glad you like the recap!(: I agree, Seon Woo’s romance with Ji Won is a little ideal, so I’m depending on their adult interaction to balance things out. Even then, I suspect I might still like Jang Il — Ji Won, despite knowing such a shipping won’t work out.


  4. Anonymous says

    thank you so much. Every Wed and Thu, I waited for someone to recap this drama cause I don’t understand at all, maybe a few words. I am looking forward to your recap. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.


  5. I love this drama!
    thanks for recaping this drama.. I love u, u help me alot.. I have no idea Why I’m so invest with this drama,there is nothing new in the story. Maybe I think it’s because each character personality is so compelling for me… It’s so fun make a guess their thought, their action, and their feeling. Almost all character have grey personality… Make they are more compelling. And the other reason is just like Sandy said, It’s the little detail that makes me hooked.


    • Haha yeah I think the story wins with how they invest a lot in characterisation, especially Jang Il’s! And yes I like how you’ve pointed out that almost all the characters have grey personalities. They don’t belong clearly in the white (probably only Ji Won) or the black, but somewhere in the grey region…only some, darker shades of grey than the others.


  6. Anonymous says

    Great Recap!!!

    Thank you soo much for the recap! I also think your screenshots are perfect! Hope you will continue recapping this series until the end!


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