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When I See You Again Episode 17 Recap

I really like this episode! I think it has its fair share of plot, good acting and comic relief. As usual, I love the small, inconsequential dialogue between Zhi Lin and Mei Wen – they make everything so cute and funny! Although our couple has met with an obstacle this episode, I believe that it wouldn’t pose too much of a trouble, since the whole show has been sort of that pleasant Ferris Wheel ride you take instead of a roller coaster – cruising along with highs and lows instead of plunging the viewer constantly into fright and anticipation.

Director makes her way to Lunar Maria but gets giddy and almost impales herself on the fence faints. Thank goodness for Mei Wen who rushes up to her in time and invites her to stay a night at Lunar Maria.

l2 l3

As she later explains, all the other rooms are being disinfected right now so the only available room is that of the Lady Boss. Guys, does this mean they have absolutely zero business in the hostel right now??

Director looks at the height markings on the wall and starts to tear. Mei Wen asks how she would like to be addressed, “Ms Zhou or Mrs Zhou?” Director merely smiles.

l4 l5

Hahaha Mei Wen is so cute. Look at her new hairstyle!

l6 l7

After Mei Wen leaves, Director walks upstairs but accidentally stumbles and pushes the table. As Drama Luck would have it, she manages to overturn the box filled with An Xi’s presents. She notices the letter from Yan Ze and wonders if he knew An Xi from long time ago. She finds a present addressed to her old name and realises that the box of presents is all for her.

She opens them up and starts to read the letters – we are shown flashbacks of An Xi when she’s young and decided to give her mum the mirror her dad gave to her. When she grew up, An Xi gave her mum a scarf because the weather was getting cold.

l8 l9

And in six months, it would have been her 18th birthday, the day that her parents had promised to meet. I can’t wait to meet you, and I hope that you will like me too.

Director recalls the cool way You Qian turned down her offer to join the Russian project and wonders with regret if things would changed if she rejected her boss’s offer decades ago to be sent to New York.

l10 l11

But if she had done that, there wouldn’t be the present her. “Success shall always be my first priority. I didn’t choose wrongly.”

l12 l13

Well, that sense of remorse and guilt ended prettily quickly, don’t ya think. The next day, Mei Wen can’t wait to show Zhi Lin the rich lady that came the night before but realises the room is empty. They see the opened presents and gasp that she’s a thief. Zhi Lin scolds her for not taking down the lady’s particulars but they notice that everything is left intact.

Mei Wen then notices that there’s a big wad of money left behind on the table, much to the duo’s happiness –

l14 l15

which quickly turns into fear as Zhi Lin murmurs, “A rich lady that sends money in the middle of the night….” HAHA. The duo pushes the money towards each other hahaha.

l16 l17

In a dreamland, An Xi becomes You Qian (nerd and with glasses) and gets bullied by the Pu Lang girlz. In that hilarious mix of reality and dream, An Xi questions Ya En, “Don’t you have a heart condition” to which Ya En retorts, “You are the one with heart problems. Beat you ah!” An Xi cannot help but laugh at Mei Wen acting like a high-schooler even though she’s so old. Ya Lu comes along but gets chased away by the bullies.

l18 l19

At this moment, guess who climbs over the wall with a whoosh and perfect landing. That’s right, You Qian in An Xi-fashion hahaha. “Those of you who bully her, are not okay at all.”

l20 l21

An Xi is all goggly-eyed, and in her dream, You Qian is the one that pulls her along. Years later, You Qian gets scolded by Da Yu while working (hahaha) and it is An Xi who appears in a business suit.

l23 l24

She tells Da Yu that she has bought over all the drinks and onigiri and walks towards You Qian, “Long time no see, my heart.”

l25 l26

Obviously, this is all a dream. An Xi wakes up to find a caring message from You Qian and chuckles to herself, “No wonder people say that reality is opposite from dreams. Why am I so blessed?”

Jiang imagines himself old and frail, waiting for the day ‘Ao Du Du’ gets You Qian (Ao Du Du is just hilarious because he used to call An Xi ‘An Du Du’, by the way ‘Ao’ means proud in Chinese). He grumbles that he will be halfway into his coffin by the time Yong Qing gets You Qian hahaha.


Sidekicks see incoming You Qian, who warns Jiang, “If you walk in now, you will regret for life.”

Jiang walks back and retorts that he’s not his sidekick. You Qian tells him about Yan Ze’s plans to build chemical processing sites all around Pu Lang village. Jiang pretends to be unfazed at first, since he can just move out of village any time. But You Qian reminds him that the effects of chemical dumping can last for more than 50 years – his split second decision can affect the village.


Jiang pulls You Qian back (and mutters that he needs to lean in closer because he’s so tall hahaha).

A car drives by suspiciously. Jiang childishly wants him to break up with An Xi before he accepts You Qian’s request to collaborate, but You Qian just wants him to think through properly.

An angry Jiang storms to Yan Ze and demands that he returns the land pieces to him.

l29 l30

Since Yan Ze has already paid for the land plots, they are his and he doesn’t want to sell them. Jiang has no choice but to threaten him with his “very solid” fists. Knowing that this is You Qian’s doing, Yan Ze retaliates by cooking up a lie in front of Director. He tells her he found You Qian buying up plots of land in Pu Lang village so that he can re-sell to Ocean at a higher price.

Turns out Director was in the suspicious car this morning and she saw Jiang talking to You Qian. She recalled Jennifer’s lie too and falls for Yan Ze’s lie immediately. She calls Da Yu in and asks him to pack You Qian’s stuff – she wants him to leave the company now. That very day.

l31 l32

Omg look at Da Yu’s cute reluctant face hahaha.


He calls You Qian, who deduces that Jiang must have confronted Yan Ze and that he is backstabbed by him. He agrees to being kicked out of the company but a worried Da Yu informs him that the contract for the Russian project will be signed the following week. Once that is signed, they have no choice but to build the processing sites. You Qian mutters to himself, “Just you wait, I won’t let you leave to the Russian Fund.”

Back in his office, Yan Ze knocks down the knight (You Qian) and knocks down the other piece which symbolises the queen’s emotional support.

l34 l35

“It won’t be difficult to get the god-daughter to leave the god-mother.”

We see a frazzled Yong Qing who remembers what You Qian has told her before, and the voices in her head end with her first love’s voice saying “I love you”. She cups her ears and cries, “You are a liar that don’t keep your promises.” Yan Ze comes in just in time and Yong Qing confides in him about how ever since her heart was broken by that guy, she can’t love anyone properly anymore.

l36 l37

When she bought Grandpa’s house for You Qian, she got scolded by Grandpa for being manipulative. When she wanted to confess her true feelings to You Qian, she ended up throwing a tantrum.

Yan Ze tells her that on the day the two were supposed to leave for overseas, the Director went to find him and said he was not compatible with Yong Qing. She even gave him money to leave. Throwback to High-Stilettos-Director who showed then-18-Yong-Qing the agreement her first love signed – to take the money and never meet Yong Qing ever again.

l38 l39

This part of the story, Yong Qing already knew. But what she doesn’t know is Part 2 of the story – turns out the guy signed the agreement in anger, but regretted it and turned back 10 minutes later. He threw the money in Director’s face and told her that he would go and find Yong Qing. The reason why he did not appear since then was because he got into an accident the moment he left the office. And Director immediately took the agreement to find Yong Qing. In other words, while the Director was with Yong Qing, the guy was in the hospital fighting for his life.

l40 l41

Oh wow, that story escalated quickly. Yong Qing is in disbelief that her god-mother will lie to her but Yan Ze hits home with “A god-mother will always only be a god-mother.” She doesn’t care who Yong Qing truly is.

Yong Qing dashes into Director’s office and gets judged for her sports wear. Lol.

l43 l44

Yong Qing confronts Director about the issue and the Director remains adamant that she did the right thing. That kind of guy wasn’t up to her standard. Yong Qing is horrified, “My standards have always been fixed by you. No one has ever asked me what kind of life I want. You clearly knew I like that guy but you never asked me what I saw in him. You only asked about his background, what he can do.” It’s the same when she likes You Qian – if not for the fact that he proved himself, the Director would probably still look down on him now.

l45 l46

Ms B stands up and rages at Yong Qing for complaining, even though she was the one who wanted her god-mother’s life. Are you sure about that or it isn’t just your crazy egoistical side planting ideas in your mind?

Yong Qing rages back, “That’s because you never believed in feelings like love. Now I finally understand why I always feel like my life has no warmth. That’s because I’ve always believed in what you believe – I’ve always hidden my inner feelings!”

Director cannot hold it any longer and faints.

l49 l50

Guys, this is a real fall. I don’t know if Zhou Dan Wei’s fall is the one ultimately shown in this episode, but she had a real bad fall while filming this scene and I believe this is the cut they used.

Anyway, Yong Qing gets shocked to death and cannot move while Yan Ze comes in (just at the right time) to fuss over the Director. Great acting by Ivy Shao here! I could really sense her disappointment and anger. Besides, the guy died after that accident – that story turned tragic so quickly??

l48 l51

At the hospital, Director thinks that Yan Ze knows about her sickness because he sent her to the hospital. What a convenient escape for Yan Ze! Director is disappointed that Yong Qing still left even after seeing her faint. Yan Ze ‘confesses’ to Director that he already knew about the relationship between An Xi and her because he promised An Xi that he would help her find her mother.

l52 l53

Wow, he’s really good at saying half-truths that paint himself in such a good light! Yan Ze proposes that if Director is willing, An Xi may become the daughter she wants. Yong Qing, as a god-daughter, will always be a god-daughter.

We are shown to more chess-talk, as Yan Ze places a black chess piece (I need help! Is that a bishop??) next to the Queen – no matter how strong the Queen is, she will start to miss having familial ties in times of loneliness. “As for me….” He places a black knight next to the Queen. He will be the one fighting battles by her side. But will I really fight genuinely for you?

l54 l55

I may not sound like it, but I actually really like the chess analogies. I think I can see Yan Ze’s plan – he removes the two henchmen by the Queen, which is the white Bishop and the White Knight (I’m pretty sure You Qian is symbolised by the White Knight because he stands for justice hahaha), and he replaces them with a Black Knight and a black Bishop. Because An Xi trusts him and thinks that he’s good, An Xi is effectively under his control.


Grandpa has blocked artilleries and doctor reminds him to take care. He cute-ly hides the medical report because he has more things he wants to eat and An Xi will stop him if she knows.

He shouts excitedly to An Xi that he wants to eat the rolls in Pu Lang village. Suddenly, there’s loud knocking on the door and in tumbles Yong Qing, who wants to find You Qian.

She keeps muttering that she wants to tell You Qian that she isn’t the same as the Director. The Director is the real liar; she isn’t.

l57 l58

An Xi tries to show care but gets snubbed by Yong Qing. Yong Qing wants her to tell You Qian to find her after he’s back and leaves.

A few seconds later, You Qian returns home……..but they didn’t run into each other………… Anyway, An Xi conveys the message that “She said God-mother is the real liar,not her, and wants you to find her.”

Grandpa insists on eating the rolls and wants the couple to get them now.

l59 l60

You Qian murmurs that he just returned home, but Grandpa throws a mini tantrum hehe.

l61 l63

Ya En lies to Zhi Lin that she went home but instead meets up with Yan Ze to console him. He has hurt his sister but he had no choice because he wanted to win. It’s quite characteristic of Ya En to assume that he hurt his sister because he didn’t give her what she wanted to eat HAHA.

Ya En holds his hand, “Turns out you can get hurt too.” Yan Ze hugs her and wants her to promise that he will always be her #1 in her heart. If not, he might hurt even her. Although Jet Chao put up quite a good show here, I just feel a sense of disapproval, as I hear Ya En say, “You will always be the first in my heart.” I know it’s not like that, but it feels like Yan Ze’s attraction to Ya En is just because she’s obedient and malleable.

l64 l65

Our couple arrives in the village and You Qian is a bit shocked to see Yan Ze’s car drive past his. He later asks Ya En if she went out earlier and notices at once that she’s lying. He double-checks with Zhi Lin and smiles at the discrepancy in answers

l66 l67

(Zhi Lin says that Ya En went home while Ya En says that she stayed in the hostel the whole day).


The couple, Ya En and Zhi Lin sit down for the ‘scrumptious’ meal which Zhi Lin has cooked for all of them. But the meat isn’t cooked, the pasta has all stuck together and even the eggs are burnt. The usual cook, Mei Wen, has been skipping her job ever since she met Da Fei – in the day, she goes Taipei to find Da Fei. She only comes back at night to sleep. Zhi Lin jokes that the hostel will not be able to go on once she finds her Rich Guy. (Look at You Qian judging the eggs.)

l69 l70

You Qian asks gently if An Xi has ever thought of closing the hostel, causing everyone to look at him in shock. He hints that the village is a great place for development projects and wants them to leave before any ‘future’ projects. This topic gets interrupted by the arrival of Mei Wen – whose hickey causes all the girls to be so amused and jealous. HAHA.

l72 l71

Mei Wen pretends that it’s a mosquito bite, but sobers up when Ya En says that You Qian is going to sell the hostel if she skips any more work. She hasn’t yet given the slaps that she has always wanted to give An Xi’s mum!

l74 l75

Director thinks through Yan Ze’s words and is convinced. She reaches Lunar Maria the next day and demands to see An Xi. Mei Wen observes that she feels different from the night before. An Xi comes downstairs and is a little taken aback to find out that Director wants to see her. I can’t really explain myself, but I love this part where An Xi looks up and You Qian appears in the scene a few seconds later. It’s like you think she’s alone, but no, You Qian got her  back all along.

l76 l77

You Qian insists that the Director talks to An Xi right in the hostel, instead of bringing her out on a walk. You Qian warns her to think properly before she speaks. “There’s only two reasons for your presence. First, you want to put An Xi down even more. Second, you want to accept her. But no matter which choice you pick, you will hurt her.” Because she isn’t here to genuinely accept An Xi; she’s here for her own selfish need.

Ms B smirks, “Then you should know. As long as I have a need, I will do everything to get it.” She steps forward and tells An Xi, “I am your mother.”



“I am that one whom An Ding Yuan says – once I want to leave, I won’t stay.” You know what she continues to say after dropping this bomb shell?


“I am incredibly disappointed with you. You are not the kind of daughter that I’ve imagined.” OMG WHUT? Someone stop me from kicking this woman. You do not say this kind of things at a reunion??? Even You Qian closes his eyes in despair.

l82 l81

When An Xi repeats in shock, “You are my mother?” She replies with, “Have you been to university? Nevermind, I shall say that you just came back from overseas.”


Mei Wen, who is eavesdropping at a corner, cannot take it any longer and scolds the Director, “What’s wrong with you??!” An Xi is such a great girl; she has no flaws! Director doesn’t care – as a mother, she can help An Xi on her life’s advancement.

After she leaves. An Xi recalls all the times that You Qian offers to be her closest family member and turns to him, “You knew a long time ago right?”

l83 l84

You Qian explains that he has already asked Director and she didn’t want to accept An Xi as her daughter. An Xi can’t believe it, “So she knew all along too?” She rages about the both of them, “Do you also think that I’m not up to her standard?” You Qian struggles to explain more, “Am I not enough? Why do you want to recognise such a person as your mother?”

l85 l86

An Xi retorts – if You Qian didn’t give her a chance to interact with her mother, how will she know what kind of person is she? “Turns out in your heart, you think that I have no right to know.” “It’s not like this, she only wants to hurt -” “Whether she’s good or not, whether she wants to hurt me or not, whether I want to accept her or or not, that’s my decision!”

l87 l90

In the past, You Qian used to say her brain has no folds. Now she knows that You Qian isn’t joking. “Is it that in your heart, I’m the kind of person that isn’t presentable? Is it that you secretly think that I have no intelligence to change my future? You LOOK DOWN ON ME!”

l91 l92

Boooooo. I can actually feel You Qian’s struggle and heartache. I think this scene really brings out great acting from Jasper and Mandy!

l94 l93

An Xi rushes back to her room and locks the door. She cries over the presents that she gave her mother and accidentally pricks herself. You Qian knocks worriedly on the door, but Mei Wen advises him to leave An Xi alone for now – she’s probably disappointed not just because You Qian didn’t tell the truth, but more so  because she has cooked up such an illusion of a great and loving mother, and that illusion is all crushed now.


An Xi sobs, “Turns out…not all mothers in the world will love their children.”

-the end-

I think this episode is great because there’s lots of stuff that has happened – Yan Ze successfully kicks away both You Qian and Yong Qing in this episode, and convinces Director to accept An Xi as her daughter. The reunion has finally happened, and I think what makes the scene memorable isn’t really the fact that Director finally said, “I’m your mother,” but the quarrel between the couple after that. And I feel that may be one of their best scenes yet! The chemistry is good – the way the lines bounce back and forth is natural and both actor and actress just feed on each other’s emotions. I don’t think that Jasper Liu and Mandy Wei are super awesome actors but I have no doubt that they have potential and can possibly shine even more with characters that have more depth.

At this point in time, Director is just Ms B**** to me, no you aren’t Ms Zhou or Mrs Zhou, you are Ms B. Everyone, that’s her name. She’s selfish, she’s arrogant, and she always thinks she’s right. I can’t believe that when she cooked up a lie in Yong Qing’s face, Yong Qing’s first love was dying in the hospital! He didn’t even get to see her for the last time?? #tragic I was willing to give Director a chance in my heart, but I may just dislike her all the way till the end.

Am slightly put off by the Yan Ze-Ya En couple, ’nuff said. But I can’t wait for the next few episodes! I’m sure You Qian will be able to fix things and then console An Xi. Now I see so much sense in having so many romantic scenes in the earlier episodes – it’s to set a solid foundation for the couple. I really feel like they are this stable, old couple that can face all obstacles! None of those misunderstandings and noble idiocy.

Hope you guys enjoyed this recap!


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