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When I See You Again Episode 12 Recap

Almost EVERYTHING happened in this episode! When the pace is slow, it’s slow. When it’s fast, wow. I think the way the reveals are dealt with are not too hurried, simply because the scriptwriters decide to take the simple (and easy?) way out.

r1 r2

When You Qian turns to leave, the three girls drop their pretence. It’s not normal for An Xi to behave that way right? Ya Lu chases after You Qian and tells him to give An Xi more time – the barrier that You Qian perceives to be between them is most probably a person, a person that An Xi feels incredibly guilty towards.


An Xi looks at a music shop and recalls You Qian’s Love Schedule – he wants to learn an instrument together with X when he’s 21. She frets over her own stubbornness and wonders why she just cannot say ‘I like you’ when she clearly likes You Qian.

This is a simple flag-out that the scriptwriters aren’t going down the complication of her misunderstanding her feelings and being all confused. Kinda appreciate that!!

Sidekicks try to cheer Jiang Hai Kuo up by suggesting new places for him to get new girls, when Da Yu appears to negotiate the deal.

r4 r5

This part had me smiling for a moment! I swear Sidekick #1 jumped onto Sidekick #2 back so smoothly and within a few seconds!! Must have taken them ages to perfect that.

Anyway, Jiang Hai Kuo refuses to sell the house even when Da Yu offers twice the price. It’s because he has already promised a girl that he cannot do so. Da Yu conveys the message to You Qian.

Mei Wen barrels An Xi with a load of questions on whether she did try to give You Qian that moment (to kiss) – did she pretend to fall asleep? Did she pretend to get sand in her eyes? Did she pretend to fall? Lol. An Xi confesses that even though she does like You Qian, she just cannot bring herself to say that three words.

r6 r7

She reveals to Mei Wen (and us) that when she found You Qian’s house empty, she learnt that he almost died from a fall in the mountains and the house had to be sold to fund his operation. “I’m terrible.” “Yeah a bit.”

Mei Wen deduces that the house is actually the haunted house that An Xi cleans regularly, but warns her that Unibrow is a shadow in her heart while You Qian is a real-life person.


In comes Zhi Lin who grumbles of being left out of this heart to heart talk. Hahaha.

You Qian is a bit disappointed to find out that An Xi has returned to Pu Lang village, but his grandpa consoles him that An Xi will be back.

The next day, everyone turns to stare as An Xi descends into the kitchen.

r9 r10

Hasn’t she already agreed not to escape and return to Taipei? She tries to prolong the time by helping out in the kitchen, but everyone takes things out of her hand (literally HAHA) and refuses to give her anything to help. She mentions that everyone said they missed her the previous night, but Ya Lu points out, “Mr Xia misses you more.” I LOVE how kind Ya Lu is, like he just harbours his crush within himself and tries to help the couple out.

r11 r12

Anyway, Jiang Hai Kuo appears (with a cockerel call to announce his arrival no less) to threaten An Xi with the bad news – someone has offered twice the price for the haunted house.

r13 r14

An Xi is pissed and frantic and demands Jiang Hai Kuo to talk to her alone. Her sidekicks all call out her name worriedly and try to rush to her help. One thing I don’t like about this episode is how DRAMATIC it is. It makes the episode very comedic and draws attention from the other more serious parts of the episode. Like this scene – all she wants to do is to have a talk with Jiang. Is that really so serious to warrant tension-filled music and a near-fight? [Jiang is funny because he’s like “Do I go simply because she asks me to??” but he ends up following her.]

An Xi intentionally chooses to talk at the Braised Pork Rice stall since that was where she extracted the promise out of Jiang years ago.

r15 r16

She had followed him around to plead with him to buy the house and when his creditors came, he fought them off (quite amazed that Jiang can actually fight??) and she suffered a stab to her back when she protected Jiang.

She lay there and moaned, “The house, please I beg you, please help me buy it.”

r17 r18

And so that was how she had the scar on her back, and how Jiang came into possession of the house. One thing which doesn’t add up here is that in a previous episode, she said that she didn’t have a good look at Jiang’s car because she was hurt, but in this episode, Jiang was waiting for an ambulance to pick her up. Small and trivial, but when it’s really attention to small details like this that show clear and careful planning!


Back to the present – she apologises to Jiang for not having any feelings towards him, and for shamelessly begging him to keep the house when she knows that he likes her.

Not sure if you can see here, but Jiang is tearing up! He quickly leaves and An Xi tells him not to cry but also reminds him not to sell the house. Lol.

Turns out You Qian, who has come all the way to Pu Lang village to find An Xi, has overheard the entire conversation.

r19 r20

You Qian finds out from his subordinates that one of his investing projects has been cancelled because the Director wants to pull the funds from this project into the Russia project. While others see it as being too mean towards You Qian, You Qian is the one who calmly and rationally explains that the Russia project must be able to generate more profit. Hints that the Director is really stepping up on her Mean Girls game!

You Qian recalls all his conversations, including the one he just heard. [By the way, interesting note: An Xi’s fish are called Stone Face, Nerdy, Small Greeny, Bespectacled Guy – they are all names that describe Unibrow/You Qian!)

r21 r22

He knows that to An Xi, the four matters -haunted house, 18th birthday, how she got hurt, and whether she wants to date- are actually one matter. After An Xi was injured, she pleaded with him to buy the house. Creating the rumour of a haunted house, was also because of my house. 18th birthday… was the day I confessed. Don’t tell me, whether she wants to date…is also because of me? 

r23 r24

He stands up and chases everyone out of the meeting, instructing Da Yu with the weirdest instructions like getting a clownfish tank in the middle of the restaurant, replacing roses with Scallions, replacing main dish to be Braised Pork Rice…and to buy a high school gym outfit from Pu Lang village.

r26 r27

An Xi is scared that You Qian is angry with her, but he calls to tell her that they are going out for a dinner that night. She is relieved, and accidentally swipes a box off the table. While putting the contents back into the box, she finds Unibrow’s small notebook – the one that he used to memorise words from when she was eating at the rice stall.


She then notices the glasses. Those are his glasses!

r30She holds them up, and all the images of Unibrow flood her mind. “It can’t be…”

Her phone rings and it’s Yong Qing, calling to her that You Qian will come running to her help everytime she needs it. Evidence? Yong Qing immediately dumps a man, who turns violent (it seems like all the infatuated-with-Yong-Qing men are always so violent) but gets dealt with promptly by You Qian. An Xi witness everything, right to the moment where You Qian gets a chair broken on his back when he turns to protect Yong Qing (Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flowers moment anyone?)

r31 r32

An Xi leaves and Yong Qing smiles triumphantly, but characters always leave too EARLY, DON’T YOU THINK? She doesn’t get to hear You Qian declare that he has enough of Yong Qing’s nonsense. If not for her birthday party – “Shut up!” She feels like she’s the one who allowed him to interact with this world and become normal. “We already make it clear from the start, why are you being like this?” “I’ve no idea why I’m like this, but I just know that I don’t want you to have an easy life!”

She dashes out to find An Xi, and crosses the road when she locates her opposite. Suddenly! MANY cars appear to block You Qian’s path when he tries to cross hahaha. Bad luck bro.

r35 r33

Yong Qing tells her straight out that she was the one who gave You Qian a new life. The old him was called Unibrow, and he got here after being fooled by a girl. OOOH. Confirmation!!

r34An Xi turns to look at You Qian (who is still in process of crossing the road) and clutches to his specs. Yong Qing tells An Xi that she’s just a cold to You Qian. Once the symptoms are gone, he will recover.

You Qian finally gets there (yesss) and faces An Xi. An Xi recalls her very last face to face scene with Unibrow, “Unibrow…you are Pu Lang village’s Unibrow?”

r36 r37

He nods. An Xi runs off to catch a cab, and suddenly Yong Qing grows so strong as to be able to hold You Qian back!:O


By the time he pulls her hands off, An Xi is in the cab and off she goes. He sends Yong Qing a death glare and stalks off, leaving her tearing. An Xi remembers all their past conversations, like when he said he used to be a nerd, or when he was so worked up over her cooking a rumour that the house was particular, and realises that the hints are all there. She just didn’t realise them.

Yan Ze finds Yong Qing in the cafe (that is now dirty and thrashed because of her) and she tells him that she’s wrong. She thought that You Qian was so nice to her because she was the one who introduced him to her god-mother, but realises that it was because of her birthday.

r39 r40

That day, she rejected someone’s rejection (by throwing his bouquet in the air and having the petals dropped on them dramatically…find me a bouquet that does that) and started crying alone.

r41I think there was a guy who promised to bring her away and had since disappeared. You Qian saw her crying and left his handkerchief behind. “Only people born on April Fool’s will believe in the lies that other people say.” Coolest trivia – she and An Xi have the same birthdays??

So You Qian has been so nice to her only because he pitied her when she cried.

r42 r43

But Yan Ze warns her – You Qian will not start to care for her simply because she acts like she doesn’t care. If she wants something, she has to fight for it.

You Qian dashes all the way back to the hostel, wondering if An Xi is back. He turns to the back stairs and finds this.

r44 r45

Well, An Xi is definitely back HAHA. The sidekicks lock the back door in time, and adamantly refuse to open the door when You Qian knocks repeatedly. Zhi Lin hurls very mild insults, but gets the title and the author of the book wrong (do you think you are writing that book??), Mei Wen hurls threats like how she wants to sing songs for him, and most funnily, Ya En shrieks,

r49 r47

“Eh! You want to break up when your flu recovers? I’ll…I’ll introduce my doctor to you!”


Ya Lu points out, “Isn’t he in the Cardiac department?” HAHA. Ya En covers her heart, “Oh yeah.” Love this moment HAHA, especially when everyone gets a shock from her shriek.

In the end, You Qian climbs up the ladder, but sidekicks who realise chase after him and they have dramatic moment #3 where they all try to restrain him.

r50 r51

He’s like let me see her so that I can explain! and they are like no! and she’s like I can’t see him now! and then he’s like why not??? And she descends on the stairs, playing the guitar.

r52 r53

I can’t. This scene is bad for me. Why so dramatic?? Hahaha, Ya Lu realises that Zhi Lin is just going to stand there googly-eyed and decides to drag her out.

An Xi has decided to learn the guitar because it’s on his wish list. The song that she’s playing – he knows what it’s called, “Romance.” (It’s a Spanish guitar classical piece I think? And I know how to play it too~~) This means that she’s planning to confess.

r54 r55

She puts down the guitar, and You Qian kisses her guitar-beaten fingers tenderly. Oooh. He’s glad and relieved that she’s not angry. She asks if she can do something, and here comes one of my favourite scenes!


She takes out his glasses and puts it on for him.

r58 r59

Both of them start tearing at this moment, as he looks up back at her. Actually, I don’t think he looks like Unibrow even after he wears the specs??

r60 r61

“Unibrow, I’m so sorry. My temper is really too awful.” She cries and laughs, as she tells You Qian that she couldn’t respond properly whenever You Qian confessed to her, because Unibrow had left a shadow. A shadow that makes her feel so guilty. What happens if she lives blissfully and he’s still alone?

You Qian answers all her questions – he didn’t graduate from high school  but managed to apply to university all the same. They moved to Taipei and the operation was successful. He still doesn’t like to interact with others but found a way to live harmoniously with them. Hahaha he sounds like a begrudging old man. An Xi nods thankfully.

r62 r63

He wants her to bury Unibrow deep in her heart and remember her. She plucks his glasses off and talks to You Qian, who hurriedly clarifies that she’s not just a flu that hasn’t recovered. “I really hope that your flu doesn’t recover…because…because I like you…I really, really like you.”


He looks at her but doesn’t reply for a long time. She walks out, embarrassed, but he chases after her and grabs her arm TO PULL HER IN FOR A KISS. That escalated quickly BUT WHO CARES?


He kisses her and looks at her, before both of them lean in for another kiss.


-the end-

Hehe my thoughts are peppered throughout the recap, hope they didn’t disrupt the reading! I love the pace in this episode – the time lapse between her suspecting that You Qian is Unibrow and her confirming that You Qian is Unibrow is quick, therefore retaining that sense of tension and conflict. It’s also great how the couple doesn’t fight over the fact that You Qian lied to her, which if they did, will honestly not make a lot of sense for the plot since An Xi is FILLED with guilt towards this guy. I don’t think she even has the capacity to be angry with him anymore.

I think the remaining conflicts we have will revolve around the Director and her relationship with An Xi, given that An Xi’s mother has always played an important role behind Lunar Maria, and An Xi’s 18th birthday.

I love the little comedic effects in this episode too, like that quick hop on the back and Ya En’s threat (which is so cute and non-threatening HAHA)!! Time to watch behind-the-scenes!


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