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Just youuu

A series of screen shots I took the other day, thinking I would have the time to write a recap, but nope:(


That was about Episode 3 I think? And then it didn't compel me to watch… it's not that it's bad, but if I have only one hour of free time, and you want me to choose, I would choose Pretty Little Liars over this and Lucky Touch. And so that was the case for the past three weeks, but I have a bit of time right now and I decided to do a catch up! And it's getting better now I'm so glad:D This scene made me laugh really loud (when Liang Liang decides to help Qi Yi bathe because she caused his arm injury and I was wondering just how on earth they are gonna do it)

HAHAHA. That was right after Qi Yi awkwardly told her she could scrub just a bit harder, and she scrubbed vigorously, causing him to yell, "Do you think I am a toilet bowl?!" and she accidentally jabbed his uh…sensitive area afterwards hahahahah.

It's getting interesting now because 1. Puff has toned down on the shouting and has a lot more scenes where she talks, much better, 2. Aaron is still as cute as ever 3. Liang Liang is getting jealous ^^ 4. and so is Qi Yi, when Dean comes into the scene and decides to pursue Liang Liang. The way Qi Yi gets jealous is so funny and cute, it takes away the clicheness, 5. You learn from Dean that there's someone who probably hurt Qi Yi before, and that's why he's so against relationships and possibly the roses.

Cross my fingers that I will have time next weeeek


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