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Nice Guy Episode 20


I finally brought myself to watch the last episode (yes, the episode has been hatching on my computer for a week) and I LOVE IT.

Just a few thoughts here and there — On the whole, I’m very pleased with how everything ties up, and the directing. I like how Maru’s prayers seem to end at the point when he collapsed in the park, but picked up again with a hopeful tone, with a delightful twist at the end. And while I’m not exactly sure, I would like to believe that yes indeed Maru has all his memories and that he does remember Eun Gi. If you guys recall, the couple rings were the ones that he bought way back when he wanted to give Eun Gi (and he found out that Eun Gi recovered all her memories). It seems quite likely that he has kept these rings all along, and I love that touch.

I think the crush Jae Shik has on Secretary Hyun is a bit weird though cute, because I was hoping that things will work between Secretary Hyun and Joon Ha lol. It would be nice if they address the issue of Tae San, so that we know what exactly happens to the company that everyone was fighting over for the most of the drama.

This drama is full of little details that I love, love. Did you guys notice the opening where the time spins forward instead of backwards, and that Maru is actually smiling through his tears? And if one remains sceptical of the happy, lucky ending, all I can say is — the guy has been through enough tragedy to warrant all of this happiness.

Throughout the entire drama, I’ve been hoping that Maru would lose his memory because that’s the only way that he can get a new start with Eun Gi. Heck, I just wanted him to be happy, because I’ve never met such a tragic guy. And in a sense I got everything I wanted, his last words “I’m happy” just strikes a bittersweet chord in my heart somewhere.

Eun Gi & Maru(:


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