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First kisses

This is not really a drama-related post but just a personal reflection thing. So…I've been quite interested in this topic and have been asking for some opinions on What do you consider to be a first kiss.

Here are some stories that I've collected/heard:

  • An accidental first kiss when the girl wishes to peck the guy on the cheek but the guy unintentionally (or so we think) turns his face
  • A promise that was fulfilled when the couple reached their second month anniversary
  • A slow, intentional descent onto the lips when the couple was alone in the girl's study room
  • A first kiss lost (given?) after a few dates with a nice boy

I've only been asking really close friends so of course I don't have that many anecdotes. But even as I read online and ponder upon the depiction of first kisses in dramas, there seems to be varied opinions as to what a first kiss entails. For the more liberal, first kiss is just something sweet and perhaps non-consequential. Nothing big about it. For the conservative, first kiss ideally happens between two people who are deep in love. It is the seal on the status of the relationship. In dramaland, a kiss is usually defined as physical contact between the lips, hence there are always dramas where the girls make a big fuss of having their first kiss taken when the suave, player-boy male lead swoops in for a kiss.

For me, I feel that your first kiss (of your life, not in a certain relationship) is only given when you willingly give it away. That sounds rather weird but that's how I feel. Someone can kiss you on your lips but if you don't reciprocate, then you have only been kissed before, but your first kiss may not necessarily be taken. To say that is to put the power into somebody else's hands, and that's such a pity. What makes a first kiss special is that it's yours to give, and you can choose who you want to give it to. Once you have chosen to give it away, once you have reciprocated/initiated, then it's gone. It's that one kiss which you can never repeat for how special it is, but it's also a kiss that goes beyond contact between lips.

What do you guys think?



  1. I really like that perspective. I can see why people would think of forceful kisses as “having their first kiss” but if it isn’t mutual, it shouldn’t be counted as their actual first kiss. After all, some families kiss on the lips, but a person wouldn’t count one of those as a first kiss!


    • Yeah! That’s a great way to put it (the family example). It’s such a pity because most people consider your first kiss to be your first lip contact with someone not related to you. Hahaha.


    • It’s also why I feel that it’s a bit juvenile when dramas pull the old cliche of girl-guy-kiss and how a romance blossom from that accidental kiss, as if the girl has some sort of obligation to like the guy now that she has been kissed.


      • I agree. The only time I like it is if the accidental kiss isn’t quite accidental. Like in Hana Yori Dango when Domyouji fell on Makino – everyone afterward was like “you must have wanted to kiss her cause no one accidently falls on someone else’s lips”.

        Although Smiling Pasta is one of my favorites, despite the accidental kiss in the beginning… 😉


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