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The Equator Man Episode 6 Recap

Gah. I have no idea if it's the Lee Joon Hyuk factor, or simply second-fiddle factor, but I do feel sad for Jang Il. 

Ji Won was taken aback to find that Seon Woo was blind, and excused herself for recognising the wrong person. She decided to be helpful anyway, and helped Seon Woo get to the recovery room, where Friend came running in apology for taking so long to get the administrative things done. The two of them left, but not before Seon Woo thanked Ji Won for her help, and she was struck by the similarity between the way the guy in her memory said thank you, and how this adult said it. 

Later, she casually asked about Seon Woo from one of the people working there, and learnt to her excitement, that he was from Busan, the place where she met the guy. Jang Il got a call from Ji Won, causing him to smile, but it turned out that she couldn't make it for the movie that day. She put the phone down before Jang Il could protest, and thinking that the following call was from her again, Jang Il picked it up, but his face fell when it was his father, full of enthusiasm to bring good food to him. He tried to push it off, saying that he had lots of work, but Yong Bae felt this meant a even greater need for good home food, so Jang Il came out right and told him that Seon Woo's staying in his home for a while, thrusting Yong Bae into a panic and wanting to call Seon Woo to ask him to move out. 

Jang Il, who was speaking with a smile and a nonchalant tone at first, suddenly changed his voice, "We will get punished for this."

Yong Bae was speechless, and Jang Il suddenly reverted back to his normal voice. Brr, creepy much? 

Chairman learnt that Tae Joo had reached Seoul. Su Mi happily shopped for new clothes, and got a new haircut, before she went grocery shopping. She saw a couple being lovey dovey over the food, and imagined the same situation for herself and Jang Il, causing her to smile. 

Is it just me, who thinks that Su Mi might have a unfounded obsession with Jang Il? I mean, that guy only treated you the right way ONCE, and most probably only because he thought you were the new rich girl. You know that fact, and you also promised that you will make him regret for giving up on you, then Su Mi, dreaming about him and hoping that you two will love each other based on close to zero couple interactions, is not the way to go. 

Su Mi wanted them to wait for Jang Il before they started dinner, and while waiting, Seon Woo practised walking around the house and was successful. Friend commented on Su Mi's new hairstyle, and she jovially warned him not to fall in love with her. Jang Il finally returned home, and when the Friend complained that they had been waiting for him, he replied coldly, "You all should have started first –" but he was almost cut short by Seon Woo's suggestion that they all had dinner now.

Su Mi directed Seon Woo to the food on the table, and Jang Il watched him cautiously. The Friend complimented Su Mi's cooking and she happily replied (haha hinting not so subtly?) that she was almost near perfection. Seon Woo happened to choke at the same time, and he accidentally hit over his cup of water when he reached out for the wipes. He winced a little to himself, as Su Mi quickly wiped up the mess. Friend felt that some beer would go really well with the food, and Su Mi asked if they wanted to drink because she had bought a few cans. Jang Il rejected, saying that he didn't drink well, but guess what, he was ousted by Seon Woo, who said that he remembered Jang Il's good alcohol capacity and his attendance at the celebration party.

Su Mi and Friend were elated and commented that being around Jang Il was really making Seon Woo's memories improve by leaps. And so the four had a few drinks, and Su Mi requested for Jang Il to bring Seon Woo to the help centre the next day, since Friend and her wanted to search for suitable apartments. Jang Il refused at first, saying that he had classes, but Su Mi reminded him that he had no lessons on Friday (which was the next day). He put on a smile and said that of course, then he would bring Seon Woo there.

And so he did, as the next day came, and he guided Seon Woo down the steps. Seon Woo thanked him and started walking by himself, saying that the people teaching him told him how to use the walking stick — "You take one step at a time, one step by one step and if there's nothing in front of you, you can continue walking." 

He commented wryly that he wished there was such walking stick to use on life, but all this time, he didn't know that he was walking near the edge of the platform.

And that Jang Il, who was watching him, didn't stop him. 

The music thickened in suspense, as the train started approaching the platform and Seon Woo was merely an inch away from toppling off it. Luckily for Seon Woo, the train whooshed past him, causing him to jump backwards from the shock that he was this close to the train. Jang Il quickly rushed forward and told him out of 'concern' that he should be more careful next time, but Seon Woo had a wary and betrayed expression. 

They got to the help centre with no other mishaps and Seon Woo told Jang Il to come get him at five. He walked upstairs, and Jang Il watched him go with an unsettled expression. Ji Won thought about her memory and the recent encounters with Seon Woo. She murmured that she's sure Seon Woo's the guy in her memory but was puzzled as to why he's blind.

Jang Il ran into Ji Won in the cafeteria, and she told him about meeting the guy that she had mentioned before. By the way, since they are still schooling, and the mobile phones they are using are ancient old guys, I'm guessing that at most three to four years have lapsed between the young version and the adult version. Jang Il asked more about this guy, and his face fell when he heard that it was a new guy at the help centre, someone who became blind later on due to an accident. He quickly told Ji Won that since her report was almost done, she should stop volunteering at the help centre, but she said that she would like to continue. 

Kwang Cheon wanted to go to Seoul to find Su Mi but was trapped by a few ahjummas he met while waiting for the train. He had cheated one of the ahjumma before, and was now forced to return the money. Having no money of course, he decided to write a letter. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if this letter is meant for Yong Bae. Ji Won found Seon Woo listening to a few tapes and watched him. She turned away guiltily when Seon Woo looked in her direction, but realised a few beats later…that he couldn't see her. Seeing that he got up from his seat, she quickly placed herself at the counter, and Seon Woo approached her a few minutes later, asking for the details on the borrowing of audio stories. He recognised her voice as the storyteller that he was just listening to and you know, immediately a chord was struck between the both of them. 

Upon realising that Seon Woo still couldn't read Braille letters, Ji Won read out the index of audio stories that they owned in the library. Seon Woo picked out the ones that he liked and asked if there were a few philosophical books. Ji Won heard the titles and told him that they didn't have those stories, then she asked cautiously — those books talked about trusting no one but yourself, about betrayal.

Why would he want to read something like that? Seon Woo gave a smile and said that he would like to understand people who loved betrayals. Jang Il left his school library at 4.40pm but was found by a professor to discuss some scheduling problems. Seon Woo waited and called him, but even at 6.20pm, there was no sign of Jang Il. He wanted to call for a cab by himself, but Ji Won, who happened to leave the help centre, wanted to accompany him…and this was seen by Jang Il.

The thing that is creepy and yet smart of Jang Il, is that he's not going to kill Seon Woo using his own hands again, no, of course not. But look at how in the same day, he has allowed Fate to take charge. Is he going to push Seon Woo off the platform into the train's path since that means sure death? No, of course not, but is he going to stop him from continuing to walk? Nope. Did he purposely miss the meeting time with Seon Woo? No, but did he tell the professor that he had something on? Nope. It's this 'cowardly' thinking that we are seeing here, this simple method of pushing everything to Fate so that he will have a clear conscience.

Ji Won assured Seon Woo that she's not abducting him, and that he couldn't take a cab by himself just yet. Jang Il followed silently in a cab behind, and watched as Ji Won brought Seon Woo into the building. There was this moment of reluctance, as Ji Won looked at Seon Woo.

But there's no reason for her to go any further, and she finally helped him press for the seventh floor, before stepping out. Just before the lift doors closed, she raised her hands in goodbye, and Seon Woo bowed.

On the surface, the irony strikes, because Ji Won is waving, knowing that Seon Woo can't see her, but beneath, I feel that this actually shows the intangible link shared between the both of them. She's able to treat Seon Woo like a normal human being and Seon Woo can possibly feel what she's doing, without having to see the actions for himself. 

Ji Won left the building, where Jang Il was waiting. She was surprised to see him there, and learnt that he lived there too. They went for a cup of tea together. Jang Il confirmed his suspicion that the guy Ji Won had a crush on was Seon Woo and It wasn't before long that the conversation turned sour, with Jang Il being bitter that she claimed she had no time, and yet she's spending her time helping people get home. Ji Won commented that he didn't get help from anyone before, not had he helped anyone, which was exactly what Seon Woo had said to Jang Il when they were young. Ji Won wanted to leave, but Jang Il grabbed her arm and told her to stop going to the help centre, since she already had so many part time jobs.

Of course, Ji Won wouldn't be able to really see why Jang Il's bitter, and to her, he's just being a jerk, so she left angrily. Su Mi saw  Jang Il and Ji Won talking, and hence she played along later when Jang Il said that he's stuck in school. Su Mi and Friend said, with the former quite slyly and the latter quite angrily, that Jang Il could have called the help centre to tell them that he's not coming. Friend told Seon Woo that the toy that he had made for Jang Il was now used by the security guard, who had found it in the rubbish bin. Su Mi was sharp and picked out that Seon Woo remembered about the toy, which was made very close to the point in time where he had an accident. She commented that Seon Woo's indeed making quick recovery and he smiled. 

Seon Woo had a fever, and Su Mi wondered if he would be all right, since she's going back to Busan the next day. She packed her clothes, and placed one of her dress in the embrace of Jang Il's coat, asking if he's worried because Seon Woo's gaining his memory back really quickly. Brr, this just kind of reinforces the 'obsession' feeling, seriously, who goes around smiling as you place your clothes in the embrace of your crush's clothes?

Ji Won was surprised to find Jang Il outside her apartment the next day and learnt that he hadn't gone home. 

She asked why, and Jang Il frowned as he muttered that "They must be doing this to torture me."

Of course, Ji Won didn't understand what he's saying. Jang Il asked sorrowfully if Ji Won couldn't just like him alone, and she dismissed it as one of the drunk-talks. He passed her the guitar that he had bought for her, and told her that it's a present — she's only allowed to sing for him to hear, and to play the guitar for him. Friend needed to buy medicine for Seon Woo and Su Mi needed to return to Busan, so they tucked Seon Woo in a blanket and made him rest in one of the rooms. 

Yong Bae decided to come to Seoul anyway and was shocked when he saw Jang Il approaching the lift in a drunkard manner and telling Ji Won that they should go somewhere and play. Not knowing that Seon Woo was at home, Yong Bae slapped Jang Il and scolded him for not being a good student, for drinking his night away with a woman, for being like this when he himself had done so much so that he could study. 

Jang Il looked at him with much hate and said that he wasn't the one who made Yong Bae become Chairman's dog. Yong Bae reeled in shock and said that he went to so much hell for Jang Il, and it was thanks to the Chairman that Jang Il could study in Seoul and lived so prosperously. He instructed Jang Il to chase Seon Woo away and to stop seeing Ji Won right away, causing Jang Il to retaliate, "If you are going to be like this, just leave. I'm tired of you."

Yong Bae reeled again and Jang Il repeated his words, with much more hate and conviction. Seon Woo, who was listening all this while, closed the door. Yong Bae left in tears, and Jang Il sat in the living room. His eyes widened in horror when he heard Seon Woo leaving the room and he watched as Seon Woo sat down on the sofa, listening to one of the audio stories. He called Seon Woo's name but he made no response, so he took the earphones away from him. Seon Woo acted like he was surprised Jang Il's at home, and Jang Il took up one of the earphones to listen, just to check if anything was playing.

And yep, it was Ji Won's audio story playing. I wonder if Jang Il could recognise the voice? 

I think it's scary in a fascinating way how both of them are SO cautious and wary. Jang Il proposed a round of drinks and it started off jovially enough, with a subtle dig done by Seon Woo, "Am I the only one drinking? I can't see." Jang Il laughed and cut a piece of fruit with a knife, before dropping it. He looked at Seon Woo with a tinge of hatred and asked why Seon Woo didn't take up his offer to study in Seoul too, "You would have been a university student, and probably got a good girlfriend, instead of appearing like this, blind." Seon Woo pretended that he didn't know such an offer was made by Jang Il before, and commented that there's one thing to do with his life, and that was to believe that it's not the end yet. Jang Il laughed wryly, "Triumph over your agony and believe that tomorrow will be a glorious day." Seon Woo commented casually, "That's written on your desk."

This didn't register on Jang Il's mind and he continued to ask what the first thing Seon Woo would like to see was, and was a bit horrified when he answered, "Your face," but the reason he gave was simply because Jang Il's in front of him right now. Jang Il laughed it off, and proceeded to cut more fruit, before his eyes widened in shock.

That's written on your desk.

If Seon Woo could remember the quote, did that mean he could remember everything? Jang Il started getting very agitated, asking if Seon Woo could actually see but was just feigning blindness. Seon Woo didn't answer his question, and that got Jang Il into pure fury. He threw Seon Woo onto the sofa, and started beating him up, first with his fists, then with a cushion, and all this time…Seon Woo simply clutched his head and got beaten up quietly.

It's quite sick if you think about it. It's one thing to beat someone up because you are angry, and another, to beat a blind man up. He can't see, he can't retaliate, and all he can do is to feel the plummeting punches. And in that pure moment of fury, you see just how scary Jang Il can be, and also how quietly threatening Seon Woo can be. 

The scene cut to Jang Il lying on the ground, sleeping, and Seon Woo facing the window. He muttered inwardly about the progression of things — Father knew Chairman, Father went to meet Chairman, Father was dead, Jang Il got a scholarship granted by the Chairman. He turned around, walked towards Jang Il's figure and continued, I won't forgive you

OKAY. I guess this means he can see? There's no way how in absolute darkness, that he will know when to stop before ramming his feet into Jang Il's body. 

Chairman's wife bought a suit for Chairman, and told him that he had been murmuring another woman's name in his dreams. It was the fiancée's name. Chairman brushed it off, and later, went to meet the wife's daughter, who told him that she wanted to marry her sunbae, someone whom her mother disapproved of. Chairman told him that it's precisely because people believed that both parties wouldn't have a change of heart no matter what, that they got hurt. The secretary called to tell him that Tae Joo was spotted in Busan and Chairman replied that he would go over immediately. 

We see a series of flashbacks, of how the Chairman could tell that the fiancee only brought food because she wanted to see Tae Joo, and then the fiancée telling Tae Joo that the Chairman didn't love her at all. To him, money's always the first place, and if she told him that she's with child, he would make her abort it, how she wished that the one she loved was Tae Joo instead. Tae Joo replied that it's cruel of her to say so, and a voice narrated that from the moment he met the fiancée, everyday was both misery and bliss. And the flashback was continued by Tae Joo getting arrested for embezzling of funds. We get to the present where Tae Joo stood in front of Seon Woo's empty house, and told his assistant that he would only return back to America after his son was found. 

Chairman's car and Tae Joo's car passed each other, but neither realised, and Chairman was disappointed to find the rooftop empty. Kwang Cheon dropped off a letter using gloves and was almost caught by Su Mi, who reminded him not to do funny things. 

Yong Bae found Ji Won and told her that his son was destined to become someone great, so please don't distract him and stay away from him.

Seriously! Ji Won clarified that they were just friends but Yong Bae insisted that if they were of a relationship that they could drink all night, then they weren't just friends. He reminded Ji Won to ignore Jang Il even if he came looking for her, and so this was why, when Jang Il saw Ji Won later on and called her name, she ignored him and just continued walking. At the help centre, she boarded  the bus early and was surprised to find Seon Woo seated already. He knew that it was her because she had a nice scent, and she was pleased.

It was one of the centre's activities that was organised for the blind, and Ji Won found Seon Woo sitting by himself under a tree a few metres away. She ran towards him to get him to participate but fell down and twisted her ankle instead. She insisted that she was fine, but Seon Woo carried her anyway, asking her if she's refusing his offer because he couldn't see. I mean, put it that way, and you simply cannot refuse him, can you? So Ji Won allowed Seon Woo to piggyback her, and she became his 'eyes'. She started looking at him though, and he crashed into a tree aww. Seon Woo joked about it and she demanded to be let down, but he replied, "If I let you down, then I can't move forward."

Ji Won 'relented' and continued to be piggybacked. Haha, I mean we all know that she actually really wants to be carried. Seon Woo's words also foreshadow the romance between the two of them — Ji Won's his eyes, not literally of course, and only with her, can he move forward. 

In a way, I detest Yong Bae for interfering. Just because he went through hell for Jang Il doesn't mean that Jang Il's indebted towards him. It's Jang Il's choice for killing Seon Woo, likewise, it's Yong Bae's very own choice for killing Seon Woo's father, it wasn't Jang Il who had placed a gun to his head and demanded that he throttled the dad right there and then. So, who gives Yong Bae the right to think that he knows what's best for Jang Il, and the right to find Ji Won to demand such things out of her? Is it his right as a father? He has given up that right, in my opinion. 

Ji Won was taking the counter in the library and a smile blossomed when she saw that it was Seon Woo.

She decided to read the stories that Seon Woo wanted since those stories weren't recorded yet and she smiled as she saw how much Seon Woo was enjoying himself. Jang Il, on the other hand, was happily waiting outside her lecture with a bouquet of flowers.

He was surprised though, to find that Ji Won hadn't gone for her lecture. He made his way to the help centre, and found his way to where Ji Won was. He opened the door to find her singing Moon River on the guitar, causing him to smile, but upon opening the door even further, he realised that she's singing to Seon Woo.


He approached the two of them, and while Ji Won's singing was in the background, she wasn't singing as she looked at Jang Il, who looked at an unknowing Seon Woo.

He turned back to Ji Won, and (surprisingly) smiled. 

-the end-

I'm having a muddle of thoughts and I'm going to spell them out but they might change in a day and even then, you are totally welcome to refute me, because I suspect my thoughts are very unlike the general consensus. 

Uhm Tae Woong is excellent with the way he portrays a careful, wary Seon Woo. Likewise, Lee Joon Hyuk has done a good job of displaying Jang Il with so many different sides. I've said it again and again, but just to make it clear of the possibility that I might be biased, I'm very much more a fan of Lee Joon Hyuk than Uhm Tae Woong. But is that a reason why I might like Jang Il more than Seon Woo? No, I don't think so. But do I like Jang Il more than Seon Woo? Well I think I might. I'm not talking about the 'like' that we always talk about, not in the same way as I like Hwon from Moon That Embraces The Sun, or Yoon Sung from City Hunter, but rather, I prefer watching Jang Il. He's a very creepy, fascinating character. He has that coldly calculative side, that does not allow anyone to step into his path. He has that romantic side, whenever he's with Ji Won, and then, to me, he has a pathetic side, as we see how his life is affected so much by not just his own choices, but other people's decisions. He's a product not out of evil nature, but a regrettable nurture. Seon Woo on the other hand, is stepping up on his game by having careful planning on the sly, a different kind of calculation from Jang Il. With Jang Il, it's kind of in the open. You see his motives clearly, you know what he's thinking, but with Seon Woo, he keeps everything to himself, he can't afford to trust anyone, and in that way, it's very hard for me to feel anything towards him. If he was the Seon Woo back then, I would have continued liking him for just how nice he is (suckers for nice guys) but he's not the same Seon Woo as he was then. I obviously do not want him to be, because he needs to take some revenge for himself, but by being so, it will take a much longer time for me to place any feelings on him. 

It's such a pity that Yong Bae is chasing Ji Won away. I've said before that Ji Won could be the person that will break Jang Il, but think about it, she could also be the person that will piece him back again. In a purely viewer point of view, and no technical analysis of what is right or wrong, I'm starting to dislike Ji Won. Is it just me who get irritated at how she is this close to finding out more about Jang Il, and possibly liking him a tinge more than just a friend, but drops interest in him the moment Seon Woo appears? True, Jang Il's behaving like a jerk, and any girl will be disgusted with him, but I'm going to start whining like a three year old kid, that it's not fair for her to give up on Jang Il just so Seon Woo's back. It's one of my drama pet peeves — I don't care who the male leads or characters are, but the moment a female lead drops one guy for another, or shifts her interest, she starts to lose my respect. I could also be feeling like this because I feel that BOTH Jang Il and Seon Woo require her help (in the emotional recovery sense) and the fact that she could only sense Seon Woo's needs is so…typical female lead behaviour. 

My feelings might change though. 



  1. I Love when writers make their villain has a layer and depth, It seems the writers really want turn Jang Il into Villain’s character… Though he has redeeming quality,he has another side that will make his character become darker.

    as for Soo Mi’s obesession for Jang Il… I think beside his first good impression, it seems Soo Mi love his appeareance. Look the way she looks Jang Il so closely in the train around epi 3… a handsome man who treat her nicely, maybe make a strong impression for her. If her reason obsessing Jang Il because she being treat nicely, He would fall for Sun WOo instead.


    • Hello there! I was wondering why your name sounds really familiar, then I realise — you comment over at talkingcupboard too right?:D

      Indeed! I love it too when villains aren’t just you know, pure evil. They don’t have to be pitiful or even well-liked (if that’s possible), but a dark character always fascinates much more than a simple jealous stepmother or whatsoever.

      Cool, I never thought of that! Now that you mention it, I can totally see how Su Mi, whose character is so integral with the arts, might obsess over Jang Il because of the exterior.


      • I have commented in your blog for prosecutor princess recap too.. hehe… It’s been a long time. It seems u loved City Hunter, too. That drama lead me to Lee Joon HYuk… And I’m following this drama mainly because of him…! haha..

        About Soo Mi.. You caught what I mean exactly.. I notice when both of them in the train, she even got robbed because she was looking at his face for too long. I think THe writers/director want to potrayed that way… It’s makes sense considering someone like her absolutely appreciate the beauty.

        But It just my perception… Maybe I’m wrong.. But it’s the only thing I can thing of and feel makes sense. LOL


      • Ahhh I see, no wonder!((: oh yesss I loved City Hunter!(: I first saw Lee Joon Hyuk in the Three Brothers, but it was City Hunter that nailed it for me, and I started on Equator Man for him(:

        Haha it’s okay even if our perceptions are wrong, I think the process is fun!:P But I still think your thinking is cool and probable((:


  2. Anonymous says


    I think what your saying about the two men is natural Jang II has been playing the same person since the beginning while Sunwoo is turning from hero to anti-hero just like every revenge lead so Jang II is more subtle.. Jiwon really made me tear the way she looking at him is so heartbreaking and I agree that both of them need her and that is why the last scene indicates how she will entangled between them but I dont think it is fair to blame the girl she is been living peacefully until now but both guys will be making her weep without a doubt it is just that they need her but she does not need them ..but a woman is a natural mother and cant help it.. thanks 4 the detailed recap


    • Re: sandy

      You’re welcome!(: Haha I suspected that most people will like Ji Won, but I don’t know why, she just doesn’t strike any chords in me. True, it isn’t fair to blame Ji Won, and I totally agree that “it is just that they need her but she does not need them” (very true) but I’m just afraid that the show will go down the path of her helping Seon Woo, and in the process of neglecting Jang Il, push him down the dark path even further.


  3. Anonymous says

    I am fan of lee jun hyuk too…!! he was good in the scene with his father.. saying in anguish that he was getting tired of both his father and sunwoo… and i like the scene of drunken jang il beating sunwoo who simply got on his nerves when jang il found out that sunwoo got back the memory and thought that he could actually see again..please keep on with the writing on this drama..and i am really excited to see lee jun hyuk back to tv drama..


    • So am I!((: (excited to see Lee Joon Hyuk) I’m glad that you are a fellow fan!:D Oh wow, I think he portrays those scenes reallyyyy well, there isn’t over-acting or anything, just a really good portrayal of Jang Il brr.


  4. Anonymous says

    “Because during this conversation, Seon Woo had mentioned one of the quotes that Jang Il had always hung in front of his desk.”

    Does anyone know what exactly are the quotes?


    • My bad, I didn’t write it in! Anyway I’ve edited the recap above and here’s the quote:

      Triumph over your agony and believe that tomorrow will be a glorious day.

      Hope that helps!


      • Anonymous says

        thanks very much..i know now that jang il spoke out this quote exactly the same in the drunk fight scene..:)


  5. Anonymous says

    about the train platform scene…jangil did not stop sunwoo getting to the edge of the platform..i think because he was sceptical about if sunwoo was really blind or just pretended to be.. he wanted to find out if sunwoo would draw back when the train was approaching…:)


    • Ohhhh I get it! Now that you pointed it out, yeah I think you’re right! But coupled with the incident of leaving him waiting for an hour, I still think there’s a probability of him wanting to be rid of Seon Woo…unless he’s also doing that because he wanted to test if Seon Woo was able to get home by himself, in which case it isn’t a very good test.

      Thanks for your comment!:D


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