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You who came from the stars Part ll

I finished the existing 8 episodes and I really really like this show! I get so annoyed sometimes because I stream this drama online, and the subs are just horrible. I sound like an ungrateful brat but it really grates my nerves when they miss out subtitles for an entire chunk (oh, and even worse the crime when they did it during Min Joon's lines haha). Nevertheless, with the help of recaps and other streaming sites (which I don't like as much due to the ad pop ups), I manage to finish the show and I love it.

Just some of my thoughts, not written in a very coherent progression:

I read somewhere previously that girls like their guys to be brooding and cool. While this statement remains debatable in reality, I suppose it holds some truth in our dramaland. And especially so when it comes to Min Joon because I just love how cool and in control he is. Then I started thinking about why I like Kim Soo Hyun's character so much. Granted, Do Min Joon just being Kim Soo Hyun with his great acting plays a major factor, but there's something really appealing about Min Joon and for me, it is how he is ALWAYS there for Song Yi. He appears out of nowhere, stops that car and disappears, very much like a mysterious hero with a sad story that always gets the girl in the heart. To be honest, I find it a little unfair. He is so appealing because he has all these alien powers to help him be there with Song Yi when she needs help. When she screams, he hears her. When she's hurtling down the path into an abyss, he swoops in and stops the car. These are things a normal human can never do, and hence Hee Kyung can never be a true rival.

However, that's what I like about episode 8 because it shows us that Min Joon wasn't just there for her at that very point in time when the flower pot drops or when the car hurtles off the cliff. He's there to sooth her unease, to accompany her, to eat with her, and simply just care about her. Much as Song Yi is disgruntled, I feel that (or would like to believe that) she is attracted to Min Joon because he is so nice to her without any agenda. He is someone who will never pretend to like her and then backstab her.

I also love the kiss at the very end but felt it was bittersweet after I watched the epilogue. Min Joon wants to experience human daily activities and emotions, but the truth is, he is leaving Earth in two months. Right now, I can't see any possible ending that is purely a happy one and I don't really care at this point any more if the ending befits the plot. I kinda just want a happy ending for Min Joon y'know? After all the heartbreak and loneliness he has gone through, he deserves a break.

Se Mi on the other hand…I really like Yoo In Na but Se Mi is just 😦 I like it that she's not a villain, unlike the Big Bro, but that doesn't mean I empathise with her character completely. I guess at least her actions and emotions are understandable. Big Bro on the other hand remains quite a one-dimensional-ish character for me. He just goes about his killing spree and I don't know how anyone is going to deal with this character in a justified and satisfactory manner because in dramaland, most villains just die on their own accord or repent. Maybe Big Bro can be bitten to death by dogs. I don't know.

Ops that turned out to be quite a long ramble, sawry. (HAHA Song Yi is just pure love.)


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