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Behind The Scenes: You who came from the stars — Secrets revealed

So I just stumbled across this subbed clip where the interviewers polled a number of viewers and the production crew answered a few questions that they (we) all have. #1: Where is Do Min Joon's planet in actual fact? Well, in reality, KMT 184.05 doesn't exist. It's a made-up name where KMT stands for the name of the telescope and the numbers stand for stars which the telescope has discovered. #2: Did the UFO really appear in ancient Joseon times? Apparently, there is concrete evidence detailing sightings of UFO way back in Joseon times. So yes, there's very clear support. #3: How did they film the scene where the UFO was sighted? Uhmm….instead of a UFO, they shot the scenes with a helicopter, so everyone would look at the helicopter and pretend that they saw a UFO. HAHA. #4: How did they film the stop-motion scenes? Wow, this is really amazing, they use 60 cameras to capture the scene and when they overlap the film together, it will look like everything has stopped. Other interesting …

You who came from the stars Part V

"You should say your farewells ahead of time, because when the time really comes…you won't have time to say your farewells." Somehow I love it a lot that the script went back to this line. It's like an echo that resonates. Even though he loves Song Yi, and not the girl who looks like her, that girl from a long time ago does play a part in his 400 years on Earth. Him remembering his experience and lessons from the girl has a much nicer significance than if the girl was just a fleeting crush-of-sorts. I teared a lot from this episode because we are finally nearing this point, the point when he leaves. It's tomorrow in the show, and quite literally, tomorrow when the episode releases. [or today, not sure when I'm gonna post this post exactly] <3thoughtsramble

You who came from the stars Part lV

I finally caught up with the last three episodes and I really love them:') I felt that Episode 14 was brilliantly executed even though there was a significant dip in tension for 5/6 of the episode because what we are really doing is just filling in the gaps in Episode 13. Yet I still appreciate that episode because it puts a different perspective, or a more enhanced understanding of what we see in Episode 13. Likewise, I really like the epilogues at the end of every episode — they are insightful, and sometimes even explain certain behaviour in the previous episode, or simply just to add humour. For example, Song Yi's dad acted like he knew who she was talking about right in Episode 15, and the epilogue showed us the Meet-The-Parents session that Min Joon has with her father. It was sweet and lovely, right down to the line "I like her very much." Ooh:') And that kiss at the end of Episode 15 was really sweet with all the lights (I didn't really …

You who came from the stars Part lll

Hahaha what I'm best at after being in love with a show, hope this didn't clog up your page! stalked from Facebook and Tudou, these aren't my photos of course. The first two photos ahhh hahaha they simply sizzle on my screen. I found out Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun have co-stared in Thieves before, maybe I should give that movie a shot! And then the next two (this greatly reminds me of post Moon syndromes, I distinctly remember that my page was filled with Kim Soo Hyun's face) hehe. Then some behind the scenes! I can't wait for the next two episodes to come out. <3thoughtsramble

You who came from the stars Part ll

I finished the existing 8 episodes and I really really like this show! I get so annoyed sometimes because I stream this drama online, and the subs are just horrible. I sound like an ungrateful brat but it really grates my nerves when they miss out subtitles for an entire chunk (oh, and even worse the crime when they did it during Min Joon's lines haha). Nevertheless, with the help of recaps and other streaming sites (which I don't like as much due to the ad pop ups), I manage to finish the show and I love it. Just some of my thoughts, not written in a very coherent progression: I read somewhere previously that girls like their guys to be brooding and cool. While this statement remains debatable in reality, I suppose it holds some truth in our dramaland. And especially so when it comes to Min Joon because I just love how cool and in control he is. Then I started thinking about why I like Kim Soo Hyun's character so much. Granted, …

You who came from the stars

I love it!! Well Kim Soo Hyun was a big yes for me, having loved all of his shows so far. I was very happy to learn that Yoo In Na was acting here. Even though she will be slightly evil, but I think her role is a very dimensional and grey one which you can hardly just label her as a 'good' or 'bad' character. So far I'm on Episode 4 and enjoying every bit of it. The flashbacks are done tastefully and reveal enough without being draggy (cos flashbacks are always draggy). I shall finish the rest of the episodes in a jiffy haha. <3thoughtsramble