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Sell Your Haunted House: EP1-8 Review

Hello!! Yes you read it right – this could be my very first review since Arthdal Chronicles Episode 1 to 12 Review back in September 2019. I’m not sure if anyone is still sticking around, but whether you are an old-time reader or just randomly clicking around, I would be really happy if you dive in with me and read my thoughts on this drama.

How has everyone been? It has been such a long time since I wrote anything here and truthfully I feel rusty (and perhaps even irrelevant…?) I will write a separate update for those who are interested in knowing what happened to me on a personal level since I do not want clog up this post with personal issues – just know that truthfully I am nowhere near back to my normal writing abilities, yet I am way over my drama slump and would really want to share my thoughts like good old times. This is why my reviews in the near future would be rather short and I’m afraid recaps might be a thing of the past for me. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that at least some posts from me are better than none at all. Right?:D

Today, let’s talk about: Sell Your Haunted House. So a quick synopsis for anyone who hasn’t started watching this – our male lead, Oh In Beom, is a con man who sets up scams using holograms and voice controls to fool victims into thinking that they had seen ghosts, and then thereafter sell them devices to get rid of them. Female lead, Hong Ji Ah, on the other hand is a real exorcist and runs a realty estate with her assistant, Joo Hwa Jung, where they perform exorcisms on haunted houses and take a commission after the house is sold. Kudos to whoever thought of this marketing and branding strategy because boy, I think exorcists would really have such potential in this market. Unbeknownst to OIB, he’s actually a real psychic and subsequently, helps HJA to contain the spirits, and absorb their memories, not to mention being a human heat pack as her temperature plunges every time she performs an exorcism.

Now, do I like this drama? Yes! I think it has a unique concept that hasn’t already been done before. I also like the idea that OIB is technically not a “good” person (as conman) but one can tell that he is genuine, sincere with a good heart.

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Yes you can!

He also provides the comic relief and juxtaposes nicely against our female lead.

On the other hand, HJA is portrayed as a cold character, although she did not start out that way, and I love seeing how she starts changing her ways slowly after meeting OIB. OIB isn’t just raising her temperature on a superficial level but also from an emotional and mental perspective – he is slowly warming her up. She’s also her own bodyguard and I just am so tickled every time she saves OIB.

Each character has his or her own quirks and yet the whole crew matches together together very well. I am invested in the story and can’t wait to find out more. The mechanics of the exorcism are also kept very simple, with almost little to no difficulty, so if you are here for The Guest level kind of ghost, you may be disappointed. But what this means is that you are more likely to be able to watch this at night.

From a casting perspective, I am already biased because I have been a fan of Jung Yong Hwa since You’re Beautiful days (and who could ever forget the second lead syndrome he gave so many people?). In terms of acting skills, I think he’s doing fine, although honestly not mind-blowing. OIB offers a lot of room to showcase acting as he is showing a new personality every time he’s possessed but the portrayal of the possessions are slightly bland. As for Jang Nara, I find her very attractive in this role and she is rocking some moves which would have been difficult for me *coughs*.


I do have questions though (but would not consider them as plot holes at this point):

  • Why did the mom die when she stabbed herself, when the equipment should not have been dangerous as OIB has been stabbed many times before? When the camera panned away, we could also see that there was nothing left on her chest.
  • We have also yet to find out why OIB absorbs all the memories instead of the HJA but I’m sure we will get to find out in due course.


  • The fact that the female lead has never questioned her memory probably has something to do with JYJ.
  • JYJ isn’t a bad character and may have done something to protect her children seeing how she was adamant that child spirits aren’t evil.

comments on episode 7 and 8:

Those two episodes are my favorite although I like episode 7 more than 8. It is good that the show is covering different types of backstories (/deaths) which prevents it from becoming repetitive and formulaic, unlike Ghost Whisperer.

Ji Ah blaming In Beom for her mother’s death

I am not a fan of misunderstandings / leads being separated as such since we already know that there is a lot more to the backstory, so I just want the story arc of HJA being angry with OIB to be over as quickly as possible. In fact, I am hopeful from the preview that OIB will stick around and prove himself indispensable by the end of the next episode.

Well, this took a lot longer then you would have imagined XD Do let me know what you think in the comments below! And for the first time in a long long while, signing off –

❤ thoughtsramble



    • Hello!! I’m so glad that you are here too, how have you been? Thanks for staying around all these years. I think this drama has been quite low on people’s radar but I found the premise to be quite unique, let me know if you ever check it out.


  1. milaguru says

    Yay, you’re back to writing !

    I have not started watching this drama yet, so I didn’t read the spoiler part, but I intend on watching it at some point, because I like Jang Nara a lot, and am also biased pro-Yonghwa. Although I didn’t get second leady syndrome in You’re Beautiful, it all started with CNBlue for me, and I’ve loved watching him in dramas and get better at acting. I really want to see what he’l be like in this show, and I liked the way you describe the character.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the drama ♥
    It’s lovely to see you back here ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I am! It’s a pity that now I am full of ideas and inspiration, I write at a snail’s pace. LOL

      Yes, if you are pro – Yong Hwa I think this show is definitely worth checking out. It’s not a character with lots of room for flair, but he brought his own style to the character and make him very likeable.

      Likewise, it’s so lovely to see you guys back here too<3


  2. aunteeanna1 says

    Welcome back!

    I have always enjoyed your review.

    This drama is my favorite K drama now and I glad that u r sharing your thoughts on it.

    I like how each exorcism shows a new understanding to the world of dead for HJA, especially episode 8. The child ghost is actually trying to tell her mum something and through the exorcism setup, they could actually talk. I thought it is a lead to why HJA’s mum refused to be sent away…she needs to speak to HJA… Warn her about something, maybe JYJ is the one who caused HJA’s mum death…

    My two cents worth of thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I’m so happy that old readers still stay around even though I have basically disappeared for more than a year. Is this still your favourite drama right now?

      You’re right, each exorcism brings out a different point for Ji Ah, and I think that episode seven’s exorcism remains my favourite one to date.

      Hehe please keep your two cents worth of thoughts coming!


  3. Akmafa says

    this is Jang Nara’s second best drama imo (Go Back Couple first) and I really like her cold role here, different from all her previous roles. and her clothes! and her accesorries! woah


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