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First Impressions of The Scholar Who Walks The Night

I’m really loving this drama! I have absolutely no complaints with the way the drama is being executed right now.

Plot – The storyline is pretty strong right now. I think the first 2 episodes set a great foundation for whatever is going to come. We are introduced to almost all the characters (other than Kim So Eun’s next character) within 2 episodes and the back story is dealt cleanly within the first episode. I love the fact that the reasons behind Sung Yeol’s turning into a vampire and Myung Hee’s death are believable and substantiated. (Sometimes there are dramas who fumble with the back story and deal with it carelessly since it’s not the main story, and that sucks.) It’s even better that Sung Yeol was the one who personally drank Myung Hee’s blood, and thus killing her in the process, because wow, that really increases the guilt level by I don’t know…a hundred times.

So far Gwi has been a really formidable enemy. That’s great, because that is a strong conflict and stumbling block for Sung Yeol. However, this also means that the ending has to match up to Gwi’s evil-ness – most of the times, the bad demons get killed in a very unimpressive manner. If they are so powerful as to dominate the scene for 15 episodes, you can’t have them easily defeated in the last episode. That’s not convincing. So right now, I’m already hoping that the ‘secret plan’ or whatever that is will not be lame. Pleaseee.

Characters – I think we have a pretty decent understanding of the characters at this point in time. I was surprised to find out that Lee Yoon was the Crown Prince. As they say, third time’s the charm, so hopefully the third Crown Prince to go against Gwi will not be die in yet another horrible death!

Sung Yeol has been a pretty delightful character to watch but I’m just afraid (in a very trivial way) that I will once more have a Second Lead Syndrome and fall for Lee Yoon instead. I’m guessing that Lee Yoon will soon find out that Yang Sun is a girl and then fall for her after that. Speaking of which, I’m SO glad Sung Yeol find out so quickly that Yang Sun is a girl. No one should EVER repeat You’re Beautiful’s level of stupidity.

Actors – I’m personally not a fan of Lee Joon Gi, but it isn’t because I dislike him. I just never felt the urge to watch any of his dramas where he was the main lead, so this is technically my first! I don’t find him beautiful at all so it’s little strange that he’s always cast in those ‘pretty boy’ characters, but I guess he does have very feminine features. Excited to see his performance in the upcoming episodes!

Imagine my disappointment I found out that Lee Hyun Woo was just a cameo appearance. I couldn’t believe that his last scene was his head being perched on a stick for treason and I thought that he was still alive, just that they used a dummy head to fool the civilians. That didn’t make sense at all I realise since he can’t live for 120 years. #wishfulthinking

I’ve always been a fan of Kim So Eun and I will admit right now that it’s mostly because she’s REALLY pretty. Her portrayal of Myung Hee was decent but I’m also excited to see how Hye Ryung will be different. It’s always cool to watch the same actor/actress handle two different characters within the same drama. When it’s done well, it really shows one’s acting skills!

To be honest, I’m still not really feeling Lee Yu Bi as the female lead (*cough* I wish Kim So Eun was the lead instead but of course, she fits the Myung Hee story arc better). I’m not convinced of her acting skills thus far, having seen her in both Gu Family Book and Pinocchio. She has a very fixed way of expressing her feelings and I’m not sure if that’s because the characters she portrays are similar or she just can’t do it any other way. If you notice, the way she looks indignant, shocked, scared or the way she cries is pretty much the same. I felt like I was watching Pinocchio all over again. But I guess she’s a good visual cast because she has a boyish feel but still maintains her femininity at the same time, somewhat like Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Minor commentary – It amuses me whenever I see Gwi and Sung Yeol walk in the air. It looks so….buoyant, slow and not very graceful. Also, I’ve been entertaining the thought (although I know it’s impossible) that Hye Ryung is actually the vampirised version of Myung Hee. This is because I realise that the vampires always stab their victims with a knife after they are bitten to prevent them from turning into vampires (right?) So this brings to mind a few questions:

1. Did Sung Yeol stab Myung Hee? Because we weren’t shown that. I just think it will be really cool if at the end of the show, they give us a sudden twist that Myung Hee is actually a vampire now. But that probably won’t happen because Hye Ryung doesn’t know Sung Yeol at all.

2. If we assume (and most likely this is correct) that Myung Hee was in fact really dead, then why didn’t it occur to Sung Yeol to drink her blood and turn her into a vampire? Then they can be vampires together for life right? Or did I miss out something here?

Conclusion – I definitely will be keeping up to date with this drama! Woo can’t wait for next week’s episode already!



  1. concubine says

    Quick question please, this causes sleepless nights so I badly need an answer. This is regarding Myung Hee and Yung Seol, are they siblings??


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