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When I See You Again Episode 6 Recap

Biggest achievement of this episode: finally understood the relationship between Yong Qing and You Qian. Haha kidding. I thought this episode was not bad. I probably won’t get drama blues at the end of this drama, but it’s kind of a pleasant watch – not frustrating, hilarious at times, and moves along quite fast.


Following from last week’s episode, Yong Qing asks if she should mind having seen You Qian laughing with another girl, given that she’s his girlfriend in name. You Qian retorts that she will not mind anyway.

An Xi delivers some food to the owner of a beauty shop and spends some time picturing herself with this (ugly) pink dress.

w112 w113

She salivates over cosmetics, and fantasise that her mum is actually rich and will fetch her in a limo.


Although she initially puts down the tube of lip gloss/lip stick, assuring the “little thing” that she will be back, she turns back before leaving the shop.

The fake couple (it’s easier to call them that way, instead of typing out their names) has gone out for lunch. An Xi returns with her lips pink and gets noticed right away by Mei Wen and Zhi Lin. She comes up with an excuse that the owner was trying to get sales, and that she simply bought one to show her support.

w115 w116

Zhi Lin likes the colour and puts some on her own lips so that You Qian can see when he returns. An Xi hastily clarifies that she’s not putting lipstick for You Qian to see. While Zhi Lin ignorantly assures her, “Of course I know that you aren’t! But I am!”, Mei Wen gives An Xi a knowing look.

w117 w118

An Xi volunteers to dry out the bedsheets since she will be able to see when the fake couple returns from that floor. The fake couple returns but does not notice her presence. She dejectedly returns to the bottom floor and is taken aback to find the bedsheets still in her hands, “What was I doing just now?”

w119 w120

You Qian keeps looking towards An Xi’s room and Yong Qing notices . He goes out with the excuse of helping her buy bottled water (while she protests, “But I’m not thirsty!) and deduces that An Xi will be at the cliff. An Xi is pleased to find him there and asks how he knew of the spot. He doesn’t answer, and divert the topic.

w124 w125

He looks at her and she suddenly covers her mouth – I thought it’s because she was shy about her lipstick, but she later laughs and says that she just cannot keep quiet.

w201 w126

You Qian has thought of a topic – how to keep quiet for the entire day. She scoffs and gets up, but he tenderly says, “Eh” and pulls her back. Aww. By the way, isn’t SUPER DANGEROUS TO BE NEXT TO THE CLIFF? WHY IS NO ONE FREAKING OUT

w128 w129

He looks at her and wonders if she’s really the evil girl he remembers. He asks her about the day she threw a tantrum when she was 18. When pushed for the answer, she admits that she did throw a tantrum at a irrelevant person when he came to find her.

w130 w131

You Qian points out that the guy was there to confess and An Xi asks, “How do you know that? I don’t think I told anyone this.” But it’s the truth – the guy was there to confess to her. So why did she scold him? Is it because she didn’t like him?

w132 w133

An Xi feels uncomfortable and gets up. It happened so long ago, so it doesn’t matter whether she feels guilty or not. You Qian protests that confessing to someone takes a lot of courage, but An Xi quickly cups her ears, “How does it matter to me.” Besides, there were many who pursued her last time – she would be tired to death if she has to care about every single one of them.

w134 w135

You Qian finally hears from her that asking her suitors to obtain Angel’s Tears is just a ploy to make things difficult for her suitors, “It’s just a joke?” “I guess you can put it that way. What do I do with Angel’s Tears?”

You Qian realises that she didn’t care about him at all and leaves angrily. Zhi Lin remembers that Yong Qing is actually famous online and fawns over her, even declaring at the top of her voice that You Qian is back.

w136 w137

Yong Qing comes out (still in the same clothes as the previous episode. Has it not been more than a day already?) and asks, “Where’s my water?”

w138 w139

The awkward silence gets broken by the arrival of Ya Lu and Ya En. You Qian watches (in jealousy?) as An Xi hugs Ya Lu and their hands accidentally touch.

Yong Qing puts two and two together, and reveals in front of everyone that You Qian was the one who helped Ya En get a doctor.

w140 w141

The siblings and An Xi thank him profusely, but You Qian looks at An Xi, “I didn’t even do that for you. What are you thanking me for.” Oops awkward.

Yong Qing’s curiosity is piqued because she has never seen You Qian so angry before. Even years ago, when she was rude towards him, he wasn’t like that.

w142 w143

Through the flashback, we see how the fake couple met – Yong Qing was in a cafe with her friends and they had a bet to see who could do the best makeover on a random guy.

W144She noticed You Qian, who was outside the cafe, and smiled. She rushed out and told him that she wanted to give him a makeover, but he simply replied, “Move.” She was furious then, that somebody dared to say that to her.

w145 w146

Zhi Lin happily tells the siblings the story of how An Xi lost her sanity the other day. Ya En’s face reddens when questioned about any good looking doctors or nurses because she remembers the handsome dude (who will probably make a reappearance later on). An Xi volunteers once again to get the fake couple.


Although You Qian refuses her invitation, Yong Qing says, “Sure” at the same time and whines, “Boyfriend~”.

Everyone watches in shock as You Qian cleans Yong Qing’s plates and cutlery with paper and then helps her prepare salad. Mei Wen reminds An Xi to eat more prawns because it’s good for the body and she quickly takes one with the intention to peel it for You Qian.

w149 w150

Yong Qing kinda suspects too, so she asks You Qian to peel one for her. You Qian is bewildered but peels with his fork and spoon anyway, while An Xi peels with her hands.

w151 w152

At the same time as You Qian passes the prawn to Yong Qing, An Xi puts out her prawn towards You Qian and Yong Qing says loudly, “Wah! Peeling prawns with your bare hands really show your hundred percent sincerity!” Ooopss awkward x2.

You Qian reaches out for the prawn but Ya Lu takes it instead and asks if An Xi is okay. An Xi shrugs off the incident and wants to be jovial again but Yong Qing strikes once more by asking the entire table if they agree with her that Ya Lu and An Xi are very compatible.

w153 w154

“The guy is gentle and the girl is passionate. If you can give him a chance, you guys might already be married with children when I come again next time.”

w155 w156

You Qian stands up in anger, but this moment gets interrupted by Vengeful Ex.

Everyone tries to be the hero to deal with the Ex but Yong Qing comes out anyway and insults the guy left, right and centre. Ex questions if You Qian isn’t boring like him, and if I’m not mistaken, You Qian smiles/laughs/scoffs because Yong Qing complains all the time that he’s boring.

w157 w158

Vengeful Ex decides to up the game by splashing paint all over Yong Qing – but An Xi steps in the last minute. You Qian scolds her, “Aren’t you even scared? What if he splashes acid instead??”

In the end, Yong Qing reminds Vengeful Ex that he’s already engaged to someone else, and that he shouldn’t play these immature pranks. During the scuffle, An Xi’s top slips over her shoulder and You Qian notices a long scar on her back.

w159 w160

He mulls over it and decides to ask Mei Wen about it. Mei Wen reluctantly tells him how a few years ago, Jiang Hai Kuo’s enemies came to find him for revenge, and An Xi stepped in at that time to block a blow. Silly girl??

w161 w162

Mei Wen later scolds the girl, “Why are you like a wild monkey that can’t even stop??” Hahaha. She reminds An Xi to think properly whenever it concerns You Qian, because he’s already attached. An Xi denies that You Qian could possibly like her. Besides, she doesn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone.

w163 w164

Yong Qing’s interest peaks and she tells him that even if he doesn’t tell her what’s wrong, she would find out through other means such as private investigators. To be honest, they have always been open with each other. He even knew all about the guys she had dated. The way he’s keeping mum about her feelings is threatening their relationship. You Qian sees the point in her words and tells her that the village was actually his hometown.

He points out that everyone was selfish, but one day, a cheerful and kind girl came into his life. He reminisces about the day they met to the day they went to the aquarium together.

w165 w166

An Xi was like hey if you see someone on the street, won’t you smile? When there’s no exams, you want to smile! When it rains and there’s no lessons, you smile! When you eat something nice, “Yummy! I want to smile!” When you hear your favourite music, “Won’t you want to smile?” HAHA I thought this speech was quite funny.

w168But You Qian replied, “The person who is happy about the cancellation of exams must have been lazy and didn’t revise. If it rains, the farmers will lose their agriculture! Nice food and nice music are just things that weaken one’s willpower.”

Later, You Qian told An Xi that he’s not like the fishes which would never leave their tanks.

w169 w170

An Xi hooked her arm around his, “Do you think you are Nemo…why do you want to leave so much?” He looked at her and she removed her arm awkwardly.

Back in real life, Yong Qing and You Qian talk about fate – if you have a fate with someone, you should walk it till the end. Unlike You Qian’s granddad however, Yong Qing wants her fate with somebody to be the way she wants it to be.

w172 w173

Yong Qing reveals that she’s always very serious about her relationships and this is why she can always walk away without any regrets, “Love is just like a cold. After you have all the symptoms, you will recover.” He’s feeling these regrets now probably because he never had the girl before.

w174You Qian ponders over her words the next morning, “Turns out my cold hasn’t recovered. I started it by myself, but I cannot end it by myself.” Maybe if he strives not to leave any regret from now on, he might recover. Later, he runs into An Xi and greets her.

w175 w176

An Xi is taken aback and thinks that he has a fever haha. He compliments her for looking pretty and enters the hostel, leaving An Xi in a shocked and pleased state.


You Qian decides to start his plan by finding out what An Xi’s hobby is.

w178 w179

He smiles brightly at Zhi Lin, who succumbs to his charm and dreamily tells him that An Xi likes to earn money. When he asks Ya En, she happily replies, “Earning money!”. He finds Ya Lu who is pretty defensive at first, but calms down after hearing that Yong Qing isn’t actually You Qian’s girlfriend.

w181 w182

He tells You Qian that the only reason why he could bring himself to leave the village was because An Xi promised to help him take care of Ya En. He wants You Qian to remember that An Xi is a good girl. As for her hobby? It’s earning money…it seems like that on the surface, but the truth is, she’s so busy looking after other people that she probably doesn’t even know her own hobbies.


You Qian finds Mei Wen feeding the geese. Mei Wen initially doesn’t want to tell him anything about An Xi, but reveals that An Xi isn’t looking for a relationship. She leaves without saying more, but simply makes the sound that the geese make. HAHA (if you watch the behind the scenes, the crew was all laughing when she did this.)

Yong Qing speaks in English to someone on the phone and accepts an invitation to a party. An Xi comes to the second level to pass her some drinks and leaves.


Yong Qing is initially rather puzzled over You Qian’s actions, but suddenly realises that it isn’t because An Xi is special, “It’s because she’s his first love. First loves are always unforgettable…it doesn’t matter if the first love is good or bad.”

w185 w186

The owner’s son comes along to pass something to An Xi and notices that You Qian looks really familiar. Haha, he’s actually the bully who used to hit You Qian last time for staring at him. You Qian is shocked to see his bully here and turns his death glare on the guy, but the guy ends up not recognising him.

w187 w188

An Xi runs into You Qian on the stairway and quickly covers her eyes so that she doesn’t see You Qian’s smile. Haha. The son actually wants to pass her the dress that she was ogling at the other time and effectively reveals to everyone that she was salivating over cosmetics and dresses. Although Zhi Lin and Mei Wen jokingly make fun of her for lying, they tell her to keep the dress because it’s the owner’s good intentions.

w190 w191

You Qian watches from the stairway and overhears that An Xi hasn’t gone shopping ever since she had the debt problem.

Yong Qing had to spend a long time before You Qian even allowed her to get close to him, which is the complete opposite as to how he’s treating An Xi. You Qian is oblivious to her thoughts and researches on good places to bring An Xi for shopping. Yong Qing directs him to a post on a shopping mall which she had previously recommended on her website. He smiles and does up a document. Yong Qing protests, “You cannot do a proposal for Love,” but You Qian replies, “But you can plan your itinerary!”

w193 w200

Yong Qing looks at You Qian and tells herself that it’s okay for You Qian to date some other girl now. Once that’s over, he will return to her side, a position that suits him the best.

You Qian brings An Xi to his car and An Xi thinks that he wanted her to fix his car again. He dupes her into thinking that the passenger seat is faulty, so she gets in the car and squeals that it’s really spoilt, “It cannot move!”

w195 w196

You Qian gets into the car and tells her that it’s because it’s electronically activated (newer cars) as opposed to a manual lever.

w197 w198

He leans in and puts the seatbelt on for her, before driving her off.


-the end-

I think Yong Qing can be quite annoying sometimes, but she’s still a very harmless second female lead at the moment. She even has a nice heart-to-heart talk with You Qian, oh the wonders. I think their relationship is actually quite simple – I’m guessing that he’s her first love, and he ultimately let her give him a makeover. They become grudging friends/a fake couple. I kinda liked Yong Qing in that scene – true to herself and honest with her feelings, but towards the end, I realise that she’s probably still possessive over You Qian.

In any case, I think the show needs to step it up soon on actual conflict. I’m hoping that they can bring the show away from the village and into Taipei soon, where we can You Qian and his corporate side. This is only (and at the same time, already) Episode 6. We cannot spend another 6 episodes in this village, and it’s time for us to move to more conflicts.

I’m not very enthusiastic about Mandy’s acting, but I do applaud her little speech at the aquarium which was honestly filled with cuteness. As for Jasper Liu, I think that his character doesn’t have a lot of room for great acting, but he’s managing his stuff well so far. I really hope this show delivers!


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