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Sell Your Haunted House Episode 13 Review

Yay! I did not disappear for 1.5 years before returning with another review hehe. This is a short one on what I think of this episode!

In this episode, we find out the real truth behind what really happened to Ji Ah, In Bum, JA’s mum and IB’s uncle decades ago. Turns out, JA’s mum wanted to kill In Bum in order to get rid of the egg ghost, because that’s the only way you can get rid of one. In Bum’s uncle, in fighting off the mother, accidentally led the egg ghost to possess the mother instead. Side note, have we ever found out why they are called an egg ghost?

Ji Ah, not knowing that this was not a normal exorcism, plunged the hairpin into her mother’s heart and caused her to bleed to death.

Needless to say, Ji Ah is distraught after knowing the truth.


To be honest, I feel like now that we are moving into dealing with only one final villain, the pacing of the drama seems to have slowed down instead of getting more intense. I was mildly bored, perhaps because the leads had taken a break for the most of this episode, so I am hopeful that the remaining three episodes will be great once we have our power duo back in action again. While I wouldn’t say that Yong Hwa’s acting is mind blowingly good, I really like his rendition of Oh In Bum – with enough doses of boyish charm, cheekiness and care for our female lead. So, I do think that the show is stronger when both are together.

It is also possibly because the reveal of the back story wasn’t that shocking to me even if I hadn’t directly guessed it was Ji Ah who killed her mother. I do however think the reveal was a nice touch and made sense seeing how Ji Ah rewrote her memories in a completely opposite fashion. It only just occurred to me that this was her first exorcism – and she accidentally killed her mother. That’s cruel.

I am also pleased that they did address the issue of how the mother died from allegedly stabbing herself with an instrument that should have dissolved after the exorcism is over. I was also right (and glad) that Joo Hwa Jung is not a bad character. In fact, I can empathise with her intentions and did not really see her actions as a betrayal.

Thought Yong Hwa did well here with his eyes

I thought Ji Chul was quite sweet and comforting here, although his “I will tell you when I know for sure. Hyung, you trust me right?” does ring some alarm bells in my head. Is anyone going to die??

My favourite bit of the episode has to be the ending when Ji Ah realises that the spirits cannot leave not because they do not want to, but because those left behind are keeping them here and holding them back from moving on.

This is why the spirits attach to the person and not to a place – because the human is pulling the spirit along with him/her in this case. This made perfect sense yet did not ever occur to me. I had always thought that the mother stayed behind because she loved her and wanted to protect her from the ultimate villain.

Alright, that’s all for today. I guess what’s left for this show is to see the bad guy being taken down. Hope you guys don’t mind a short review! Better something than nothing right?:D



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  1. Good to see you again! I’m watching this too, and I’m hoping that the pace picks up a little. 3 episodes seem too much time to wrap up too little.


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