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Refresh Man Episode 14 Recap

Finally some good plotting!

In a flashback, we see Wen Kai fiddling with his recorder, the one that contained his confession.

He jumped in shock when Yu Tang appeared him and quickly hid the recorder. Yu Tang sat down and thanked him for fending off those bullies. She handed him a ticket and told him that Zhong Mum wanted the both of them to go the amusement park.

However, Yu Tang had a condition – Wen Kai must be able to attend the university that he wanted.

Wen Kai shrugged awkwardly but Yu Tang was insistent that he worked hard. She said hesitantly that he would have to be very diligent in order to make it for the university that she’s going to. I really like the contrast in the couple’s attitude towards life in the past and now.


He promised to study for his finals, in exchange for the amusement park treat. Wen Kai touched his pocket and wanted to confess, but backed off last minute and ran off.

This scene should be called Mr Aaron Yan and his 1000 expressions.

Turns out, the very next day, The Scene happened – where Yu Tang told the teacher that Wen Kai’s not someone worthy of her friendship.

Finally, Wen Kai learns that after he left the office, Yu Tang stood up for Wen Kai and got him a lighter punishment. Wen Kai explains too that actually, he didn’t actively seek a fight then either. The bullies came looking JUST for Yu Tang (and if you remember, Yu Tang landed herself right in their hands).

While Wen Kai gripes that Yu Tang was so fierce after that day, Yu Tang’s version is slightly different. She recounts the scene where she went to find Wen Kai after he got scolded by the teacher. He was fuming silently while playing basketball and as Yu Tang nagged at him about the teacher thinking that he’s a bad student and the fact that he wasn’t studying, “How are you going to the amusement park with me?”

Retaliating from hurt and anger, Wen Kai tore up the ticket to the amusement park, “Who cares about going to the amusement park with you?”


(Heh I was quite pleased with myself for catching this moment when the pieces fly, so here’s a bigger screenshot:D)


Yu Tang watched him walk off and she teared, “Why is he like that?”


Back to the present, Wen Kai grumbles, “Why did you remember it so clearly?” Hahaha. Although Wen Kai tries to push it to the past, Yu Tang murmurs that after that day, the next time she saw him was when her mother passed away. Even then, he disappeared after she woke up. She wanted to try her luck and even waited at the amusement park, but he didn’t appear.


Wen Kai happily diverts the topic and asks if she likes him since high school since she minded so much that he didn’t appear.

She asks him back the same question, “When did you like me?” and he refuses to answer.

This ends up in a chase but in a (very very very odd) scene, Wen Kai darts to a side and Yu Tang just loses sight of him like that. This doesn’t make sense at all because it is just a pavement right? Even if it’s not, he merely darted to a side – how could she not see him?:O

(Edit: okay while watching it a second time, I think what happened was that she skidded to halt and turned back expecting him to be behind her, but he wasn’t. Hmm, the execution could have been smoother though.)

Anyway, the point of the scene was for us to see a nice back hug and for Yu Tang to cry because she’s scared that he just disappeared again. She doesn’t want the people she love to disappear once more.

He cups her face and promises her that he will never disappear again. “Really?” “Really…” He looks at her with a smile and ta-dahhh.


I read in an interview before that the drama is trying to portray a couple that is more aligned to a real couple’s behaviour – and you can see this even from the number of kisses that are peppered throughout their ordinary lives. You don’t really need a dramatic speech or a super romantic gesture; real-life couples kiss after small, meaningful actions as well.

Post-kiss, Yu Tang smiles and says that she can’t really believe that the two of them are together. Wen Kai gives her a joking peck and they do a pinky promise on his promise to turn up every time she needs him. Later, he reveals that once she finishes the puzzle he gave her, she will have all the answers to her questions, “If you don’t, I will tell you everything then.”

The couple then splits ways to run different errands.

While Wen Kai talks to this mysterious guy, Johnny, Team 3 prepares to send Jia Ying off…and that’s when Yu Tang realises that Wen Kai actually knows Jia Ying’s ex husband (Johnny). Johnny promises Team 3 that he will take good care of the baby and Jia Ying.

Wen Kai explains that he sent Jia Ying to Singapore also partly because he knew Johnny was going to Singapore and apologises for not telling Jia Ying that he’s friends with Johnny. Now that explains why he smiled the previous time after he saw Jia Ying texting her ex-husband.

Johnny apologises for his past behaviour but You Rui is skeptical (and maybe jealous).

If this is getting too heavy/boring for you, it is soon lightened up by Yu Tang’s realisation that Sheng Ren has been doing his left brain/right brain/tongue twister nonsense (that got her drunk many episodes before) on Johnny too. The two chorus the tongue twister together and You Rui asks if Yu Tang is an alcoholic who needs to kick her habit too. Haha.

I’m not sure why they are spending so much time on this scene though…Perhaps it’s because the drama has been hinting at the You Rui – Jia Ying pairing, and hence they need to show that they possibly broke the pairing for someone who is now worthy of her.

In some product placement scene, Hui Xin pronounces the benefits of standing up while working (because the office they are using is sponsored and has tables which can be adjusted higher). While this is going on, Yu Tang finishes a call with a manager who explains that he’s allergic to eggs and she is suddenly reminded of Wen Kai’s reaction the first day/first episode when she tried to feed him omurice.

Team 3 soon skypes Jia Ying on her progress in Singapore. You Rui seems to have dips on the good news which Jia Ying is going to tell Team 3, which possibly means that Jia Ying and You Rui are talking privately. Besides, when Liang Yu teases that You Rui really misses Jia Ying, she smiles shyly. The good news? Jia Ying manages to secure two contracts in Singapore, which amounts to way more than what they need to pass the target.

It’s time for another meeting and Mr Jerk taunts Team 3 on their impending failure. I find the taunting so juvenile my goodness. It’s like a two year-old shaking his little ass and saying HAHA, that’s all. Anyway, Meng He thanks Team 1 for provoking them and Team 3 triumphantly reveals that they have managed to hit the target.

Mr Jerk does not accept it and laughs at them (prompting Team 1 to chorus – how can it be? They must be dreaming! which is so awkward – stop it with the group taunting, it’s so unnatural).

Thank goodness, Ai Sha breaks the awful taunting by walking in and declaring that whatever Team 3 just said is true – they have surpassed their target. Wen Kai announces that he will be transferring Team 1’s bonus to Team 3, “This is the price to pay for looking down on someone else.”

Jia Manager sobers up at this but loses his cool when Yu Tang suggests that Team 3 will either donate the entire bonus to charity or Team 1 can clean Team 3’s toilet for a month to waive off the bet. Wen Kai reminds him who the bully was in the first place, “Don’t be a sore loser.” Yipeee.

At night, Zi Yu congratulates Yu Tang on Team 3’s success and claims that he always knew they would be able to do it, “Because Team 3 has a super lucky star.” Okay.

Yu Tang expresses her intentions to repay Zi Yu for his help and he suggests a treat to dinner that night. Yu Tang awkwardly rejects his proposition because she’s already meeting Wen Kai. After she leaves the car, Zi Yu recalls his rejection and sighs. He gets interrupted by a knock on his car window and it turns out to be Ai Sha who asks if she has the honour to dine with him that night.

Yu Tang offers to make dinner for Wen Kai and he teases her, “What if you cut your finger again?”

He asks cheekily if she really can do it and she orders him to sit at a side. He does so obediently but still stares at her blatantly. Yu Tang notices and quips, “Why do you keep looking at me?” to which Wen Kai smartly replies, “If you aren’t looking at me, how do you know that I’m looking at you?”

Yu Tang promises to let him rate her food later. He assures her, “Okay okay…” but continues to sneak looks. When Yu Tang looks at him again, she gives the cutest stamp on the floor/flounder (please watch! Couldn’t get a screenshot of it) hahaha and threatens, “Stop looking.”

She finally gets to cook in peace and hands the dish over to Wen Kai.

He gives this awkward, dilemma-ish look, “Omurice? But I…” She assures him that it’s alright, “Try it!”

Wen Kai pokes a mouthful of food into his mouth and you can tell he’s thinking, I’m going to die

Then he realises, I’m alive!

Yu Tang finally recalls what her mother had told her long time ago, that Wen Kai is allergic to egg white and that’s why she always used egg yolks of native eggs to make a special omelette for Wen Kai. She apologises for forgetting his allergy, “I won’t forget next time.”


Oh gosh, can you see the love in his eyes? HAHA. Wen Kai breaks the silence, “99 marks.” That’s her score for the omurice. Full-marks Tang is annoyed at the loss of one mark and slaps her thigh for emphasis, “Where did the one mark go??”

Wen Kai explains that he intentionally subtracts one mark because he knows that if the score isn’t full marks, the next omurice will be better. Yu Tang mutters, “Fine, you understand me” hahaha.

I realise this is exactly why Zhong mum wanted to get special native eggs that day – because Wen Kai could only eat omurice made from that. Now that Yu Tang remembers it, will it become an obstacle??

During dinner, Ai Sha expertly retrieves the information she wants and finds out that Zi Yu has told the old Managers that if they do not improve, they will be replaced. Faced with such a threat, most Managers choose to retire.  She remarks on his skill and he diverts the topic by raising a toast.

In comes another product placement, this time about the Chair. Liang Yu wants Hui Xin to take a rest on the work chair and she observes that he’s very caring. Meng He is worried because Boss Lin, who is in charge of manufacturing Mei Mei, has dropped off the radar completely since the morning.

Hui Xin discovers news that the factory workers has been on strike after the older brother of Lin Boss comes back to Taiwan to fight for his inheritance and sow discord amongst the workers. This spells doom because Team 3’s supply of Mei Mei will be broken, contracts will be broken and they will lose their bet with Team 1.

Two-year-old manager is back to taunt, knowing that the strike would affect Team 3. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it – don’t you have a LIFE? That doesn’t revolve around taunting?


Thankfully, Wen Kai turns up behind the manager and smiles, “Jia Manager, why are you running here when you could be sitting comfortably back in your office?”

You are the best! Hehe. Before Jia Manager scoots off, Wen Kai demands for a report on Team 1’s solutions to deal with the strike.

Meng He suggests that they can meet Ah Hui but frets over his bad temper. That’s when Wen Kai and Ai Sha exchange a look, like aha! We’ve got this. While Team 3 chorus that they want to find Ah Hui, Wen Kai kills their idea with, “Don’t go, you won’t be able to find him.”

So Team 3 tries to find another solution by calling all other factories. Oddly enough, many factories just happen to take on new orders and have no ability to help them. Yu Tang feels that they should just give Ah Hui a shot. You Rui gets a phone call from an irate sales manager who complains that the quality of Mei Mei is inconsistent. While he meets the manager to settle this, the rest of Team 3 rushes off to ambush Ah Hui.

When Ah Hui appears, Team 3 showers him with praise about him being a handsome and kind person to which he replies, “I know.” Hahaha. Yu Tang pleads with Ah Hui to help them manufacture Mei Mei and every time Ah Hui opens his mouth to say something which sounds like a rejection, Team 3 renews the pleading.

A familiar voice sounds out, “Enough…if you guys continue with this, Mei Mei will really run out of stock.” Wen Kai appears from the car, much to Team 3’s surprise.

Ah Hui explains (awkwardly) that he wants to help his bro, Wen Kai, and he has gathered a group of his friends to help manufacture Mei Mei. If they continue to block him from retrieving samples of Mei Mei to pass to his friends, “Mei Mei will be gone!”

Team 3 is incredibly happy at this turn of events, but Yu Tang eyes him with a perplexed look.


Back in the office, Ai Sha wonders why Wen Kai is always one step ahead. The problems which he has foreseen ages ago are already starting to manifest now. He credits this to the notion of always making plans for the worst. He asks about that side, to which Ai Sha informs him that “He says give him two more days.”

IS there a reason to always keeping Ai Sha in the dark as to why he’s always one step ahead?

It’s time for dinner! Wen Kai notices that Yu Tang is texting in silent anger and asks if she’s unhappy. He reminds her that he’s already trying to change his habit of hiding his feelings, and if she’s angry at him, she should tell him why. Hahaha they are seriously trying to be a *role model* for being a stable couple. He thinks that it’s okay to be angry, “But don’t be angry overnight, okay?”


She admits that she feels slightly unhappy because Wen Kai didn’t tell her about Ah Hui, “Do you think that I’m a blabbermouth?” Wen Kai clarifies that he’s just separating work from personal affairs, but to Yu Tang, he could have discussed matters with her as a business equal.

In a flashback, Ai Sha asked why Wen Kai kept Team 3 in the dark and made them so flustered about the problem. Wen Kai replied that it’s not good to trigger the opponent’s suspicions and they can only sacrifice Team 3 at the moment to put up a good show. This means that he has to keep the truth from even Yu Tang.

Yu Tang stalks off to get the cutlery and Wen Kai follows behind her to apologise.


Aigoo aigoo aigoo bring all dem back hugs on man!

“No matter what, you only need to believe one thing – that I have only you in my heart.”

He also promises to seek her opinion next time if there is a suitable issue. The couple patches up and feeds each other food.


Jia Manager updates ‘someone’ that Wen Kai has managed to find new suppliers and therefore, the fact that the current factory is on strike will probably not pose a problem. Wendy mutters, “Team 3 has the luck of a dog.”


In a dramatic slow-motion, Zi Yu turns back and smiles at his sidekicks, “Ji Wen Kai’s ability to deal with emergencies is better than I expected…he’s not an easy opponent.” However, Wen Kai would never expect that the factory being on strike is only a small step in the plan for Xin Wei to acquire Tian Xing. Ooohh I like this master conflict!!

Two-year-old smirks and wonders how Wen Kai would react when he finds out that his overseas contracts have been snatched away too.

Turns out, the ‘person’ whom Ai Sha mentions has been trying to check on the finances is Wendy. To be honest, that was when I first had suspicions that the ‘villain’ was trying to bring Tian Xing/Wen Kai down – attack the finances and its supposed problems and you could trigger a whole lot of repercussions.

Wendy explains that it’s true, she’s been hearing rumours from the finance department that Wen Kai has been transferring money but does not explain the purpose behind the fund transfer. The department doesn’t dare to question because he’s the CEO but Wendy informs Zi Yu that the sums should be more than a hundred mlllion.

Zi Yu looks disappointed. He planned to take down Tian Xing so as to cut down on Wen Kai’s aura, “But turns out such a capable person also resorts to underhanded means.” He reminds Wendy and Jia Manager to be alert and send them off. Treasure your days, Ji Wen Kai. The days where you can be arrogant are near their end. 

I don’t feel like he has chosen very smart sidekicks.

Ai Sha is impressed that Wen Kai has guessed the mastermind behind the factory strike and tells him that Lin Boss is sorry for not being able to save the factory. However, he has promised to keep the secret for now.

Ai Sha is curious again why Wen Kai can calculate everything so accurately. Now that the master conflict is out, Wen Kai no longer speaks in cryptic terms but tells Ai Sha that when he was roped in as  CEO, the Director was also aware of the antics within the company and that Xin Wei was tempted. Knowing this, Wen Kai had started laying the cards very early on. He is interrupted by a text from Yu Tang but Ai Sha continues to wonder why Xin Wei is willing to take such a gamble when it works so closely with Tian Xing.

She looks down dejectedly when she realises Wen Kai isn’t listening to her but Wen Kai replies her smoothly that it’s probably worth the gamble. If Xin Wei wins, it can monopolise the industry.

This is why they have to be on their toes so that they can checkmate their opponent. Wen Kai receives another text from an overseas counterpart who assures him that everything has been sorted out. Wen Kai smiles and asks Ai Sha to shift his appointment with Zi Yu to tomorrow night. He also tells Ai Sha that she can leave after her work and doesn’t need to wait for him to finish the appointment.


Question of the day: Where does Ji Wen Kai get all his figurines?

Sidekicks rush in to tell Zi Yu the bad news, that Mr Take (no idea what’s the actual name) will not be dealing with Xin Wei anymore because he decides that he only wants to work with Wen Kai. While Jia Manager rants, Zi Yu receives the call from Ai Sha regarding the shift and answers (bitterly), “It’s fine! Whatever your CEO wants, I will follow suit.”

-the end-

I enjoyed this episode, especially towards the end!

The episode for next week is AWESOME! In a nutshell, fake Mei Meis have infiltrated the market, causing the company’s shares to fall; Two-year-old confronts Wen Kai in front of everyone on his bias towards Team 3 because of his relationship with Yu Tang; Wen Kai snubs Ai Sha; Zi Yu tempts Ai Sha; Zi Yu demands for Wen Kai to explain his accounts and he exchanges a look with Ai Sha.

Although the preview was shocking, what’s going to happen seems to be pretty obvious. Even if it’s predictable, I’m excited for it to see how it all pans out- the snub is a show and Ai Sha is just pretending to help Zi Yu ‘reveal’ Wen Kai’s ‘corruption’. Alternatively, Wen Kai knows that Ai Sha would turn on him and intentionally allows it to happen. As I mentioned above, it seems weird that Wen Kai is keeping Ai Sha in the dark about his tricks. Although the second option will have greater *oomph*, I don’t think it will happen because Ai Sha has been such a gem so far, and I do not believe that she will turn emotional and unwise so quickly. On a side note, I’m wondering if the fact that Ai Sha knows how to speak Russian has anything to do with this, since their overseas contracts seem to be mostly stemming from Russia.

I also think that Zi Yu’s previous enthusiasm for Mei Mei + the show’s focus on Mei Mei makes a lot of sense now. Although it wasn’t apparent then, it shows a lot now that just attacking Mei Mei alone can be quite damaging to the company. This trajectory is different from what I expected 10 episodes back when I thought that the whole show would just be about Mei Mei and the target sales/Yu Tang and her growth into a good sales and marketing employee.

Can’t wait to see what the final two episodes have in store for us!



  1. I agree – I bet anything Ai Sha is acting to string Zi Yu along and is really on Wen Kai’s side. At least the company espionage makes slight sense in this drama. Too often I really don’t understand all the plotting.

    But I have to say the ppl is really, really overshadowing this show. It started off normal but has gotten to the point I just roll my eyes now. So much ppl!!!


    • What did you think of this week’s episode? I thought it would be really obvious that she’s a spy for Wen Kai but I think this episode did a good job of making it ambiguous. HAHA I totally understand that feeling – there’s so many useless characters that just stand around and do nothing but mindless repetition!


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