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Die Sterntaler


I was really, seriously thinking of recapping this series — I absolutely love the male-female pairing this time, what with the cute, good-looking guy and the innocent, sweet girl. Perfect. The catch is, it's a remake of Spring Days which could probably make the list of my disliked-dramas-of-all-time. That's saying a lot. I'm a HUGE shipper of second leads, anyone who has read my reviews/recaps long enough should know that very well but that was one drama where I totally hated the pairing:( I remembered feeling disapproval at the korean female choosing a guy that looks so much younger and immature than her (sorry, I was shallow then). I definitely remembered shouting "Noooo, please tell me I've guessed wronggg," when I pre-empted the female's lines about how the older brother taught her how to smile, but it's the younger brother who taught her how to cry. And if that's the reason for you to choose the younger brother, I don't know what to say. (On the other hand, I really love these lines from a drama which I can't remember. Annoying Suitor: Follow me, I will make sure that you will never cry a tear again. Girl: If I follow you, I might always smile, but I won't cry in front of you…because I will only cry in front of the person I love. <3)

And so, I'm stuck in a dilemma. I'm caught in between not watching this drama at all and just wait till the ending to see if it might be a different ending, and following it through because I swear Yong Xiu and Xiao Cai are such a cute and sweet couple I loveee it. 

Any of you all watching this?


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