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When I See You Again Episode 11 Recap

FINALLY. Finally we have an episode set mostly in Taipei, and I was right. Things move along much faster here and there’s more juicy conflicts.

a6 a7

An Xi is curious why You Qian keeps smiling to himself and he gestures for her to come closer so that he can tell her, “Finally…there’s only two of us here.”


Hehe. For an ex-nerd who had no dating experience, I say this guy is pretty good at making his girl’s heart flutters!

An Xi steps back shyly and diverts the topic to how she has never been to such a great school before. You Qian recalls that Ya Lu was able to become a teacher only because An Xi took care of Ya En.

When An Xi asks why he brought her to his university, he answers that it’s because she never asked him any questions about himself. So he decides to let her into his world a bit by a bit. While strolling, You Qian sees a figment of his past self and stops. He brings her to a secluded corner which used to be his favourite spot, “There’s free music here.” People will practice music on the roof. He points out that some music also need a second hearing, before people like it (allude to the show’s title, When I See You Again).

a8 a9

An Xi thinks that he must have been very popular in his uni days, but You Qian reminds her that he used to be ugly and invisible last time. This was also why he liked this secluded corner. We see the old You Qian writing out a Love Schedule and cancelling out a name vehemently.

a10 a11

As present You Qian walks past his usual spot, he looks back at himself. He clarifies that he’s always expecting the worst, but truth to be told, he has a lot of hope in his heart. He shows An Xi his Love Schedule, drawn up when he was in University. He now wants her to insert her name into the schedule, so that she can do the things he wanted to do with his partner.

She doesn’t know what club she would have chosen for him, and You Qian remembers that she doesn’t even know her own hobbies.

a12 a13

Even though choosing clubs was of the past, he still has some wishes, “Wishes of a nerd.” He leans down and pecks her on the cheek.


“When people walk past, I want to kiss my girlfriend and accept envious gazes from them. Even a nerd can be superficial.” HAHA.

a15 a16

You Qian is called back to work because the Director wants the research he has done on Russia. An Xi initially is reluctant to wait in his office because people have been giving her looks since she isn’t an employee, but You Qian tells her that people are looking at her funnily because “You are the only female other than Yong Qing whom I’m close to.” When he leaves the office, An Xi accidentally drops a spinning top on the floor and tries to find it. Just at this moment, the Director walks in and judges her suspicious behaviour.

a17 a18

She calls the security but thankfully, You Qian returns in time to stop her. He believes that no matter what An Xi is doing, it isn’t bad. Yay, this drama isn’t about misplaced faith and misunderstandings. The Director makes a jibe about how she has over-estimated his first love.

a21 a22

An Xi seems to have realised something from the fact that she’s his first love, “That means in high school…” You Qian fears that she has found out about him, but she only turns and laughs about how he’s a noobie in the dating world. “I was scared that your eyes are too electrifying and your smile is too mesmerising…Seems like I was just overthinking!”

a23You Qian walks off angrily but An Xi doesn’t follow him. He turns around to find her making funny faces. Lol.

He asks if she’s really alright after the jibe, and she assures him that she’s okay. After all, the Director isn’t someone she knows. If she cares about what she says, won’t she be tired to death?

“At this point in time, I think I should be grateful for your denseness.” She makes another funny face and he laughs.

a24 a25

While An Xi happily shouts that she has won, the couple has no idea that Yong Qing happens to see them.

a26Although she looks jealous and unhappy, she holds herself in and steps into the office.

Yan Ze is also leaving the Lunar Maria and the three females gather to bade him farewell. Ya En has nothing to say but dashes out eagerly to get his room key, as suggested by Zhi Lin (much to Mei Wen’s surprise hahaha because she isn’t the one clinging onto Yan Ze).

a27 a28

But Ya En is speechless even after she dashes out. Yan Ze holds her chin and tells her to listen carefully, “You…must never…fall for me.” She will be faithful to him, but he won’t be. She will only become a burden to him, especially since he doesn’t like to take care of people. He passes her the seashell comb and leaves…which makes me wonder, what about the room key??

Zhi Lin consoles Ya En that people like them who can find an innocent, albeit one-sided love, are more fortunate than those who can’t even find any to love.

a29 a30

Yan Ze passes the Director information of Pu Lang Village. While the Director initially scoffs, she hastily asks for An Xi’s surname when she sees the name, ‘Lunar Maria’. She looks at the photos that Yan Ze took of An Xi and realises it’s the same girl she made a jibe at. “What about her dad?” “He passed away.” The Director looks up in shock but tries to act normal, “So you mean that she’s running this hostel by herself?” Yan Ze realises that something’s up, since he has never mentioned that she only has a dad, so how can the Director immediately infer that An Xi’s running the hostel alone?

a31 a32

He immediately finds past documents where the Director has signed with her name and he sees Luna Chen. Ooh so I was right! The Director reads the description of Lunar Maria out loud, and starts crying to herself.

a33 a34

You Qian (funnily) wonders to himself if this is the two-people world he imagines, as he watches his grandpa and An Xi play chess. He sits next to An Xi, who shyly runs off to open the door. Aww.

a35 a36

The person who appears at the door is Yan Ze, who comes to confess that he’s actually You Qian’s good friend and Yong Qing’s grandpa. LOL.

a37 a38

An Xi talks herself into a min-rage, about how Yan Ze was helping You Qian to woo her and how she was duped. She walks off angrily and You Qian accidentally hits his knee against the table corner. When she hears his cries, she quickly runs back and treats his knee with a first-aid kit.

As a veteran of knocking into various things everyday, I find this quite amusing. There’s nothing you can treat with a first-aid kit when you knock into a corner! Just hop around in pain.

a39 a40

While An Xi treats his knee, You Qian apologises sincerely and swears that he really didn’t plan to dupe her. “I hope you can understand my feelings and accept me, but I keep running into difficulties, and at this point in time, Yan Ze appeared. I swear, I have no intentions to lie to you.” An Xi quietly puts some cream on his non-existent bruise, but You Qian calls her name, “An Xi, I feel the worst when you don’t talk.”

An Xi forgives him and tells him that the next time he lies to her – You Qian continues, “You will puncture my tyre.” Aww, reference to early-drama days!

Yan Ze is impressed that even though he and An Xi have the same background of being deserted by a mother, An Xi can be so positive. He can be even angrier when he sees that his sister has better presents than him. He asks for the rationale behind Lunar Maria’s name and An Xi tells him it’s because the girl her dad loves was called Luna and they both loved the sea. This affirms Yan Ze’s suspicions.

a41 a42

You Qian enters the kitchen and An Xi quickly exits, leading Yan Ze to conclude that she’s not being dense but purposefully evasive. You Qian is suspicious of his sudden confession, but Yan Ze diverts the attention by reminding him that he was too fake in his cries just now. “For someone who usually doesn’t even grimace when he’s hurt, you actually shouted like that just now…”

Yan Ze is envious that You Qian has found a treasure. Although he pretends that he means An Xi is a great girl and therefore a treasure, we all know he’s envious because An Xi’s the Director’s daughter.

a43 a44

You Qian wanted to bring his girlfriend to a zoo when he’s 20, but he brings An Xi to a fish shop instead. An Xi’s like, “This is a zoo?”

a45 a46

He knows that she likes fish and teases her that she has a memory of a fish. She affectionately calls a fish, “Small Pimples,” causing You Qian to be very alarmed. He even searches if a fish can grow pimples. HAHA.

An Xi wonders at the lack of early-You Qian photos in his house and photos. You Qian asks if she wants Small Pimples to accompany her while he’s in the office, but she doesn’t want to because there will be no one to take care of the fish if they break up. Girl, how can you say that when you guys haven’t even dated for very long?

An Xi brings up the names of her other fishes, one of which is “Spectacles Guy”. You Qian is puzzled at that name since she doesn’t like guys with spectacles, but she clarifies that it’s not because she doesn’t like bespectacled guys, but because she doesn’t want to think of ‘him’.

You Qian returns to the office for a meeting, and learns that one person in his team has been swapped out by the Director to be placed on the Russia team. Evidence that the Director is intentionally making things difficult for him. His team then fills him in on the things that happened in the past three weeks and the direction of the company.

An Xi shows Grandpa the new gimmick You Qian bought for her – a teabag in the shape of a fish. Grandpa is happy that You Qian is finally living like warm person. He feels guilty because You Qian has always lived like an adult since he was young, “The first thing he learnt was to stubbornly fight against the world.”

a49 a50

An Xi knows that Grandpa wants to eat at a certain restaurant, but it’s not the kind that only two of them can go to. She quickly calls You Qian but hangs up when Grandpa tells her that You Qian doesn’t like to be disturbed at work.

a51 a52

However, You Qian calls back during his meeting, and even agrees to meet them at 7, much to everyone’s surprise. An Xi tells him to bring his assistant, Da Yu, along, and he repeats those words out loud while staring daggers at him HAHA. Poor guy is going to get jealous all the time!

a53 a54

You Qian smiles to himself after he puts down the call and An Xi is happy that she didn’t get scolded. Grandpa tells her it’s because You Qian cannot bear to scold her. Aww.

a55 a56

However, You Qian busies himself with meetings and more meetings, till he forgets about his dinner appointment. An Xi and Grandpa wait for him, but eventually eat by themselves. Grandpa can see that An Xi is slightly disappointed and tells her that they should make use of this opportunity to bad-mouth You Qian. An Xi recalls that You Qian said she had never asked anything about him before, and decides to ask Grandpa about the relationship between You Qian and Yong Qing.

Grandpa tells her that Yong Qing had saved his life, which is why You Qian owed her a favour. But Grandpa doesn’t like Yong Qing because he overheard that Yong Qing had intentionally invited You Qian to her god-mother’s party because she had wanted to make fun of him, “I want to see how arrogant he can be.”

a57 a58

When the meeting ends, Da Yu asks where You Qian wanted to bring him to just now. You Qian suddenly recalls his appointment and rushes out, dismissing Yong Qing’s dinner invitation. Yong Qing finds Yan Ze as a substitute (Yan Ze hurriedly hides a DNA report) and Yan Ze tells Yong Qing that An Xi has already become good friends with Grandpa. Moreoever, You Qian now will pretend that he’s in pain so that An Xi won’t be angry.

a59 a60

Yong Qing is in denial, “Every train will depart but will also return. It will always return to its original position.” Yan Ze reminds her, “Please tell me, where did he depart from?” Ooh burn.

I LOVE this analogy! It’s cool because Yong Qing always feels that You Qian’s rightful position is next to her, and that his first crush is merely a side-fling that he will end off and return to her. However, if you really think about it, You Qian has only momentarily left An Xi’s side, and will return to An Xi eventually. It’s applying Yong Qing’s very own words to the situation, and letting her understand the truth.

Yan Ze advises Yong Qing to put down her barriers. An Xi still hasn’t accepted You Qian completely, and Yong Qing has a six-years foundation with You Qian – she still hasn’t lost! Yan Ze sighs that there’s so many people who want to place You Qian as the first.

a61 a62

You Qian rushes home, “You guys must be very disappointed -” but realises that An Xi and Grandpa are happily playing a game of throwing hoops. The two fail repeatedly but after You Qian gives some verbal tips, they manage to throw hoops around bottles. Grandpa looks to You Qian for a hi-five, but he doesn’t notice because he’s busy eating. An Xi quickly invites You Qian to the game, but funnily, You Qian doesn’t successfully throw a hoop at all. Shows that You Qian/anybody can be good at theoretical knowledge, but not practical skills.

a63 a64

You Qian eventually focuses and throws one over a toy. He is in the mood and wants to play more, so Grandpa offers his hoops. Grandpa falls asleep while the couple plays on and they leave the house for a stroll.

a65 a66

An Xi tells him about Grandpa feeling guilty but You Qian tells her that Grandpa has thought too much. An Xi is curious to know more about the dinner party that Yong Qing had invited him to. Turns out that he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all – standing there alone, he heard many news and offered his opinion that the company should look into an acquisition more. This received the Director’s attention, who asked if he wanted to join the company.

An Xi walks off and gets approached by a random lady, who asks her for money to go home. An Xi immediately offers her wallet, but You Qian stops her and takes out his own money.

a67 a68

He laughs and asks why An Xi didn’t ask for the lady’s address earlier. “I’m laughing because the past me would have never given the money, because I don’t believe that anyone can leave the house without bringing enough money to return home. But just now, I unhesitatingly brought out my money.”

a69 a70

“I think…this is because…because of you…I want to start believing now.”

To be honest, if a random lady asks me for money to return home, I might be apprehensive too.

“Because of you, I want to be a better person.”

BECAUSE OF YOU, I NEVER STRAY TOO FAR FROM THE SIDEWALK. Tell me I aint the only person who thinks of this song when I see/hear the words ‘Because of You’ a few times in a row.

a71 a72

He smiles and holds her hand. He ignores Yan Ze’s advice of not ever saying I love you or I like you, “I really, really, really, like you.”

Cue touched look from An Xi…who replies, “Thank you.” Music comes to an abrupt stop as An Xi pushes his hands away and You Qian looks so disappointed that she didn’t say ‘I like you’ too. Ouchhh.

a73 a74

The next day, An Xi pacifies You Qian with her tonic soup, the one she cooked for Yan Ze the other time. She requests for more time and for him not to be angry anymore. When he leaves the house, she takes out her clownfish toy and hugs it.

a75 a76

You Qian keeps smiling at his tonic soup during work and his smile grows bigger when his employee astutely points out that his girlfriend specially brewed soup for him early morning.

Turns out You Qian has asked Da Yu to check into the status of his house in the village, and learnt that it’s under Jiang Hai Kuo’s name. The duo immediately return to the village and Da Yu is tasked to buy the house back, but without mentioning You Qian’s name.

a77 a78

You Qian, in the meantime, returns to Lunar Maria to find Mei Wen (“Who is looking for me? This voice sounds familiar”) to ask some stuff. Zhi Lin and Ya En are immensely curious about what’s going on and Ya En is miffed that Zhi Lin takes the shorter hole in the wall.

Zhi Lin passes the information that she heard, and Ya En is cute-ly annoyed that An Xi didn’t wear couple tees nor eat ice cream with You Qian hahaha. They are heard by Mei Wen and You Qian, and have no choice but to join the conversation.

Zhi Lin tells You Qian not to worry because his confession must have been too sudden for a noobie-An Xi. You Qian is unhappy because he’s also a noobie, “So you guys think that her attitude towards me is normal?”

a79 a80

The three females hastily and insistently emphasise that An Xi’s attitude is normal and that she wouldn’t date him if she didn’t like him…which makes me a bit confused, because their insistence makes me think that they are entertaining the possibility of An Xi not really liking You Qian? If you know what I mean?

-the end-

Like what I’ve predicted, things move faster in Taipei. There’s more conflicts, more at stake and the show is more in touch in reality. I was a bit dismayed to hear that the duo returned to Pu Lang Village because this means that the next episode will be largely set in the village too. However, I have hopes that the plot will not slow down any more because most things are already set in motion – the secret of You Qian’s past threatens to be revealed, An Xi’s mother is actually the Director, Yong Qing’s status is falling, and Yan Ze is jealous of You Qian. And all these happened in THIS episode. Imagine what they could have done more if they just pack the plot tighter, instead of some useless fillers!

I think An Xi’s barriers can be rather annoying, but not incomprehensible. I’m not sure if she actually likes Unibrow last time, or the only reason he has been in her heart the past decade was because she wants to apologise to him personally. The show hasn’t elaborated too much on this but at the end of the day, I think Unibrow was someone special to her, and she knew she had damaged him. I just wish she has more faith in herself and the relationship, and stop taking minuscule baby steps towards You Qian, who is frankly in my opinion, doing everything right.

I hope the reveal will be great (I hope for this in every single drama haha). Please, Drama God, fulfil my wish.


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