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You who came from the stars Episode 21 Recap

I've not written a recap in AGES, but as I watch the episode, I realise my fingers are itching all over again. I miss those times:')

The episode revisits the ending of the previous episode, and we hear the touching words all over again:D

In his interview, Do Min Joon (does anyone feel weird calling him Min Joon, somehow no one ever calls him Min Joon) says that he has a principle which he has abided by for the past 400 years: If it's hard to bear it when it is lost, then I should never have it in the first place. He answers a question that Song Yi has, "When did you start liking me?" He can't remember whether it was their first meeting in the lift or when she barged into his house, but from that moment onwards, he wants to have her and he is afraid of losing her (aww). He concludes the interview by asking himself if he could pass this test.

Finally, it's THE day of leaving:( As thousands of people gather at various spots to watch the meteor shower, the couple stand at the balcony with their mugs. Song Yi asks if Do Min Joon would like to make a wish and he scoffed at that, "They are just rocks." Nevertheless, he puts his mug down as well and the both of them close their eyes. And as the camera pans over to the meteor shower, we see a streak of light that veers off from the rest of the meteorites. It's the UFO:( It comes to a standstill over a forest which looks like the same spot where Do Min Joon has arrived centuries ago.

Do Min Joon looks at his hands and realises they are fading, just like how it appears in the visual he got the previous time. The hands become opaque again but he knows, his time is near. He reaches out to touch Song Yi but draws back his hand hesitantly. Song Yi, still closing her eyes, listens as he says.

"Don't wear clothes that show off your skin when it's cold, you're prettier when you cover more. Like I said, no kiss scene or back-hug scene, no passionate melodrama. Don't get sick, don't read haters' comments. Don't sing and cry alone, don't eat alone. Don't get drunk and go into random houses."

Song Yi turns her head away as tears fall. Do Min Joon's eyes start tearing too as he continues, "And don't look at the sky and wonder if it's this star or that star… you can't see it from here."


"But I'm going to watch you every day. From there, I will watch this place every day where you live." Song Yi breaks down in sobs as he promises that he will try to come back. He will try whatever he can so that he can stay longer with her.


And the most heartbreaking sentence of it all? "But…but if I can't make it…then forget everything."


Song Yi protests as she cries about Do Min Joon thinking she's dumb. She realises that she's getting no answers and fearfully turns her head.


That's when she sees…that Do Min Joon is really gone. He has disappeared. She screams sadly that she hasn't even gotten her chance to say goodbye, and crumples onto the ground. In a separate scene, we see Do Min Joon disappearing into thin air, just like the visuals.

Noooo:'( he will be back yeah! But I love this goodbye scene. It's beautiful and clever. Clever because they have already said their goodbyes in the previous episodes and it will seem a little repetitive if they do it again. Also, it's more bittersweet if they leave the goodbye hanging. There's no full stop to this relationship because it will continue.

Manager Ahn tries to sign on with Song Yi again, via the please-the-mother route with bags and money. Mother (forgot her name) seems to have really turned over a new leaf per se, as she turns down all these superficial gifts. The past three months have given her quite the shock and sense of betrayal (pointedly said at Manager Ahn), but it isn't just that. She just wants Manager Ahn and Yoon Beon's help in getting Song Yi to be better.


In a voice over, she reveals that Song Yi hasn't left Do Min Joon's house for days. She imagines him chastising her for touching the things in his house, but 'wakes up' at the end of the illusion when she realises her cup is still empty.


Now to deal with the bad guy.


*someone throw the dagger at him please*

In a very dashing and proper attire, Prosecutor Yoo nails the reason why Jae Kyung should be warranted with an arrest investigation.


Jae Kyung is all arrogant and full of airs, till his own defendant stands up, nods at Jae Kyung's dad, and says, "We have nothing to say (in defence)". Hoho, I love that look on Jae Kyung's face when he hears that. He pleads with his father, that whatever he has heard from Hwi Kyung is false and if only he could be let out, he would prove it.


Jae Kyung's dad is very passive initially, as he tells Jae Kyung he would not do anything to help him. "I didn't know what kind of monster was in my family, and I didn't know that the monster even ate up my son." As Jae Kyung starts to panic, Dad starts to break down. "That incident when you were small and you made your friend blind in one eye after fighting with him…I should never have covered it up with money. It was my fault."

So that was the hush hush incident that the parents were referring to earlier? I wish it was something more indicative, a really vile incident that shows why Jae Kyung was such a perverse character as he is. This incident only explains how he got worse (because he knows he will always be protected by his father) but we never quite understand the background behind his nature.

Song Yi sits alone in the dark apartment as she reads Do Min Joon's phone and realises the message which she has never read was sent from him and reads, "I miss you." Before she can wallow too much about it, Hwi Kyung turns up with chicken and beer.


He berates Do Min Joon for disappearing but Song Yi reflects about how he has done so much for her and she never knew. In return, she couldn't do anything for him. She couldn't even say goodbye. But she will wait for him.

Hwi Kyung tells her that she can wait but she must eat while waiting. "I have favours." "What favours?" Hwi Kyung reveals that Do Min Joon has entrusted him to take care of her while he is gone. "Not to take my spot, but to be with her." Haha.


Song Yi is touched that he was so thoughtful and that's when something catches her eye. It's the plants. (Might it be…)


Yes, they are well, green and definitely not rotting now. She murmurs thankfully that he must have reached there safely and isn't sick anymore. This is one of my favourite scenes of the episodes too! I love how the plants can be indicative of Do Min Joon's health and that she is just so plain grateful that he's safe, I could feel it through my computer screen.

In another flashback, we see Do Min Joon telling Yoon Jae that he's going on a journey. Yoon Jae asks, "Is it the journey that I'm thinking of?" and holds out a finger.


HAHA, Yoon Jae — Min Joon scenes are daebuk (if I use the word correctly). (I cried a lot at the ending of ET I remember.)

Do Min Joon laughs and puts his finger down. He wants Yoon Jae to listen to his sister and do whatever she says. Yoon Jae looks conflicted but when enticed with the gift of the two telescopes that he has always loved?

"I will die if she asks me to!"


He then asks, "Can I give you a hug?" Do Min Joon looks at him in dismay, "Definitely not!" But oh well.



The director of the movie is angry and threatens to fire Song Yi because she's not turning up on schedule. Se Mi confronts the director directly and is SO honest about her feelings, it's quite funny. You can tell she's not malicious about it, and there's something really nice about this Se Mi who finally can come to terms with her own feelings. Director, "I thought you two are close friends, can you give her a call?" Se Mi, "We aren't close."

Bok Ja wants to cut her short hair even shorter, so as to cut away all the attachment she has with Do Min Joon. It's really hilarious to listen to her sincere feelings about the (non-existential) relationship she had with him. When Song Yi also wants to cut her hair, Bok Ja reminds her that half of her looks come from her hair and she doesn't have the confidence and looks (like she does) to carry it off. Song Yi makes Bok Ja tell her about her funny run-ins with Do Min Joon but ends up crying and laughing at the same time. Se Mi turns up with Song Yi's schedule and gets asked too, if she has any funny stories to offer.

Song Yi finally collapses on her bed and calls for Do Min Joon. When the door opens, she sits up in hopeful surprise but it turns out to be Se Mi (of course). The conversation actually reaches a nice point when she asks Se Mi, "When does it not hurt to think about him?"


Se Mi answers that initially, it's harder to not think about him than to think about him (Hwi Kyung). However, slowly, you will realise that you are thinking of him, and that's when you think to yourself, "Ah I must have been thinking about something else before I thought about him." How long does it take to not hurt anymore?

"15 years."

I feel sad for Se Mi too actually. Much as she wasn't the best friend we would all want her to be, she's no evil character and she's someone we probably might be able to sympathise with.

Now it's Song Yi's turn to be interviewed. Sitting in the same spot that Do Min Joon always sits in, she acknowledges the truth in what Se Mi has said. "I went to all the places that we had been before, I looked back, and I missed him. I looked for traces of him, and I waited for him."

And on their 100th day, she goes to the Namsan Tower.


She waits for him till there are no customers left. And as she looks up, there he is, sitting right in front of her. She smiles and a tear trickles down her face. Before she can say anything, he disappears, leaving her to wonder if she is just being delusional. She goes outside and looks at the lock in silence.

Even Mr Jang feels that he is being delusional. One day, he was watering the plants and being happy that they are growing well, when he heard, "Mr Jang". He whirled around in shock and there Do Min Joon was. But that image quickly disappeared.

I like how Mr Jang and Song Yi can connect on this level. In that dialogue they have with each other, it feels like they can momentarily heal each other of the loss because they both understand so keenly what Do Min Joon must have represented to the person.

With Do Min Joon's telescope, Yoon Jae discovers an asteroid and proudly names it, "Do Min Joon".


You gotta love this teeny bit of bromance hahahaha.

Three years soon zoom by. The banner that used to have Se Mi's face on it? Yep, now it's back to Cheon Song Yi. Yoon Jae rises to fame for being the 21st person in Korea to discover an asteroid and he attends an interview where he thanks his mentor, none other than Do Min Joon. Guess who his manager is?


HAHA, she looks terrible with the hair. Please Yoon Jae, don't fall into her trap just because she is so persistent. XD

Detective Park and Yoo Suk talk about Jae Kyung over a meal, and it's revealed that Jae Kyung has given up on his last appeal. He has also been shifted to a protection room because he has been crying over seeing people whom he has killed. Like what Detective Park says, "Serves him right." Also, nice hair cut there Detective Park. Yoo Suk also mentions that Jae Kyung had seen Do Min Joon as well.

Hwi Kyung visits Song Yi at her drama filming site, where there are loads of fans and reporters. It's nice to see her rise up to fame again(: She chastises Hwi Kyung gently for always sponsoring her drama production costs but Hwi Kyung tries to push the 'blame' to "coincidence" and "fate", and "I don't know anything about this." Unfortunately, the production crew comes over to thank him for his sponsors AND catering, so that's that. HAHA.

As Song Yi turns her head, she spots Do Min Joon in the crowd but the image turns and disappears. She rushes towards the fans and cries out his name, but there's no one there. Hwi Kyung grabs her in a hug and consoles her.


And there's just something very heartbreaking about this. How much she yearns to see him, and how much Hwi Kyung still cares for her.

As a make up artiste touches up on Song Yi's make up at home, her parents rush home and her mother questions her on why she cried before her prize ceremony. She breaks down in tears, much to the fluster of the artiste, that she misses him.

We switch quickly to the prize ceremony and watch as several cameos go by on the red carpet. Se Mi steps out with Kim Won Joon and earns a well-received response, but Song Yi's response is on a whole new level. The cameras go crazy and the fans go crazy. She appears in a long, elegant, sleeveless white dress and waves gracefully to the cameras. As she turns from the photo wall, suddenly…everything comes to a stop. She looks around confusedly and there, Do Min Joon appears from the crowd. He navigates through the people and meets her on the steps.


He takes off his jacket and places it around her shoulders, "I told you not to go out with so much skin showing."


Tears gather in Song Yi's eyes as she reaches out for his face. The music plays the moment she realises, he's real. He's right in front of her. "Do Min Joon?" "Yeah, it's me….it's me." She grabs him in a hug and he apologises for taking so long. As she leans backwards, still in disbelief, Do Min Joon leans in for a kiss.

*cues music*


And everything that has stopped, comes alive again. Everyone stares in shock as Song Yi who was in front of the photo wall just a split second before, now appears on the steps in a deep kiss with Do Min Joon.



I love how the time that has stopped come alive again here. Do Min Joon said before that he's afraid the love he confesses will just fade away and disappear with time, that's why he only says his love to Song Yi when time is stopped. Here, we see the converse of that statement. The kiss is like a testament of their love, and it is so great, it withstands even flowing time.

As the camera pans out, it switches over to the interview with the both of them. "Am I back for good? I don't know how to explain this…"

"He was back, but he soon disappeared." Song Yi continues, and we see that a split second later, Do Min Joon disappears from her embrace. The reporters go nuts as they try and figure out what happened, and she gazes around, hoping to see a trace of him. In the interview, he explains that he was sucked into a wormhole and he recovered back at his planet. He made many attempts to come back to Earth again, but his first successful attempt (flashback to Namsan Tower) was only fleeting. Song Yi lets out a mildly triumphant expression as she says, "I wasn't delusional or mistaken."


The second time he succeeded, he managed to say a word. (Flashback to Mr Jang) The third time he succeeded, he unintentionally scared someone. (Flashback to Jae Kyung: He suddenly appeared in Jae Kyung's cell and said, "Have you lost your friends, your money, your family, your people? I came to make sure of that." and Jae Kyung wilted into a heap on the floor. I'm sure you could unintentionally scare someone like that, Do Min Joon Sshi.)

"The important thing is, I can stay longer and longer."

"He's staying for a year and two months this time." Song Yi lies on his shoulder and he smiles.

Song Yi gazes at the stars as Do Min Joon reads his rabbit and Edward book. The plants are healthy and vibrant. And as Song Yi takes in all of this, she says, "I'm perfectly happy." But…Do Min Joon has disappeared, leaving his book behind. Song Yi turns back to the stars and smiles.


The camera zooms in on a line from the book, "Once there was a rabbit, who found his way home."

-The End-


Song Yi says, "Is it hard to bear with leaving without a heads up from him? Of course it is. But it also makes me love him more. Because every moment that we are together could be our last, and that makes every moment precious."

One night, she sleeps alone on Do Min Joon's bed and when morning comes, there he is next to her. He smiles and says, "I'm home." And Song Yi smiles. She turns to him for a hug and he reaches to grasp her tightly.


You are my destiny~~

-The the end-

Sooo it really has come to an end! I'm quite happy with the ending, it's sort of bitter-sweet and I guess it doesn't sugar coat too much of the complexities. I mean, it will be quite illogical if they were to make it a completely happy ending, you know like how he could stay here forever without a hitch. Then I would start thinking — what kind of babies are they going to have?? Is he going to stay young forever while she grows old?? By focusing on this time problem, it allows us to draw our focus to the relationship itself, that they still have problems but they have both learnt to overcome it. Song Yi has learnt to treasure whatever time she has with him, and Do Min Joon keeps trying to come back.

I love the couple pairing for who they are, because of their acting and because of my bias towards Kim Soo Hyun. I really like the rest of the cast as well(: I do wish Hwi Kyung had a nicer ending of sorts. It's not really nice that the last scene we see of him is him hugging Song Yi. It feels as if that is symbolic of how he is going to be Song Yi's emotional support forever. And noo, I hate it when that happens to my second leads. (Yes my second leads:( I've felt pity and sympathy for so many second leads I can't even count anymore.)

Jae Kyung, the bad evil wolf… I think his ending is as best as we can deal with. It's much more satisfying to see him go mad, though that doesn't quite warrant the idea of 'retribution', what with him going on killing sprees as if they are shopping sprees. But at least he didn't go down the usual bad guy route, which is to repent and be forgiven by everybody.

I always love the comic relief in this show. Much as I miss the main cast, I would also miss Yoon Jae, the funny Mother, Mr Jang and the list continues. I like how both Song Yi and Do Min Joon did an interview together at the end(: It really cements the feeling that they are one.

And their kisses:( I'm gonna miss watching their funny, sweet scenes. (Who squealed when Do Min Joon did that flip on Song Yi the previous episode!)

I guess we are all going to miss them very much, this alien show, but I'm also going to look forward to Kim Soo Hyun's next project! So far, I've been loving all his shows^^



  1. Anonymous says

    My love from another star

    Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun are amazing. I enjoyed watching all the episodes. Kudos to team..


  2. Did you see the deleted extended ending? It shows a little more of their life together afterwards. Very sweet.

    I loved how each kiss grew in intensity – directly correlating to how desperately they loved each other.


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