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Some classical music

Have been listening to quite a bit of classical music recently (heard that it helps in concentration but never really pay heed to it) and I discovered Por Una Cadeza! Guys, you all should really listen to this because my first thought when I heard a few bars of this is omg is this what they always use in Kdramas? and I googled it, and yep indeed it's used in Scent of a Woman! But the problem is I've never watched this drama before, so I'm pretty sure other dramas used it too/ got inspired by it or whatever — listen to it and you will know what I mean, the tension and sadness in the piece is quite often used as the background of some depressing K scene!

[On a random note, Canon in D is such a lovely classical piece, I don't care that it's cliche or whatever:P]

Finished the last episode of A Clear Midsummer Night…mm it's okay not too bad heh. I really like it when on screen couples are real couples in reality too! #Throwback to Queen Inhyun's Man


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