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I was SO busy over the past week that there wasn’t even enough time to sleep…but you know you are truly addicted to a show when you itch to go back to the latest episode you’ve just watched even though you know you shouldn’t! (Hahaha yes I’m talking about Healer.) And I’m so happy to return to 2 episodes yesterday night and now I’m itching for more of it already. What a pity this drama is already over!! I would have loved to recap some episodes hahahah.



  1. Waiting for the newest episodes was a pain. So be thankfull you didn’t go through what I did for 10 weeks :D. The cliffhangers were evil in 90%.


    • Hahahahahaha yes that’s one thing I will be grateful for!! But watching a drama when it’s ongoing is actually good for my schedule, because I can just spend one hour a week watching and maybe recapping(: Now I have 20 episodes at hand all I can think of is HEALER MORE HEALER NOW.

      Are there any more on-going dramas or recent dramas that you would recommend? I’m nearing the end of this drama and I fear drama blues LOL.


      • Unfortunately there is no new drama that caught me eye yet. Nothing looks promising. But I prefer fluffy dramas over melo or historical ones. Quite popular Lover from the other star was a nice watch but nothing I must watch again or I must know how it ended. Same with Pinoccio or I hear your voice.

        I have recently watched C-Drama Boss&Me. It is adorable cute but the story is developing veeeeery slow, possibly too slow for many people. I started watching Someone Like You but it is very silly and unbelievable (even for a TW-Drama). But the shower scene in EP6 was very funny. Naughty heroine :DD.


      • Ahh I’ve watched both Love from the other star and Pinocchio which I really enjoyed actually! But I still Healer above these 2 dramas. I’ve not watched any TW drama since Aaron’s last drama – Fall In Love with Me. Maybe it’s time to slowly dig through the on-going dramas again.


      • I didn’t liked Fall in Love with me since I never warmed up to the main actress. I desperatly wanted her to take acting lessons. What a waste of Aaron who can act. It was a surprise for me since I liked him the least from Fahrenheit :D.

        I don’t like some recent C or TW drama but I’m waiting for the C version of Queen In Hyun’s man :D. The trailers looked promising since it seems to be more than just a carbon copy.


      • Hehe yeah Aaron has been improving through the eyes so the fans are really proud of him! (sorry, Aaron fan right here)

        Oh my I really liked Queen In Hyun’s Man, I thought it had one of the tightest plot,I wonder how the different version would be like!


      • I like him too even when it feels like robbing a cradle :D.

        I have seen the raws and it is nice but the chemistry isn’t out of ordinary. I don’t understand Chinese I can’t say if our schoolar is that intelligent and modern like in the Korean Drama. For me that was a big of his charm. For sure he isn’t a “player” and I miss that. The actor is quite good and the actress at least decent (she can’t cry or act sad well). What I really like is the change in the past storyline. The talisman girl is a sword fighter and has feelings for the “bad” guy. All three had a past together.

        Only the “Sci Fi” and fighting scences are really cheap looking. Hopefully they get better.


      • Oh dear I really meant Aaron has improved through the **years I have no idea why I wrote eyes, maybe I was thinking of his eyes HAHA.

        Anyway, ooh I do understand Mandarin – maybe I will go take a look! Right now, I’ve decided to start on Kill Me, Heal Me in a feeble attempt to forget about Healer, but I think it’s not working. The first 3 episodes were meh.


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