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Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Episode 7 Recap

It's always major spammage of screencaps when you have 1. good quality of video and 2. a fangirl-able episode. 

On a side note, wow it has been ages since I've done a recap. Rusty fingersXD

The episode opens with the three girls walking out in fear and saying that they don't see someone. However, that guy is waiting for them outside the school gate, and he asks Saya if she wants to go somewhere with him.

Fumie manages to ward him off by saying that they will scream if he does anything. He leaves them alone but mutters to himself after they leave, "See you again."

Argh, sometimes it's so annoying because Fumie is SO gentle. Even when she's supposed to be scary in the previous episode, having flared up at the Mum, but she was still soooo soft about it. I want a big, oomph, shouting tantrum Fumie! 

Tatsuya's munching on his friend's meat bun when a gang leader shouts, "Girls of the Cattleya."


Obviously Tatsuya's offended and the gang leader presses on, saying that Bakada has been turned into a girl's school. Tatsuya asks if he wants to test out that claim and everyone looks ready to jump at one another's throat, when the teacher comes and shouts for them not to react towards the smallest things possible. 

The students recall the previous incident when Tetsuya almost had to drop out of school, and know that it's not the right time to cause a ruckus. The gang leaves, but not before rubbing it in that there's nothing prideful in beating up girls anyway. The teacher whines about how he always has to clean up after them, and the friend stuffs the meat bun into his mouth to shut him up. They talk about the incident back in the classroom.

Sigh. If only all guys in high school look like those twoXD. 

While the rest of the gang laugh at how Shohei is just a man with a mouth and no actions, both Tatsuya's and Tetsuya's attention are grabbed when they hear one of the girls say, "Shouldn't we go to the police already?"

The thing is, the Stalker dude (called Shinji) hasn't done anything to warrant the police's attention. All he has done is to talk to Saya, but well that's freaky enough. Fumie tells Saya that they should go home together so that nothing will happen to her, and Saya appreciates how the girls are concerned and helpful about her issue. 

And of course, Tetsuya notices how worried Fumie is.

Later, when she sits on the rooftop pondering upon this issue, Tetsuya appears and asks her about it. She answers that the Stalker has been around for a week and she really doesn't want him to do anything to Saya.

"If anything happens, tell me." He breaks in, "If you're okay with me, I'll be willing to help you."

She looks at him without replying, but after he leaves the rooftop, she smiles.

A few seconds later, Fumie's friends tease her about a potential something happening between the both of them and she denies it. She does however, start out saying with an appreciative expression that, "Indeed, Tetsuya's different from all the other boys and I can talk to him easier…"


It seems like there's a 'But' hanging silently in the air, as Fumie's expression fades into one of contemplation and worry. 

As the rest of the gang fool around with their school bags, Tetsuya asks Tatsuya what he will think if he has a crush on one of the girls in Cattleya. Tatsuya replies that he hasn't thought about this kind of questions and Tetsuya apologises.

Tatsuya laughs that he must have eaten something wrong that morning, and the rest of the gang comment that it sounds more like something that he will do, instead of Tetsuya. Later in the day, the three girls quickly escape out of the school, seeing that the coast is clear. Unknown to them, Shinji is actually behind them, pointing Saya out to his friends, "To do nothing at all…that will be bad on our part." The Bakada students discuss about what to do next when they run into the gang beating up one of the Bakada students. An angry Tatsuya breaks into a run and flies into a high kick, knocking down one of the gang members, "You bastards, what do you think you're doing to my friend!"

The Bakada student is rescued, but the gang continues to taunt Tatsuya about how weak Bakada is now, and that his brother must be very sad about it. Tatsuya warns them not to mention his brother, and agrees to a face-off. Back in their gang room, Tatsuya looks at his wristband and recalls the conversation with his brother, who told him that Bakada's the best and the strongest, and that "leaders couldn't make it with just half-assed feelings. Put out your feelings more." 

He looks up and murmurs, "Watch me, Brother. I will prove to you that Bakada's the best."

Saya walks alone (why?!) and obviously, gets kidnapped by Stalker. The class girls worry about her absence and Fumie runs out of the classroom, hoping that Saya has contacted the teacher. But she gets a text from Saya's phone with the name of the Stalker and the warehouse, and at the same time, Tetsuya appears. Fumie shows him the text and he tells her that they need to hurry.

He breaks into a run and Fumie follows after him. Tatsuya sees but doesn't stop him and as he walks down the corridor, more of his group follow after him, till they're looking like one cool pseudo gang.

They arrive at the location and the real gang starts to taunt them again. However, the Bakada gang is not fazed and say that they're full of energy since Bakada's being made fun of.

Tatsuya shouts, "Bakada is the best!"

The gang leader laughs that it is of no use to say such useless things,"Today we will set things straight." Tatsuya lets out a war cry and the two groups charge at each other.

Stalker clasps his hands together excitedly and says that no one can control him anymore, "Let's have some fun." Random dudes in hoodies appear as they walk menacingly towards Saya who closes her eyes in resignation…till Tetsuya appears, a little out of breath. 

He mutters, "What do you think you're doing to one of the students!" and soon, all the random dudes are attacking him, but Tetsuya handles them with no sweat.

My failed attempts to capture him in action. 

He really gets most of them down, until Shinji holds up some gun electrocuting thing and threatens to injure Saya with it. Left with no choice, Tetsuya has to stop fighting and gets beaten up instead. Fumie finally catches up and hides behind the door. The real gang and the Bakada gang fight each other and it seems like the Bakada students are winning. (Shohei is faking like he's fighting also haha.)

On Tetsuya's side, he's being held down by the random dudes, and Shinji wants to ruin his face. Just as he's about to bring down the weapon, Tatsuya kicks down the door and shouts, "What the hell do you think you're doing to my friend!!!"

The theme song plays, as Fumie murmurs, "Tatsuya-kun" and he starts kicking the dudes in his anger. The Bakada gang fills the place and even Tetsuya stands up to kick the asses (quite literally) of those around him. Saya's eyes are on Tetsuya and it is unclear for a moment who Fumie is watching, but as someone comes barrelling behind Tatsuya, she shouts, "Watch out!" causing Tatsuya to turn around in time. Sigh, so she's watching Tatsuya…Stalker picks up his electrocuting gun (well, at least that's what I thought it is anyway) and sees the forces against him. 

Knowing that he's greatly outnumbered here, he screams in frustration and charges towards them, but Tetsuya twists his arm and kicks him, Tatsuya takes over with another punch and Tetsuya finishes him off with a spin and a final kick, causing Stalker to slide onto the ground, unconscious. 

Well, I tried for the second time. 

And I absolutely love how the two of them beat up the Stalker together. I'd been waiting for that since forever. The Bakada gang high-fives each other at their second victory (for they have managed to protect the Bakada pride. They have won the previous fight!) and Tetsuya collapses to the ground. Saya, whose ropes have been freed, immediately rushes towards him and offers her hankerchief. The boys murmur at this interaction as Tetsuya touches his injuries with the hankerchief and looks at it.

Sigh, so many things wrong with this. It should be Fumie's handkerchief, it should be Fumie's concern, and the boys are probably going to start teasing him…about the wrong girl as well. Tatsuya tells him not to act alone next time, and he apologises and says, "But since it's you, I knew you will come."

COOL. Is it just me who fangirls over how some guys talk over their backs like that?

Tatsuya walks over to Fumie (who is not by Tetsuya's side:((() and expresses that he's glad all of them are safe. 

Tetsuya watches the conversation and returns the hankerchief (haha aren't you even going to wash it?) to Saya with a small smile, who takes it back and you could just tell that her heart has flown over to Tetsuya. Tatsuya smiles at his gang, Fumie smiles happily at him, and Tetsuya's smile disappears as he looks a little forlorn. 

His sad face:(

-the end-

WAIL. I'm saddd. I knew from the start that they're going to have some triangular thingy going on there, and I was right. Tetsuya crushes on Fumie, Fumie on Tatsuya, Tatsuya's probably going to return the feelings and somewhere along the plot, Saya crushes Tetsuya. Honestly, I'm still the same old me who likes that quiet second lead guy, and naturally I feel sad for Tetsuya. But oh well, I must admit that Tatsuya is pretty cool. It's quite sad though, that Fumie only arrived in time to see Tetsuya being beaten up. I mean…Tatsuya's question on why he acted alone…Don't you think the true answer lies in the fact that Tetsuya really wants to help Fumie out? To show her that he can help? And yet in the end, he's powerless about it not because of he's incapable but because he's forced to stop fighting. While I know it isn't a 'right' representation, but you do realise that fighting is portrayed in a different light here. It's the way that those boys protect their pride and dignity; it's 'cool', and to have Saya notice Tetsuya fighting while Fumie shouting out for Tatsuya (thus showing that she was watching him), shows a very straightforward representation of where each girl's heart will lie. 

So I guess future development lies in Tatsuya knowing Tetsuya's feelings and his own feelings, and then some internal struggle there and probably a physical fight, and maybe Tetsuya will crush Saya in the end. Meh:( 



  1. Can’t Tatsuya and Tetsuya leave this girl problems and just get together? I’m honestly having all these TatsuyaxTetsuya fantasies, especially after ep 6. What d’ya think?


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  3. Shinji is played by…?

    Does anyone know who plays Shinji?

    I cant help but think he’s incredible cute… even though he plays a creepy stalker douche… Lol god damn you dramas, making the bad guys attractive when I’m supposed to hate them!


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