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Refresh Man Episode 15 Recap

I quite enjoyed this episode although there was a tad too much plotting for my liking, but for the first time, I actually found myself wishing that there was more and I didn’t have to wait until next week to find out what happens.

Sidekicks cannot believe that Wen Kai unilaterally wishes to shift the timing of the meeting when he knows how important Xin Wei’s technology is to Tian Xing’s beauty product. Zi Yu smiles and reminds them to always maintain gentlemanliness.

En route to work, Yu Tang receives a message that fake Mei Meis have infiltrated the market, causing an uproar amongst the consumers. Wen Kai cups her face, “I hope you have confidence both in yourself and me.” Yu Tang assures him that she is now more confident after dealing with the many challenges he has thrown in her path.

The whole conversation is photographed by Jia Manager.

Wen Kai faces a flood of criticisms and insults by the shareholders because Tian Xing’s shares have fallen but he remains silent. I thought the execution was pretty unnatural, do shareholders in reality do this -everyone feels the urge to throw in one varied insult- thing?

Ai Sha worries about Wen Kai who steels himself and moves off to have an emergency meeting with Team 3 – when Jia Manager and an entourage confront Wen Kai with a storyline, that he is biased towards Team 3 by helping them find new factories, which led to the fake Mei Meis.

He lands the final blow by saying that Wen Kai should have axed Team 3 and Mei Mei, but he did not do so only because of his relationship with Yu Tang.

Oh dear poor thing! It’s one attack after another, like Wen Kai’s a target in a computer game.


Wen Kai replies firmly that he’s dating Yu Tang but he promises that he will not allow personal feelings to affect his work. Or else, he will resign. Wow wow.

At the Team 3 meeting, Wen Kai reminds Team 3 not to be flustered but Team 3 is full of confidence this time. This is because they have prepared a plan ever since they knew that Ah Hui and his bros can manufacture large amounts of Mei Mei – all the genuine Mei Meis will have a verification mark and a serial number, which a customer can use to key in online and check if his/her Mei Mei is real.

Team 3 takes turns to espouse the merits of their plan. Wen Kai is pleased and praises them. Yu Tang gleefully says that she intentionally not tell him of Team 3’s idea because he was the one who wanted to keep work from personal affairs. *small revenge*

However, Wen Kai requests Team 3 not to reveal the plan yet as he requires three days. Meng He glances at her team members and decides to say yes because they believe in his decision.

Night time comes around and it’s time for the meeting. Zi Yu passive-aggressively says that he doesn’t mind even though Wen Kai lets a company which has collaborated with Tian Xing over 20 years wait.

Wen Kai broaches the topic of renewing the contract governing Tian Xing’s top beauty product, but Zi Yu replies that he needs some days to think about it.

It’s kind of amusing to watch Wen Kai pretend like he’s alarmed that Zi Yu doesn’t want to renew the contract. He points out that Zi Yu’s father has already agreed to the renewal and it shouldn’t be a problem because Tian Xing and Xin Wei have worked together for so long.

Zi Yu lists out all the problems Tian Xing has suffered recently and suddenly reveals the very thing he seeks – a damages clause in the renewed contract so that Xin Wei can have some assurance should it also suffer due to Tian Xing’s problems.

Bet you anything that if there’s such a clause, Zi Yu will orchestrate such that Tian Xing has no choice but to break the contract/breach some clause and there goes all their money into paying the damages.

In comes Yu Tang with her specially-made omurice because Wen Kai asked her if she could prepare his dinner. He pats her hand while saying thanks.

I would LOVE it if Yu Tang is in the plan to get Zi Yu because I mean, team power all and it will be cool to reinforce the promise Wen Kai made to Yu Tang just an episode ago. But…I doubt so from the looks of it.

Ai Sha comes in too and Wen Kai seems surprised since he already told her that she cold go back home after work. She apologises and places some work document in front of him. He dismisses it with irritation, “I can see this tomorrow,” and decides to leave with Yu Tang to eat their omurice.

If Yu Tang is not in the plan, it’s kinda weird that Yu Tang would simply leave Ai Sha there and not feel confused by Wen Kai’s sudden change of attitude towards Ai Sha.  Also, it’s definitely off that Ai Sha decides to ask for Wen Kai’s vetting in front of the villain?

In the behind the scenes, the crew calls this the “Big and small wife” scene HAHA. Anyway, Zi Yu observes that Ai Sha is down and offers to fetch her home.

He provokes Ai Sha in the car, asking her if she feels unbalanced because she sacrificed so much for Wen Kai but gets treated this way. (Apparently) he feels heartbroken watching from the side, “If I am your boss, I will never treat you this way.”

Hmm look at this attempted eye connection between them but nope, Ai Sha + Wen Kai is the power duo.

Wen Kai reads an article of the company’s falling stock prices, which also mentions that Xin Wei’s stocks have fallen.

Jia Manager informs Zi Yu that he has shut down the factory which was manufacturing the fake Mei Mei and asks the same question which Ai Sha has pondered – won’t Xin Wei’s stocks suffer because of Tian  Xing? Just as Wen Kai has guessed, Zi Yu answers that there’s no free lunch in the world. The gamble is worth it this time because Tian Xing has suffered a much bigger hit than Xin Wei.

The secretaries laugh over the comments and gossip about Wen Kai + Yu Tang, creating stories about how Wen Kai isn’t doing his job properly because of Yu Tang and that’s why the fake Mei Meis infiltrated the market. Ai Sha comes along and shuts them down like the super woman she is (I hope I don’t regret praising her).

Yu Tang informs Wen Kai that the factory manufacturing fake goods has been shut down. She suddenly notices a screenshot of the recent video pasted on the lift and sneakily keeps it.

Yes, this question has been on my mind – does Yu Tang KNOW that her relationship has leaked?? Jia Ying calls and boosts Team 3’s confidence – they all believe in Wen Kai’s decision and will wait for him.

Ai Sha hurries Wen Kai to resolve the issue but he brushes her off impatiently and instructs her to work overtime because he’s going to watch a movie with Yu Tang. Ai Sha coldly asks about some documents, to which Wen Kai hands her a file and reminds her to keep it safe.

OKAY GREAT – the fact that Wendy is spying on this scene just makes me feel assured that it’s all an act. Don’t let me down!!

After the movie, Wen Kai asks why Yu Tang is down. She admits that she was worried someone would be taking photos of them again.

She knows! HAHA.

She learnt from Ai Sha that Wen Kai did not avoid the accusation that they were dating and faced their attack very calmly, thus realising that Wen Kai is really protective of her.

Yu Tang finally comes to a great and enlightened revelation that she has nothing to hide – what has the drop in shares got to do with their relationship? If she hides, it only means that she has a guilty conscience.


Wen Kai’s like, yes this woman gets it. I really like it that Wen Kai doesn’t hide their relationship though.

Yu Tang reminds him of his promise (not to leave her) and he smiles but asks, “What if you are the one who leave me?” (OMG OMG – read below for my revelation!)

Yu Tang doesn’t think that there’s such a possibility – both she and Team 3 believe in him and she can’t think of anything in the future which would pose a problem. Oh no woman, you did not just jinx it.

Anyway, watching this drama makes me wanna date – does anyone else have this feels?? Like the stable and loving and generous and peaceful kind of date? Yu Tang is impressed with Wen Kai’s calmness during this whole thing and he tells her it’s because when he knew what the problem was, he thought through all the solutions already. He teases her about her homework (jigsaw) and why she’s late in handing it in.

Back home, Yu Tang is perplexed why her pot of roses isn’t blooming. Why is the rose foreshadowing too…She complains to Wen Kai that the pot is a fluke but Wen Kai reminds her that growing a plant is the same as growing a relationship – the important thing is to wait patiently.

In case anyone’s wondering why she is taking so long to piece the pieces, she has explained before that it’s because Wen Kai did not give her a picture of the ultimate product.

The next morning, Team 3 rushes to the company and checks out all the available newspapers. To their delight, every single article has praised Tian Xing for having consumers’ interests at heart and being so quick and ready with solutions. Meng He declares the difficulty resolved, “Team 3, fighting!”

Body wave……….

Sidekicks rush in with the bad news but Zi Yu is already in the known. Both Xin Wei’s and Tian Xing’s shares are already on the rise. However, Zi Yu is confident that Wen Kai cannot control what happens in the future. What comes next is the main show. The moment they collect the right evidence, they will have a showdown with Wen Kai.


Ai Sha is putting beauty product on her face when she hears the bell ring. She opens it, to find Zi Yu outside her door.


NO CHEMISTRY! EEW! hibbies gibbies (don’t ask me what word is that – it’s just how I feel when I see Zi Yu trying to dazzle someone. Just. No.)

Ai Sha doesn’t allow him to enter and he’s like, “I understand beautiful women always treasure their complexion.” Eew. Ai Sha passes him the file, much to Zi Yu’s satisfaction. She explains that since a woman can do anything for love, she can also do anything for hate. Zi Yu thinks that he can understand anyone (because he did a major in econs and philosophy) but he doesn’t understand Ai Sha. She smiles, “You don’t understand women.”

She’s curious as to why he only targeted Mei Mei. Zi Yu explains that because of his participation in Mei Mei, it allows him to use Mei Mei as an excuse to delay the renewal. Since Mei Mei’s cost is cheap, it’s also easier to imitate.

Don’t misunderstand though, he’s true towards Yu Tang, but taking the company down and wanting Yu Tang are two separate things, “I want both.” He also informs her that he will always welcome her to Xin Wei.

Team 3 visits the new factory and is very pleased with both the factory and the new verification labels. Wen Kai reveals that he had the plans to create a new factory so that Tian Xing can manufacture its own goods, instead of relying on external parties. From now on, Hui Yao Factory is under Tian Xing and Ah Hui is considered one of them. Meng He is impressed with how Wen Kai has already thought through everything, “No wonder you are Team 3’s son-in-law.” Hehe.

Bad news soon descend because there’s yet another directors’ meeting. Zi Yu is also there because Xin Wei has acquired so much of Tian Xing’s shares that it has become one of its major shareholders. Oh dear.

Zi Yu leads the attack (while the camera keeps showing Ai Sha’s smug face) – the finances show that Wen Kai has transferred 4.5 hundred million, so where did the money go? Wen Kai confidently informs everyone that the money has been used to invest in a Tian Xing-owned factory because he predicted that the Lin Factory would have problems. In a flashback, we see that the “Give him two more days” was referring to Ah Hui and the new factory.

You think that with hopeful music and a happy Wen Kai, the attack is over. But nope, Zi Yu receives a text and launches attack no. 2 – he has insider’s news that the factory only required 1.5 hundred million…so where did the other 3 hundred million go?

Uh-ohhh…Wen Kai struggles to give an answer and requests for them to wait till Shen Director is back to find out the truth. Zi Yu lets him go but says that the finance department should not authorise any more loans made by Wen Kai.

Zi Yu updates his father on the Zi Yu – 1, Wen Kai – 0 situation and praises Ai Sha for her good timing. In a flashback, we see that Ai Sha was the one who texted Zi Yu the tip. Zi Yu is now utterly convinced that Ai Sha has completely gotten over Wen Kai. She tells him that Wen Kai will see through her soon because of his observation skills and he welcomes her to his company.

The bullets are coming fast and furious the next morning. The other mean secretary informs Wen Kai that both Team 1 and Team 2 have resigned. Even Wendy has resigned. “And…”


We cut to Sidekicks and Zi Yu gloating over Wen Kai’s loss of his best companion and cut back to the secretary, “And…the Honorary Secretary…”


I LOVE Wen Kai’s look of shock which then turns into a pained smile.

Ai Sha walks into the entourage and raises a toast, “To better times.” Wendy laughs that Wen Kai can only rely on Yu Tang now that he has lost Ai Sha, “Isn’t just a prosthetic limb?” Ai Sha reminds her that Yu Tang earned a lot of credit for the contract with Yours and Mei Mei, unlike Wendy who has a flippant work attitude and is inefficient, “Don’t think that you are in a safe zone. If you don’t do well, I will get Zi Yu to fire you too.”

Ai Sha is confusing me at this point. If she’s being a double agent, I think she’s doing it super well. If she’s truly a villain, I like how she retains her praise of Yu Tang and her disdain for Wendy.

I have a question: How does Xin Wei stomach all these new employees?? Not to mention that they must all have had pay raises right?

Yu Tang checks in on Wen Kai and spots the figurines. She wonders sadly if the black one is Zi Yu and the white-black one is Ai Sha. Hmm…is it?

Wen Kai fills in the gaps for her and the audience finally sees the chronology. Remember Mr Take who asked whether Wen Kai would “also” be going to Russia? And how Wen Kai was distracted when Yu Tang mentioned that Zi Yu would be going to Russia? At that time, he was looking at Facebook and noticed that Wendy posted photos in Russia, while Jia Manager reminded her via a comment that she would not have time to shop when the big shots arrive at night.


Lesson #1 kiddos – Facebook/social media will be your death.

How about that flashback where Ai Sha saw that all the Managers in Xin Wei were retiring? Turns out that the conversation right before that statement was Ai Sha informing Wen Kai that Mr Take was firm on contracting with Tian Xing, even though Zi Yu was persistently making great offers.

Back to the present, Wen Kai assures Yu Tang that he will be careful. Yu Tang is the most saddened by Ai Sha’s betrayal. Wen Kai tells her that Ai Sha is very independent and will be well no matter where she goes.

Please let her be a double agent.

Team 1 comes back to taunt Team 3 (really guys, if they have so much time, can they spare me some?) and Jia Manager jibes, “If you guys are jealous of us climbing to the top, shouldn’t you be envious that Zhong Yu Tang has climbed, climbed, climbed on top of Ji CEO?”


I love Yu Tang’s look of shock.

Team 1 reveals that they are here with Zi Yu to acquire Tian Xing. And yes, that’s Zi Yu in Wen Kai’s office telling him that Xin Wei now owns 30% Tian Xing shares, “I suggest that you cough up the 300 hundred million and -“. He flips the plaque over, “Resign.”

He has already prepared the contract and is just waiting for Shen CEO. Wen Kai remains silent through out this entire conversation. A flashback reminds us that Wen Kai said back then that he always liked a good challenge (pertaining to Yu Tang I think). Zi Yu triumphantly states, “This time, I win.”

Zi Yu turns around and comes full view with the figurines. Is it a good idea to exhibit your figurines for the villain to see??

He scoffs at the idea of Wen Kai trying to plan his camp and tells him that soon, all the people will be over at his side. Wen Kai picks up the boy figurine (which I’ve not even noticed before) and frowns. He continues pondering at the rooftop and that’s where Yu Tang finds him.

She knows that he’s in a lot of deep shit stress and doesn’t want him to take it all on himself.


This look awww</3 Actually, seriously, (1) even if Wen Kai has predicted the huge manpower loss, how is he going to replenish his teams + why should the company take these betrayers back? (2) did he expect to lose so many people??


Yu Tang offers to become his secretary again and accompany him through these obstacles. She knows she can do it – what a huge change from the old Yu Tang! Wen Kai smiles but Yu Tang cuts in before he can say anything, “Don’t say that we have to separate work from personal life. No matter whether it’s work or personal affairs, we should help each other.”


He looks so touched!!!

Wen Kai pokes her forehead and asks what if he disagrees, but she puts her feet down (figuratively) on this manpower shift, so he officially declares that Zhong Yu Tang has been transferred from Team 3 back to the Secretarial office, to be the Honorary Secretary.

Team 3 suddenly descends (or ascends up the stairs actually hur hur) on this scene with Meng He announcing, “There’s still us. The whole Team 3 will be right here with you.”

-the end-

Remember my OMG OMG moment up there? When I was watching the scene of the couple post-movie the first time, I thought that Wen Kai was referring to the possibility of Yu Tang leaving him if she knew that her mother went out to get eggs for him. I thought that the rose was foreshadowing that too. Now that I watched it again, I realise it was a foreshadowing of what happens next week!!

Refresh Man Episode 16 Preview: Wen Kai asks if Yu Tang knows why her mother was so insistent on getting native eggs and Yu Tang replies gently that it’s because she wanted to make omurice for Wen Kai; Zi Yu (shamelessly) tells Yu Tang that he might let Wen Kai go if Yu Tang leaves Tian Xing (UGH); Ai Sha wants Yu Tang to think about what she can do for Wen Kai; Mrs Yours inform Yu Tang that many companies want to terminate their contracts with Tian Xing; Wen Kai asks in a heartbroken voice if Zi Yu wants her to leave Tian Xing or to leave him ; Yu Tang asks Wen Kai to accompany her the next day and he doesn’t want to let her go; Yu Tang wonders what she can do for Wen Kai other than accompany him.

I’m slightly amazed at this turn of events. I’m not sure if this was on purpose but it felt like the red herring of the couple breaking up over the mum was intentional. If not for the preview, I wouldn’t have expected that all the foreshadowing in this episode was about Yu Tang leaving Wen Kai to save him from Zi Yu. This is why I quite wow-ed away when I watch the episode a second time! What the red herring also serves to show is that the couple is internally very strong. Yu Tang knew the truth and yet she stayed. She’s not angry at all. This couple cannot be defeated by problems within themselves. Now, we have to see if external attacks such as The Zi Yu will break them up. I’m quite excited (and nervous) for next week’s episode because it looked like both Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng are going to rock the heartbreaking scenes! I already like the parts where Wen Kai asked if she’s leaving the company or leaving him, and where he doesn’t want to let her go.

Although I just have to add that if not for the red herring, I would have thought that the fact that Zi Yu wanted to use this tactic to get Yu Tang to be a very cliche move. It still is, but hopefully the show carries it off.

The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was the part where Wen Kai tells Yu Tang the back story. It felt underwhelming. Also, the editing seems quite off this episode. There were two parts where the actions skipped and in the last scene, Wen Kai was holding Yu Tang’s waist one moment and standing away from her in another.

How did you find the episode? You guys can also watch Refresh Man on Viki right here too!! Can’t wait for next week~




  1. The editing is probably due to the series suddenly being cut by two episodes. (And did you see the new preview that just came out?)


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