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Secretly Greatly

Just caught the movie and I must say it has left a deep impression on me. It started off with lots of comedy, and often bordered on fan service, especially when Lee Hyun Woo turned up all cute and disguised as a high school student. It did have dark undertones, when Kim Soo Hyun/Dong Gu often writes letters to his mum back in North Korea and you just get a hint that this is a relationship that might never be reunited again. I don't want to say too much in case I spoil it for anyone, but let's just say it ain't all action and comedy.

I really love the acting here, especially Kim Soo Hyun's. He alternates between the village idiot and his identity as a spy without a hitch — all sane and serious while talking to his comrades, a customer comes and bam, Dong Gu the idiot takes over. It's good and it reinforces what I've said on one of those Moon That Embraces The Sun recaps, that Kim Soo Hyun is gonna shine for a long time. Lee Hyun Woo was just as amazing as his role in Equator Man, and the bromance between two is. so. cute. Though I wish the fan service could be toned down a little:/ It gets a bit in the way of the seriousness of the plot. I've never watched Park Ki Woong before, but he acted the role of a IactlikeIdontcarebutIactuallycarealot guy super well(: Together, the three really made me tear at points of the movie.

Much as I feel that this ending is the right ending, in terms of the plot arc, I do wish that it had been a feel good movie. 😦 Maybe I should rewatch some Dream High to get back the Kim Soo Hyun that's all happy and rom-comy.


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  1. Anonymous says

    This movie is one my favourites too.. I cried a lot at the end.. It was so touching.. and all three of them were awesome..!!


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