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You who came from the stars Part lV

I finally caught up with the last three episodes and I really love them:') I felt that Episode 14 was brilliantly executed even though there was a significant dip in tension for 5/6 of the episode because what we are really doing is just filling in the gaps in Episode 13. Yet I still appreciate that episode because it puts a different perspective, or a more enhanced understanding of what we see in Episode 13. Likewise, I really like the epilogues at the end of every episode — they are insightful, and sometimes even explain certain behaviour in the previous episode, or simply just to add humour. For example, Song Yi's dad acted like he knew who she was talking about right in Episode 15, and the epilogue showed us the Meet-The-Parents session that Min Joon has with her father. It was sweet and lovely, right down to the line "I like her very much." Ooh:')

And that kiss at the end of Episode 15 was really sweet with all the lights (I didn't really like the flying though hahahah though that is a different take from the normal dramas where the guy strides over to the girl and sweeps her into his arms). We finally have this moment after 15 episodes niehehe.

Valentines' Day is approaching round the corner! Who wants a Do Min Joon?:D


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