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Blood as of Episode 9 and 10

Finally had the time to post these screenshots (yep, the busy-me excuse is popping up again!)

Anyway, I’m indeed semi-hooked on Blood. It’s awesome that it’s an on-going drama because if not, I would have devoured all 20 episodes by now.

I really loved this scene where Ji Sung tells Ri Ta that he was the vampire who saved her.

But is it just me or does Goo Hye Sun look REALLY cross-eyed here?

“This is not a dream right? I always wish that I can meet that boy again, even once…”

While she falls asleep, Ji Sung’s really-cute-friend is busy running the data programmes etc.

Ri Ta then wakes up the next morning and proceeds to verify the story which she just heard the night before. Ji Sung feigns ignorance, then says, “If you want to tell the story, say it properly.”

“Am I a flea? How can I jump 30 metres into the air?”


And kiss? What kiss??

Yes Ri Ta, I hope you are slightly mortified now because it’s really hilarious.

Ending this post off with Ji Sung’s face, when he is nodding so agreeably to the idea that the fake wedding should have a groom and then realises that Ri Ta is referring to himself.

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