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I’m sorry for the recent spam but

you really can't blame me when the couple is so adorable??? I think it's quite amazing how Park Min Young had such great chemistry with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, and now with Ji Chang Wook. I kid you not, I watched the below scene like 4 times.


-just squeal and say aww with me-



  1. Yes, they have such a natural chemistry. No wonder people ship them in RL but I do think it wouldn’t be the best idea before his military duty.


      • Yes, several websites annouced he will enlist 2016.
        I never will understand why those celebs always wait that long. With 28 they are in their prime and it is the time when women start families. I understand when they don’t want to wait for 2 years. Yoo Seung Ho did it the right way.


      • I never understood why the guys enter when they are in their fame. Maybe it’s just their bad luck, but it’s really hard for them to recover their fame once they enter NS.


      • A few of them did but most don’t. Even Rain and Hyun Bin failed. Their dramas only sold well overseas since the fan base is more faithful there. 2 years is a lot for leading role actors. I think you make more money as supporting character. Korea seems to have loooots of leading role actors but only few supporting since I see them almost everywhere. I loved Ahjumma in Master’s Sun too and she was in lots of other Dramas I really liked. Her “hubby” too who I think is really cute. More my taste and my age :D. As cute our Healer is, Moon Ho is way more sexy…at least for me. At the last episode I wished to be his ex. I even would start drinking coffee if he would bring it *_*.


      • Exactly, those people are whom I had in mind. That’s why it’s so competitive – once you’ve become a lead actor, you can never go back to being a supporting one, but there’s so many lead actors around with only a few dramas.

        I always fantasised about acting as a supporting role in dramas because it looks like such great fun HAHA. You get to jump around a few dramas and act all different kinds of roles.

        Yep Moon Ho is a mature kind of sexy. I still prefer Healer though *heart-eyes emoticon*


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