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When I See You Again Episode 16 Recap

Quite like this episode as usual – we have a few nice plot movements and little laughs here and there. It’s always a good time when Pu Lang Gang is in town!

An Xi wakes Grandpa up and worries over his health.

j1 j2

He assures her that he’s fine, and suggests a location for the couple’s fun trip – when You Qian was in high school, he signed him up for the graduation trip. But he was unable to go because he was injured and had to stay in the hospital for a while. He eagerly heads to the study room to find a postcard of the place, leaving Guilty An Xi wilting in the living room.

Door bell rings and in comes Yong Qing who wonders what’s so great about An Xi. The best thing that An Xi can do for You Qian now is to leave before she becomes a burden. An Xi points out one right thing – why are the rest criticising her, when she’s the one dating You Qian? Whether You Qian likes Yong Qing or not is a question that Yong Qing should ask the guy himself, “Why did you find me?”

Yong Qing brings out the trump cards – the land deed to Grandpa’s old house.

j3 j4

Drama of Coincidences strikes as Grandpa happens to hear Yong Qing threaten An Xi with the fact that Grandpa doesn’t know she’s the “evil girl” who caused You Qian to be injured.

j5 j6

If she truly loves You Qian, then she should know what to do. “I await your answer.” All this time, I thought Grandpa will collapse from a weak heart but Grandpa survives this ordeal and quickly goes upstairs.


Jennifer wonders when the bouquet of flowers will reach her and anticipates for the day she can reveal her relationship with Yan Ze. Aforementioned guy happens to be brooding over his quarrel with You Qian, in Pu Lang village, outside Lunar Maria. Okay, great choice of brooding location. Not random at all.


He happens to see Ya En leaving the hostel in the rain and follows her in curiosity. She goes to the Confession Tree and tries to protect her ‘Yan Ze’ wish from the rain. In her eagerness, she drops her umbrella.

The wish paper turns in the rain, revealing its name to Yan Ze. Yan Ze realises what she’s doing and strides forward angrily. You know, that kind of anger. The particular kind of anger that causes leads to do strange things.

He picks the paper off the tree (very easily) and chastises her, “Is this idiotic thing worth taking your health as a joke?” Ya En gazes at him in semi-shock.

j9 j10

*Cues passionate gazing*

“You are an idiot.”

*Cues passionate leaning-in”

j11 j12

And there we go, a kiss between Yan Ze and Ya En.

j13 I loved the kiss itself – it isn’t too awkward even though it’s Zeng Yun Rou’s first on-screen kiss. Jet Chao also feels like he’s super good at this kind of passionate kissing scenes. However, I couldn’t help myself as I muttered a “Noooo”. Anyone else agrees with me that this kiss is too sudden? Although I’ve always known that they will ship this couple, I feel that the kiss came at an inappropriate timing.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty funny.


(Look at that crazy platform heels Ya En has to wear so that the height distance is smaller. HAHAHA.)

Back in the car, Yan Ze ignores calls from Jennifer. Ya En hesitates but itches to hold his hand and he reaches out (with passion) to hold hers.

j16 j17

He drives her back to the hostel and tells her that what just happened is a mistake. Do not fall in love with him. He tries to kick her off the car (figuratively of course) but Ya En decides to be forceful for once. “Please give me a chance.”

j18 j19

She wants to fight for so many things in her life and there’s so many things she wants to experience. She wants to date, and she wants to run (link between the two statements is a bit…random.) She promises that she won’t be a burden to him, as long as he lets her see him occasionally. Yan Ze is moved, but exhales and opens the car door once again.

Jennifer waits anxiously in Yan Ze’s empty office and notices a receipt which shows that the bouquet has been delivered already, to a location she doesn’t know. She realises that Yan Ze is probably getting rid of her now.

Grandpa comes down for dinner but treats An Xi super coldly. Although he doesn’t want to eat, she tries to put some food in his bowl, causing him to rage, “Didn’t I say not to?!”

j20 j21

An Xi is shocked but tries to talk about other topics – like the place he wants them to go. “Don’t mention the graduation trip! If not for you, You Qian will be able to graduate!” Turns out she’s the one who hurt You Qian both physically and emotionally!

j22 j23

“And now you still want to lie to me!” An Xi stands up in shock (quite like Mandy Wei’s acting here!) but Grandpa is relentless, “If not for you, these few years, I won’t be in a situation where I have a home but can’t return to it!”

j24You Qian returns home and Grandpa angrily goes upstairs.

Now, now…isn’t it really convenient for you to blame everything on the poor girl, when really the mistake is on your grandson who foolishly climbed the hill? I’m not saying An Xi is completely innocent – her tantrum, although understandable, was extreme and I would even say that the thrashing of that bottle was uncalled for. However, if we focus on An Xi’s criteria of Angel Tears alone – I say, she has every right to set out such ‘rules’ for her suitors!

Grandpa reveals to You Qian that he already knows the truth because he overheard the conversation between An Xi and Yong Qing. You Qian explains (rightly so) that it was his fault for obtaining the Tears himself. Grandpa is angry because he remembers how much pain You Qian was in.

j25 j26

But You Qian kneels down and speaks gently to his grandfather. He was young and foolish years ago – he was hurt and he shut himself; he lost the house and didn’t want to go back to the village. But the one who felt the most guilty was An Xi. She spread rumours of the old house, and even suffered an injury when she tried to protect the house.

You Qian reminds his grandpa that An Xi really likes him, and the duo have so many good memories together.

“Grandpa, can you not be angry with An Xi?”


*Turns puppy eyes on* *Full-blast* *heart is melting*

Jennifer has enough with Yan Ze and fesses up about Yan Ze’s plans to You Qian. What Yan Ze wants is a more powerful, higher-up position and to earn money by selling land to Ocean at a higher price. Jennifer resigns and leaves, but happens to run into Yan Ze.


Yan Ze deduces that Jennifer must have told the truth to You Qian (and not the Director because the Director would have shredded her first).

You Qian is in disbelief that Yan Ze will make use of Ocean’s loss to benefit himself. Yan Ze throws You Qian’s words back at him – didn’t he tell him to fight for whatever he wants?

Yan Ze whines like a small child (okay he didn’t but in my mind, that’s exactly what he’s doing) about how he didn’t want to study law but was forced to; how he thought he would have a good life in Ocean but You Qian appeared. Dudeeee, can you even hear yourself? Or are you deafened by your nonsense.

You Qian offers him a way out – confess to Director and he will let Yan Ze retreat with no injuries. Yan Ze calls him out for being irritating, and waves his trump card (too many trump cards in this episode) – if You Qian tells on him, he will tell An Xi who her mother is.

j29 j30

Does he want to save Ocean from a loss or does he want to prevent An Xi from having a heartbreak?

Deng deng deng deng. What a tough choice for You Qian! “The feeling of knowing your weakness is great.” This sort of rings back for me an old episode where You Qian tells An Xi – letting someone else know your weakness only means that he will make use of it to attack you one day.

An Xi meets Yong Qing and tells her that she will return to the village so that Yong Qing can spend time with You Qian. Whether You Qian likes her or not, is for You Qian to decide. In other words, fair competition. I’m glad you didn’t do this Noble Sacrifice idiotic thing. Yong Qing is unimpressed – what she wants to hear is for An Xi to pass the land deed to Grandpa as compensation and then disappears forever.

A voice rings out from the corner, “Lifted Chin is right.”

j31 j32

Okay I can’t think of a way to translate his nickname for Yong Qing yet – but it basically just describes her haughty attitude and her tilting her chin upwards as a sign of looking down on other people.

Yong Qing smiles because she thinks that Grandpa agrees with her, but Grandpa does a 180 flip on her, “If you really want to make it up to us, then treat You Qian well. No matter what happens, don’t let him go.”

j33 j34

On the other hand, Grandpa nags at Yong Qing – how can she expect to get You Qian without any heart? Yong Qing repeats Lesson 101 from her godmother, “Everything has its value. With a little technique and a little bribe, there’s no one you cannot get.”

Uh Yong Qing, here’s some advice for you. Your God-Mother is probably the WORST person you should be taking love advice from.

j35 j36

She is pissed off and threatens Grandpa with his land and house deed. Grandpa is unfazed. Where An Xi and You Qian are around will be his home. Did her parents not teach her anything?

j37 j39

Ohhh he hits her right on the sore spot. Yong Qing rages at Grandpa and tells them she will tear the house down if she finds any of them trespassing.


Grandpa apologises for his tantrum the night before and reiterates his wish for An Xi to take care of You Qian. An Xi promises that she will never leave You Qian, unless he doesn’t want her. Yong Qing stalks off in anger and ends up crying on the pavement, “Why can’t it be me?”

j40You Qian returns home in fatigue and hugs An Xi tightly. An Xi in return pats him gently on the back and consoles him for having a difficult day.

You guys are as good as a married couple hehe.

j2 j3

Grandpa comes in and teases it’s lucky he’s wearing a hat. You Qian realises the two have patched up and grins. Grandpa passes the couple a postcard of the amusement park and An Xi is delighted to hear that You Qian has taken leave. (She initially thinks that You Qian has been fired LOL).


He assures her that he already took some days off because he wanted to think some things through.

The bell rings and in tumbles more people. Seems like You Qian’s house is really popular these days. Look who is here! None other than the Pu Lang villagers, whose noise already scares You Qian lol.

j42  j44

Zhi Lin and Mei Wen introduce themselves to Grandpa, who replies that he has already heard so much about them. Turns out the group is here because Ya Lu has to accompany Ya En for her check-up. As for the two other females, well, they are just here to have fun in Taipei hahaha.

j45 j46

The duo rattle off a list of things that they want to do in Taipei but An Xi clutches onto the postcard, which Zhi Lin notices.

j47 j48

An Xi whines that she already has plans to go out with You Qian. Mei Wen teases her and asks if she’s clutching onto You Qian’s arm and whining right now. Yeah she is. HAHA she has come a long way from being that shy girl so many episodes ago! Grandpa adds on that he’s already used to this. He returns to his room and invites them to treat the house like their own.

Taking his invitation for realz, the four of them collapse onto the sofa and bounce on it. An Xi brings Grandpa’s medicine upstairs, leaving a helpless You Qian.

j49 j50

Zhi Lin assures You Qian that he can go out with An Xi; the rest of them will just entertain themselves.

So amusement park, here they go! An Xi is excited to sit on ‘all’ the rides and very cute-ly enters into a squabble with a neighbouring kid as to whose horse is faster.

j51 j52

You Qian realises that An Xi is scared of sitting on rollar coasters and teases her. Later, they have a serious talk – he asks her if he should leave Ocean. Does she remember the trouble that Ocean might be in? To An Xi, the solution is simple. Just tell the Director the truth! If she doesn’t believe it, just walk away.

“But, I have  a reason that stops me from telling her.” An Xi thinks that’s even better. Just not tell Director then since she’s not a nice person. You Qian confides in her that although Ms B doesn’t trust him, she’s a special person to him. He learnt all his techniques from her and he doesn’t want to let her down.

j53 j54

Besides, she’s also your mother. 

While they ponder over this issue, suspicious mascots appear and bring them to play.

j55 j56

Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who are in the mascots! Mascots manage to shove An Xi towards a rollar coaster, much to her fear. You Qian half-cajoles, half-shoves An Xi onto the ride, so she buckles You Qian down and assures him not to be scared. She doesn’t allow the attending lady to help her buckle down…

j57 j58

and laughs sheepishly to You Qian. That’s right, An Xi decides to escape. She calls out to a struggling You Qian, “Take care!”

j59 j60

You Qian awkwardly turns to his side and makes friends with the other strangers.

After the ride, suspicious mascots appear again and happily squash them on the bench. One taps An Xi on the shoulder, and when she turns, the other mascot pushes her such that this happens.

j62 j63

Hurhur, I approve. You Qian points out that the mascots are probably people she already knows and she starts chasing them. Mei Wen grumbles in the distance that they must have been found out and You Qian notices. While An Xi dashes towards the mascots, Mei Wen is trapped by You Qian.

j64 j65

She screams, “Save me!” Hahaha. The three trouble-makers finally tumble into a cafe and admit that they are here because they are worried for her.

j66Didn’t Mei Wen say she wants to shop at a CD shop? Mei Wen retorts that no one buys albums anymore. How about Zhi Lin who wants to visit Taipei 101? Uh, she’s scared of heights. LOL.

An Xi is touched and hugs Mei Wen, “I didn’t know you were so worried for me. You are just like my mother…my mother will be just like you!” While An Xi terrorises her by calling her ‘Mother’, You Qian’s smile disappears.

j67 j68

The bunch of them is in great mood and Zhi Lin unconsciously rattles, “Where you and An Xi go, we will go!” Poor You Qian. In the midst of this laughter, Mei Wen looks up and sees a familiar figure. She gives chase, and the others tag along.

j69 j70

Through the trio’s gossip, we learn that Da Fei was the guy she was in love with a decade ago, but she later learnt that he had a fiancee. Mei Wen tries to turn around, but the trio doesn’t allow her to. It’s time to finally meet Da Fei.

j71 j72

Look at You Qian – he has no job hahaha.

Da Fei appears from a cafe and invites them in. Mei Wen turns around and the two recognise each other immediately. Mei Wen enters the cafe and notices the photograph on the wall.

j74 j75

She has also kept the same photograph all these years. Da Fei and her sit down for a good talk, “Why did you lie to me? Did you know that I’ve been waiting for you all these years?” Mei Wen turns and gives him a *are you serious* look.

Outside, the girls have an unspoken competition as to who can kiss the glass better who can hear the couple’s talk better.

j76 j77

The guys simply watch and laugh.

j78 j79

Can I just say that I love Jasper Liu’s smile so much?? And that this scene is cute because it sets up nicely for that -double date- kind of scenario.

Zhi Lin finally gives up and pretends to use the cafe’s washroom so that she can eavesdrop better. She comes out and reveals that Mei Wen is a liar. What’s Mei Wen’s version? “Da Fei, handsome! Pursued Mei Wen and got her! But turned out he had a fiancee! So he dumped her and went to the States.”

Zhi Lin clarifies that the version she just heard is, “Da Fei, handsome! Pursued Mei Wen and got her! But Da Fei’s parents didn’t like Mei Wen and prepared a fiancee for him. Da Fei didn’t like the fiancee so he applied for a school in the States –

j80 j81

Mei Wen, come with me! Okay! I promise you!” Just look at You Qian smiling in amusement at Zhi Lin’s role playing.

In the end, Mei Wen didn’t appear so Da Fei went to the States alone.

j82 j83

Zhi Lin is da best here hahahaha.

You Qian points out, if Mei Wen has been waiting for Da Fei every year “on that day”, and Da Fei has also been waiting for her every year “on that day”, then how come the two didn’t meet?

“Because Mei Wen has been waiting for him on the day they met, and he has been waiting for her on the day they broke up.”

j84 j85

HAHAHA. Why am I so amused by this!

j87 j90

The couple inside leaves the cafe but Da Fei holds onto Mei Wen, “My feelings for you have not changed.” If she still wants a habour to rest by, can she give him a chance considering that they had such a sad past? “I am still waiting for you.”

j89 Awwwww. Mei Wen looks touched and even An Xi lets out a, “Wahhh.” Hahaha, I’m so amused that even An Xi is impressed with this speech. Come on girl, you have been the royal subject of countless of Smooth-Talker You Qian’s speeches!

Mei Wen struggles, “I will consider” and runs off. And the entire bunch runs off after her.

I think Ya En actually lied about her check-up because here she is, pining for Yan Ze outside of Ocean. Yan Ze notices and intentionally goes along with two other co-workers for lunch. However, Ya En tags along and eventually, he tells the two females to go ahead. He pulls Ya En to a hotel – if she wants to see him so badly, then this shouldn’t be a big deal right?

j4 j5

“If you can’t play games, then don’t come near me.”


Ya En looks at him, and turns to enter the hotel. He quickly holds onto her and says one of my favourite lines in this episode, “Do you think you are here for a buffet?” HAHA.

Ya En just wants him to be happy because of her. If she’s an idiot, will he be happier? She wants her presence to lighten him up, “I just…I just…really, really,  really like you.” He pulls her into a hug.

j7 j8

Although it goes without saying that I disapprove of such speeches. You should not just do anything for the guy you want! If you do that, I’m not exactly sure what the guy likes about you.

Over dinner, Zhi Lin jokingly makes a fuss about her eyes being blinded by the couple’s love for each other. Grandpa brandishes a pair of shades and Zhi Lin puts them on, “Oh it feels so much better!”


Zhi Lin realises that Mei Wen has been pretty quiet because of Da Fei and comments that An Xi’s love story with You Qian has been undermined by this new couple’s story. Why? Because You Qian and An Xi met after a decade. “But you guys are separated for more than 10 years. It’s almost time to be an ancient relic.” Hahaha. “The fact that you guys can meet again is more than a miracle.” Everyone chuckles.

An Xi further elaborates, “They think that they have been separated by Pacific Ocean, so she looks at the sea daily, but they have only been separated by a small river.” Ya Lu continues, “They obviously are waiting for each other, but miss the date.” Ya En concludes, “So their love is a beautiful mistake?”

Mei Wen shocks everyone INCLUDING ME as she laughs hysterically into her hands. We need to take a closer look at everyone’s expressions.


She drops the laughing act and comments wryly, “I will laugh first on your behalf.” Everyone bursts out laughing and Zhi Lin grumbles, “You gave me a shock!”


Well, she gave me a shock too!


Ya Lu asks Ya En about her check-up and she awkwardly stares around the table. You Qian watches her carefully.

Zhi Lin suddenly yells because if Mei Wen re-marries, what are they going to do about Lunar Maria?

Mei Wen points out, “What re-marry? I have not even been married before!” Small little things like this really amuse me. An Xi assures them, “Lunar Maria still has me!”

j13 j14

The table lapses into silence, I think because everyone already assumes that An Xi will be staying in Taipei with You Qian.


Da Yu appears so You Qian heads to the study room with him. Zhi Lin offers to take on the burden of Lunar Maria and Mei Wen almost reveals her secret that she wanted to get married to Ya Lu. Zhi Lin smoothly turns the topic around and challenges Mei Wen to the position of Queen Bee in Lunar Maria.

Da Yu comments that You Qian’s house is really crowded today and laughs when You Qian replies, “As long as An Xi likes it.”


j16 j17

Let’s get down to business. Da Yu’s investigations reveal that Director isn’t planning to build purification sites in Pu Lang Village, but rubbish cremation cites. Oh oh.


You Qian thinks it through mentally and realises he’s trapped. If he discusses this issue of dumping rubbish in the village to Director, Yan Ze will be alerted and he will tell An Xi the truth. An Xi will be hurt when she faces the mother who dislikes her. However, if the rubbish sites are really built in the village, eventually An Xi will also be sad.

He gives Da Yu further instructions to investigate.

The next day, An Xi brings Grandpa for a health check-up and loiters in the waiting area. She sees Director looking pale and upset, and wants to console her, but knows that the Director’s mood will probably worsen if she does so.

j19 j20

Yan Ze calls her at this point in time, and she accidentally reveals that she just saw the Director in the hospital.

Later that night, An Xi also tells You Qian that she saw the Director who wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t even realise that she had knocked into someone. You Qian immediately senses something is wrong, because the Director rarely visits the hospital. If she does, she will be accompanied by Yong Qing.

j21 j22

But he doesn’t tell An Xi and pretends to smile.

Yan Ze, who also suspects that something is wrong after his conversation with An Xi, awaits a phone call. The person on the other side informs him that the Director has been diagnosed with third stage of breast cancer.

j23 j24

Yan Ze mutters that his plans must changed. “The poor, sick, and lonely queen. Who will be the one you trust most?”

-the end-

I don’t really feel like Yan Ze’s ‘devious’ plans are very scary so I don’t bother guessing what he’s up to. But I think now he’s going to try and get himself into the Director’s good books so that in case she dies, he can get a bigger portion of things?

I spent so much time recapping this episode and am not very sure why, but I enjoyed myself! I really like the little dialogues here and there that is rather unnecessary to the main plot, but adds to the jovial mood. I even laughed out loud for real when Mei Wen cackles into her hands but puts on a straight face after that hahaha. And Yan Ze’s line, “Do you think you are here for a buffet?” cracks me up!

As for the couple, I think we don’t see much interaction between them because they are already a stable and loving couple. Now, they focus more on scenes between Yan Ze and Ya En, and I think they also intentionally create more scenes where You Qian is included in a big bunch of people. It shows that while Yong Qing was the one who integrated him into society years ago, An Xi can equally socialise him with other people. People who are warm and caring.

I feel like the kiss is merely a tool for scriptwriters to side-step the issue of having to develop Yan Ze’s feelings for Ya En. Because after the kiss, we assume that he likes her and is now trying to face his feelings for her. However, there is just not enough done before this kiss to make me feel like Yan Ze gradually falls in love with Ya En. So whatever happens after the kiss is fine, but I have a problem with the timing of the kiss. As for the kiss itself, it’s fine and it looks quite good hahaha.

Ms Director isn’t my favourite character in the world, but I think we will watch more of her next episode. Alright.



  1. Anonymous says

    I really enjoy reading your recaps of when i see you again because of your insights and comments. I am already feeling sad because after watching ep16, I can see that the end is really near. Aside from the main conflict, most of the issues have already been dealt with.


    • Hi Someone! Sorry for the late reply!! Hopefully you will still see this comment because THANK YOU for enjoying my recaps((: Yeah even the main conflict is sort of dealt with in this episode (17) and Yan Ze’s betrayal will be dealt with in the next.


  2. Thank you very much for recapping! Your skills are on-point and just perfecto! After reading recaps for the last two episodes, i think i want to get back into watching it… do you think that the next episode looks really promising? Thanks


    • Hi Matchalemon, thank you for your comment! *hugssss* If your next episode means Episode 17, I say yes you should watch it! Very little couple scenes, but I think they manage to elaborate on the Director-An Xi conflict pretty well here. Hope to see you around!^^


  3. The preview scared me. I thought grandpa would be so angry at An Xi, to the point that it causes him to be hospitalized and then You Qian would be caught in a dilemma. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. I felt bad for An Xi though when she got scolded. Mandy has been doing a very good job in this drama, especially in the emotional scenes. I miss watching An Xi-You Qian scenes, but the little we saw of them were sweet. They are indeed like a married couple. I like how they naturally put their arms around each other when they stand together.


    • Hi Susan! Sorry for the late reply. Hehe that’s what I thought too! Because that would have been a difficult dilemma – the only person more important or just as important as An Xi, is Grandpa.

      I agree, have you watched the latest episode yet? I think she really nailed it in that rant!

      I miss them too:( Hopefully we will get more of those in the last episode, when everything is cleared up.


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