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When I See You Again Episode 13 Recap

I think this may be one of my most favourite episode yet! Relatively fast-paced, LOTS of cute moments, and some conflict! I LOVE that bit of Heal Me Kill Me that I sensed, although it’s apparently not a KMHM reference. Oops. But You Qian you are seriously too funny.

t2 t3

This episode starts with intense drumming…from Zhi Lin’s fingers. She is restless and stands up, but is ordered by Mei Wen to sit still. Even though Mei Wen warns that no one is to disturb An Xi’s pivotal moment in her life, she is the one that ultimately cannot resist and dashes up to find the couple.


After an ‘intense search’ (where Zhi Lin declares that there’s no one underneath the bed and in the closet HAHA), they realise the couple has scoot off via ladder. Zhi Lin guesses that because An Xi is so dense, the romantic factor gets discounted many times round – either she gets dumped or she succeeds. Mei Wen bickers with them on whether An Xi will get dumped by You Qian.

Ya Lu assures them that a good girl like An Xi will not be abandoned. Mei Wen cannot resist asking a question and finally bursts out, “Don’t you like her so much? This ten years, I thought you would confess to her, but you never did.” Ya Lu replies that she has You Qian now. Zhi Lin dashes out to feed the geese.

t5Knowing that Zhi Lin will never be so punctual in feeding the geese, Mei Wen follows her and realises that she’s crying. As we have all guessed, Zhi Lin actually likes Ya Lu but she has never made an advance because Ya Lu has already said before that he will take of Ya En forever and will not consider other things like dating.

t6 t7

In the car, You Qian intentionally puts his hand in the middle, hoping that An Xi will take it. An Xi notices, but shyly points at the music stereo instead.

t8 t9

You Qian grabs her hand and they smile.

t10 t12

They walk into the restaurant and An Xi is delighted to find a tank of fish…but they are fake. You Qian quickly diverts her attention and mutters, “Zhong Da Yu.” They then get directed to their seat, but….this happens.


That mutter again, “Zhong Da Yu”. An Xi recognises that the main meal is the Braised Pork rice, but points out that there are no other appetisers. The only thing that Da Yu did right was to follow instructions and placed some scallions in the bouquet of flowers.

t15 t16

You Qian gives her the flowers and she smiles, because this bouquet IS CUTE. You Qian tells her that even without Yong Qing, he has been wanting to tell her that he’s Unibrow. Because he knew that people would harm others for their own interest, he started noticing An Xi when she broke his stereotype. He thought that she left a hole in his heart, but realises that it’s actually a marking – in hope that one day, she will be back. “Now, you are finally back.”

t17 t18

Hey nerd you are super good at this!!!

Sweet moment gets broken as clownfish balloons float up outside the restaurant, with the note – Change Mr Xia, please save Zhong Da Yu. Hahahaha.

t19 t20

When An Xi walks over to open the car door, You Qian dashes forward and gives her a back hug, “Please let me know how I can kick my addiction of you.” OMG GUYS PLEASE LISTEN TO AN XI’S SHRIEK/SHOUT OF FEAR HAHAHA. It’s so funny, it sounds like a squawk. You Qian asks if it’s romantic, and she asks him to ask the valet. She’s traumatised man.

t21 t22

Valet shakes his head. He’s also shocked HAHA. WELL SO AM I.

t23 t24

You Qian receives a text, reads it and throws An Xi against the wall. He touches her hair and says that she looks a little different today, “Your ears are a little red.” Dude, when you use this stunt, you are supposed to compliment her. He utters other weird stuff like let’s be friends, and then he tells her to look at his watch for a minute. HIS WATCH WHICH HE HUNG ON THE ROCK WALL.

t25 t26

After a minute, An Xi quickly escapes. You Qian takes the watch and says, “2015, tonight at one minute before 9pm, you are with me. Because of you, I will always remember this minute.” He beams at her but she’s confused. And I’m just dying of laughter. Okay it’s not the exact wording at all, but the whole set up just gives me Kill Me Heal Me vibes no???? WHICH I LOVE!


While walking home, You Qian attempts at dipping An Xi, but An Xi has enough LOL. She playfully snatches You Qian’s phone and realises that those ‘romantic’ ideas were supplied by Da Yu, after You Qian threatened him post-balloon stunt. Back hug was inspired by Broke Back Mountain, Watch was inspired by Days of Being Wild and the Dip was inspired by A Beauty by Troubled Times. An Xi has to remind You Qian that in the above films, all the main couples did not get together. Ooops Da Yu.


An Xi returns You Qian’s phone, tells him to stand up straight and look up high. She undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. Why are you undressing him just to get your necklace? This is obvious fanservice hahahaha.

t29 t30

She kisses the ring and retrieves it from the necklace. Okay I find the kiss a little weird, but I get the intention.

t31 t32

She puts it on his finger and tells him that the real him is the best. She doesn’t need any fancy moves. He cups her face and they kiss.


Whoo, this couple is making real progress after getting together! 2 Kisses in One Day! Who Would Have Thought!


They return home and An Xi wants to hide from her feelings of shyness. You Qian is like, oh one must be shy if you like someone? Okay I need practice then. Oddly, his practice constitutes cornering An Xi against the wall and leaning it, but perfect timing as Grandpa and Da Yu enter the house HAHA.

You Qian grumbles that Da Yu has returned too early. Grandpa points out that the wall between the couple has disappeared. An Xi tells him it’s because they have resolved a misunderstanding and wants to tell him about Unibrow, but You Qian hastily stops her.

t36 t37

Grandpa doesn’t suspect a thing, and You Qian later explains that Grandpa might hold it against her if he knows that she’s the one who caused them to lose the house. An Xi looks guilty.

t38 t39

The next day, You Qian surprises An Xi in the kitchen and tries to back hug her (while An Xi hums the show’s theme song, way to promote your show HAHA). An Xi quickly sends him out with breakfast.


He later drinks milk and gets his mouth all dirty with milk. An Xi cleans it the first time so he intentionally dirties his mouth again. An Xi grumbles, “Small child, wipe it yourself.” You Qian holds on to her, “Girlfriend, wipe.” An Xi smiles and cleans his mouth with tissue, but gets attracted to his mouth. Then we have the usual close-up on the mouth thing which always makes me cringe, no matter how good-looking the person is. Is it just me??

t41 t43

An Xi leans in subconsciously, and You Qian smiles delightedly.

t44 t45

He tells her to hurry up since it’s the first time she takes the first step. As they both lean into each other…Grandpa appears…with shades. LOL.

t46 t47

Jiang tags An Xi all the way to You Qian’s house and Jiang has this fantasy of You Qian acting as HIMSELF and his An Du Du, who is speaking in a mix of Taiwanese and Japanese HAHA. t48This culminates into a “An Du Du!” “Anata!” “An Du Du!” “Anata” “Muacks!”

He dashes towards the house, but quickly hides behind a car when You Qian appears. He knocks into Yong Qing LOL

t49 t50

An Xi comes out after You Qian with tonic soup, and instantaneously, Jiang says, “Smile for what” and Yong Qing mutters, “Don’t smile.”

t51 t52

You Qian requests for a kiss for his humility practice, if not he will turn into a beas- An Xi quickly kisses him. The two funny commentators react out loud, and then stare at each other.

t53 t54

“It’s okay to be a beast.” You Qian kisses her on the mouth and Yong Qing pulls on Jiang’s arm till it hurts hahaha.

t55 t56

Do not tell me that they will be a pair!

t58 t59

In the midst of bickering, Yong Qing reveals that the guy whom An Xi met when she was 18 was actually Xia You Qian. Jiang topples back in shock and grabs Yong Qing’s sling, but it breaks to her shock.

t60 t61

The two sidekicks rush to his side with SO MUCH DRAMA LIKE BOSS DON’T DIE but it is just a mere young child that cycles past slowly.

Yan Ze is instructed by Director to set up a lunch date with An Xi. Director asks why You Qian likes the girl and after explaining, Yan Ze cleverly says that he’s also attracted to An Xi. The three girls happily and gossip-ly call An Xi to find out how her night goes. They tease her until she leaks the truth, “He kissed me twice last night.”

t62 t63

She quickly hangs up when Yan Ze calls and she turns up for the lunch date. Mum judges her from the start??? LOL mum way to go for your reunion, you have no right to judge her. She intentionally makes it hard for An Xi, asking her to choose which wine to drink.

T64 T65

When the meat comes, An Xi has poor skills with her cutlery and Director frowns. That is her perma-judge-y face throughout the meal.

t67 t68

She later insults An Xi that she doesn’t have any skills or hobbies. Does she think that they can live on feelings forever? Has she ever thought about how she wants to live her life?

My take is that An Xi reminds Director so much of her father that the Director cannot take it anymore and leaves. An Xi worries that the Director is angry with her but Yan Ze answers cryptically that she has no right to be.

t70 t71

Because An Xi doesn’t want You Qian to have a hard time, she decides to cultivate a hobby. But what’s wrong with not having a hobby? Does everyone have a hobby? In response, Yan Ze asks whether she wants to hear about his real or fake hobbies. He likes jazz, he likes books. Isn’t that artistic? He likes photography, he likes cars. Doesn’t that show that he’s carefree?

t72 t73

But his real hobby? “I like to snatch other people’s things.” An Xi thinks he’s joking but we all know that’s the truth.

Yan Ze consoles her about the Director and even promises to be there for her if she’s unhappy with anything. NO. Just kill me if there’s going to be a jealous spat between You Qian and An Xi. Misunderstandings are bad.

Jiang is angry about the couple’s reconciliation and decides to sell the house…to Da Yu. An Xi overhears on the phone while having a conversation with You Qian. After Yan Ze probes a bit, An Xi tells him everything sans her involvement.

t74 t75

In the end, Yan Ze shows up at the deal and casually, oh so casually tells Jiang in the toilet that he’s dealing with You Qian’s assistant. Jiang is pissed off and cancels the deal, much to You Qian’s puzzlement (by the way, he was signing on a contract with his real name, Jasper, hahaha).

t76 t77

Grandpa gets all excited about moving back because An Xi told him, which irritated me. Okay pet peeve/gripe here, and it’s all personal, but I really dislike it when things like this happen in real life. When the deal is not settled, why does An Xi have to tell Grandpa all about it? In the end, You Qian returns home and has to deliver the bad news that it’s still in negotiations.

t78 t79

An Xi feels guilty again. Later in her room, she tries to read on symphonies since You Qian likes them. You Qian enters her room and they talk about the broken deal. She blames herself for causing them to lose the house and for coming up with ridiculous conditions back then, but You Qian tells her it’s his fault for climbing mountains and thanks her for begging Jiang to keep their house.

An Xi describes her dining experience with the Director, and You Qian is super bewildered – she’s someone that would never treat someone else to a meal for an apology. An Xi thinks that the Director is just checking her suitability, but You Qian still looks doubtful.

Yong Qing calls You Qian repeatedly, but You Qian refuses to answer. An Xi can tell that Yong Qing is interested in You Qian, but he thinks that Yong Qing is just relying on him due to habit. Yong Qing mutters that he really doesn’t care about her anymore, and suddenly her bro appears…because You Qian texted him. Hmm. That was like barely twos seconds after she called You Qian.

t80 t81

Yong Qing goes on her flashback route again, which basically just shows how stoic You Qian was, even in the face of pranks, but he astutely pointed out that Yong Qing had no friends and she knew it. Because he was someone so stable and dependable, she took him for granted. Yan Ze tells her to fight for her own ‘presents’ and tips her off on the house.

t82 t83

Yong Qing heads to the village for a deal and bickers with Jiang without knowing that he’s the house owner. When she realises, they make fun of her for wanting to buy the house and torch it after being abandoned by You Qian. Jiang is eventually touched by her devotion to You Qian, since she reminds him of himself, and promises to sell the house. In return, she has to get You Qian away from his An Du Du.

The very funny duo then proceed to sign the deal.

-the end-

I love all the comic effects today. Well done and effective!! The chemistry between Yong Qing and Jiang is something I have never foreseen, but their bickering really adds to the episode today. You should have seen Yong Qing’s face when her bag just snaps in her face. I sense that is MY expression when my own bag snapped a few months ago! (Sidetrack: I once had a backpack and both slings broke, so essentially, I was running with a backpack, and then a second later…I was running without a backpack. Lol.)

Honestly I think the first couple kiss the last episode had not much feels, but in this episode, they have more chemistry. I especially like the little good-bye scene kisses. That peck and then that kiss on the lips feel very natural and unscripted. I also loved the funny duo’s common expressions of dismay!

I can’t even rank what I love most in this episode – I had to replay An Xi’s squawk a few timesXD and the watch scene makes me think of Kill Me Heal Me. And then that long, awkward table in the restaurant hahaha.

Oh, I know what I don’t like the most in the episode! That’s right. It’s you, Angsty Judge-y Mum.



  1. aphextex says

    Haha I loved this episode too! I was hoping someone else caught Jasper signing his name lol I think finding out about the CEO being her mom is really going to hurt/upset An Xi… just look at how she has treated her so far 😦


    • YAY glad you liked the episode! I think An Xi being such a nice person, she would love having her mum back no matter what. Although I am annoyed on her behalf! Mum needs to stop being so judgemental!


  2. Anonymous says

    Urggg why is Yan Ze doing this? Does he seriously think he can win An Xi that way. Come onnnnnnn! U just helped them get together why this evi4 turn? I wanted him to subconsciously fall for Ya En and become a faithful bf. Sigh


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