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Refresh Man Episode 16 Recap

We are taking a step back in the plotting stuffz but I love spending time with the good old couple anyway!

It seems like there’s this unspoken rule that when one Team 3 member speaks, the rest must have air time too.

As is the case here, where each of them expresses faith in Wen Kai. Wen Kai jokes, “Really? I thought you guys think that I’m a jerk.” Team 3 can’t help but nod hahaha, but they all sincerely think that if not for Wen Kai, they wouldn’t have been so motivated.

Wen Kai is encouraged by their love and grabs tight to the male figurine.

Spurred on by this, Team 3 works hard to maintain their contracts and to find new ones. Each member now stands firm as a sales executive, without traces of their old weak self.

We all know that *Team 3’s obstacles* isn’t the show’s strong suit, so Team 3 faces a smooth and easy path in convincing key clients. You Rui finally persuades his first male client and Meng He gets praised for being just as good as a Team 1 member.

Yu Tang is similarly fulfilling her secretarial duties when the couple runs into Zi Yu. Zi Yu admires Wen Kai for wanting to help the company out till the last minute but advises him to just cough up the three hundred million. To be honest, I hope Wen Kai’s silence is all worth it. As in plotwise. I wouldn’t want to be let down next week thinking -he stayed silent for this??-

Zi Yu turns to Yu Tang and asks after her in a gentler tone. She’s glad that she can at least do something for Wen Kai but after hearing this, Zi Yu is only more motivated to work harder so that she can “be managed under me.”

Tip No. 1: the way to hit on a girl is NOT to start off possessive.

Back at home, Wen Kai absentmindedly plays with the figurine. Yu Tang gives him some tea and he touches her hand gently, asking if she wants to go home. Yu Tang sits down and tells him that he can confide in her any time he wants.

“You aren’t cute at all when you frown.” Wen Kai realises that she’s also feeling down because of him and offers to fetch her home again. Yu Tang’s like, stop chasing me home and just hug me Wen Kai finally relents. There’s one thing that has been on his mind for a long time but he didn’t dare say because he’s scared she would be upset.

“It’s okay, no matter what you say today, I will listen.”

On hindsight, I think that they shouldn’t have showed this in the preview. There would have been more oomph.

Wen Kai takes a deep breath and finally asks if she knows why Zhong Mum wanted so much to buy the native eggs. “It’s because…” “Because…she wanted to cook omurice for you.”

She had guessed it because of the native eggs. Aha! Good foundation laid there.



Yu Tang (thank goodness for this girl, thank you Drama Gods) tells him that her mother would have passed away even if she had not gone to buy the eggs. She misses her mum a lot but that’s because she couldn’t walk out of the past, so he shouldn’t blame himself.

She understands that the past cannot be changed. “We can treasure it in our hearts, but we still need to look forward and move on well.” Wen Kai looks at her in a new light and she smiles, “I’ve grown up.”


Wen Kai feels down for not having fulfilled the promise of taking care of Yu Tang but Yu Tang cheers him up – only if he faces the problems with strength, can he give her the sturdiest support.

Next morning, Yu Tang comes down to omurice and a note from her loving dad. She murmurs that yes, she will buck up too. A nice morning is spoilt by the appearance of Zi Yu who baits Yu Tang for dinner with promise that it will be about Wen Kai.

Yu Tang is shocked to see Ai Sha there. The aim of the dinner is for Zi Yu to (1) invite Yu Tang again to join Xin Wei and (2) be a typical if-I-can’t-have-you-no-one-else-can brat. The first thing Xin Wei will do is to get rid of Wen Kai when the merger takes place. So he proposes that if Yu Tang leaves Tian Xing and Wen Kai, and goes to him, he may let Ji Wen Kai off.

Oh don’t be mistaken, this isn’t about forcing her. It’s about giving a *choice* that is good for everyone. Yu Tang is disgusted that he would use Wen Kai’s future as a bargaining tool for her love.

The aim of Ai Sha is to (1) insert appropriate expressions at appropriate timings.

Yu Tang declares that they are no longer friends and turns around but Zi Yu latches onto Yu Tang’s wrist and mutters that he can give her more than what Wen Kai can. He is just asking for an opportunity and he promises that he will make her happy forever.

Tip No. 2!! DO NOT grab a girl’s wrist unless you are absolutely sure that you guys are the main leads of a KDrama, and even then, proceed at your own risk.

Yu Tang cries out, “That’s impossible! Because I only have Ji Wen Kai in my heart.”

Zi Yu questions her on the three hundred million but Yu Tang doesn’t care because she trusts him entirely. Ai Sha finally talks! She wants Yu Tang to think of all the times Wen Kai hid something from her. From her own experience, he would never be able to put down his amour and confide in Ai Sha. She felt disappointed, will Yu Tang be able to take it then?

Before leaving, Zi Yu reiterates that as long as she promises to leave Tian Xing and Wen Kai, he may leave Wen Kai alone.

Yu Tang wants to speak to Ai Sha alone so off Zi Yu goes. She feels betrayed at Ai Sha’s decision to join Xin Wei. She always thought that Ai Sha understands Wen Kai more than she does. Ai Sha replies that her decision has nothing to do with what kind of person Wen Kai is. She will not turn back now that she has decided to join Xin Wei.

Before she leaves, Ai Sha asks Yu Tang, “If you really mind him so much, why don’t you think about what you can do for him? Are you willing to sacrifice for him? Think about it. I hope that you will be like me – once you make a decision, take responsibility for it and don’t look back.”

Ooh what if this betrayal wasn’t a set-up by Wen Kai, but a self-motivated move by Ai Sha? Maybe this is the way she thinks she can best help Wen Kai. Anyway, turns out Zi Yu hasn’t left and has been eavesdropping from a side.

Back at home, Yu Tang waters the rose and wonders if leaving Wen Kai is the only way of helping him. She works on the puzzle and is interrupted by a text from Jia Ying, who informs Team 3 that she’s coming back. A teeny 3 sec comic relief there when Yu Tang is amazed that even Meng He types faster than her.

Jia Ying rushes back to office, much to Team 3’s delight. Without Wen Kai’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to settle Singapore’s business. Now that he’s in trouble, she must come back of course.

She visits Yu Tang, who is now at the secretarial office. After some small talk, Yu Tang confides that she feels helpless. Jia Ying is confident that she’s the best emotional support and that things will be alright.  Jia Ying was was asked by her ex-husband to pass a document to Wen Kai. Although she doesn’t know the exact details in the document, she can tell Yu Tang whatever she knows.

Yu Tang tries to find Wen Kai but is informed by the other secretary that he has already left and has told everyone else to knock off. She goes to the rooftop and to the car, but to no avail.

Question of the Day (sorry, have those every week): Does she know that there’s something called the phone?

Ping Jie calls Yu Tang for a chat and reassures her that Wen Kai simply needs time to mull over things. (I love the cut to the shot of Wen Kai pondering.)

However, things aren’t looking well because many companies want to break their contracts with Tian Xing. Even Ping Jie has been pressured by the directors who are scared that Wen Kai will bleed the company dry. She’s worried because she has seen Zi Yu grow up. From young, he must have whatever he wanted. If he couldn’t, he would rather destroy it.

But to Ping Jie, who says that in this world, only men can protect the women? A woman can similarly help a man she loves. “That’s the most important and what he needs most.”

Ping Jie’s advice sounds so good…but knowing Yu Tang’s path, I would rather that she had not said anything. Ping Jie wants her to set a long-term target so that she will be brave. Just like Wen Kai, she has faith in her. After Ping Jie leaves, Yu Tang receives Wen Kai’s reply to her text. I am by the river. 

I LOVE it that Wen Kai told her where he was!! When someone guards his special place so carefully, you can tell how significant someone is if he lets her in.

She walks silently up to him and gives him a back hug. She wants him to know that she will stand by him when he’s feeling troubled.


Back at home, Yu Tang remembers all the advice and threats that have been thrown in her way. She puts on her headphones and works on the puzzle again. I don’t know how Yu Tang can fit all these pieces in without a master picture to look at.

Yu Tang finishes half of the jigsaw and stares at the lion mascot that has just appeared.

She takes off her earphones and in disbelief, very quickly matches up the rest of the pieces.

This is giving me goosebumps for some reason.


As the music freezes for a moment, she places the last piece (her eyes) into the puzzle, which is now completed. The music hits, she stands up in shock as the camera pans out and shows us that the completed picture is that of a photo between a lion mascot and herself.

I really liked the execution of this realisation!!

A collage of memories hit her. In a flashback, we see the young Yu Tang waiting by the carousel and mentally grumbling about Wen Kai’s absence. She couldn’t wait to give Wen Kai the car model which she had gotten as a present. She waited until the skies turned dark and even then, Wen Kai did not turn up. She pouted in tears and tore her ticket. As she walked off, a lion mascot stopped her and waved an instant camera around.

Yu Tang agreed to take one shot with the mascot, which hilariously ran away with the film afterwards.

Now, we all know that the weird ass lion is actually Ji Wen Kai. Remember the memory where he retorted, “How did you know that I didn’t go to the amusement park?”


Yu Tang finally realises that he did indeed abide by their promise. He’s trying so hard to fulfill the promise with her mum, what about her? Ji Wen Kai spent ten years to become a better person so as to protect her, can she only accompany him?

At a (very) small meeting, Meng He updates Ji CEO on the good news that Team 3 has managed to take over Team 1’s duties. Wen Kai asks if they can manage but he doesn’t need to worry because Team 3 has already started looking for people. (The advertisement invites people to join the Glorious Era of the Rookies, the literal translation of the title ‘Refresh Man’.) As usual, Team 3 has to each express their gratitude on how Wen Kai has changed them individually.

Yu Tang zones off a little but after Meng He’s prompting, she thanks him for introducing him to a family like Team 3 and allowing him to have such a warm and fulfilling experience. As her voice gets choked with tears, she is thankful for having met them and hopes that they can continue encouraging each other.

I love it that they show Wen Kai’s face of concern – this is not going somewhere good. Yu Tang ends her speech with, “Tian Xing needs you guys and I will also wish Team 3 all the best.”

Wen Kai looks on in silence as Team 3 worries over her words. Indeed, she’s going to leave Tian Xing. Amidst the questions, Liang Yu’s comment is the best – “You must be joking right, you are just leaving to get lunch.”

Wen Kai is the least surprised by this news. He guesses spot on and asks if Zi Yu wants her to leave to work for him or is it because he will let him off easy if Yu Tang leaves.

Yu Tang doesn’t answer and looks away in pain.

Wen Kai understands now. Team 3 defends Wen Kai and Yu Tang smiles. She, like them, believes in Wen Kai and that’s why she’s not going to work for Zi Yu. She’s just leaving so that Wen Kai will not have any reservations and can gamble his all. “I don’t want him to have any chance of pressuring you.”


I have no idea WHY I like this sentence so much, but there I have it — Wen Kai asks, “Does he want you to leave Tian Xing…or leave me…”

I really like the layer of emotions here. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it (but who cares, that’s the fun of it!) but I can see first, Wen Kai’s suspicion during her speech, then second, Wen Kai’s unsurprised face because he guesses what Zi Yu wants, then third, Wen Kai finally understands what Yu Tang means by ‘leaving’.


Why are they having a break-up session with everyone else watching? She appreciates all that has happened and she has grown a lot from the relationship. “Please don’t stop me?”

Wen Kai gives a pained smile, “You still don’t believe me, right?” He similarly asks Team 3 if they didn’t believe him too and no one answers. He finally gets it – while everyone there trusts that he did not swallow the funds, they do not think that he would be able to survive Zi Yu’s attack.

“It’s okay, no matter who stays and who leaves, I will be grateful at heart.” Awww </3 I think the realisation that no one actually has confidence in you sucks too.

I like it that Yu Tang isn’t going to Zi Yu (‘cos that’s gross) but at the same time, I’m really doubting the idea that “leaving” is the best thing she can do for Wen Kai. Is this what they are all thinking about when they keep pushing Yu Tang to think of what she can do for Wen Kai?

She has no plans right now, other than to leave. This will at least remove a thorn in Zi Yu’s side and may allow Wen Kai some breathing space.

Team 3 works itself into tears (I think the best crier is Meng He haha) as the members start to accept her decision. Yu Tang leaves Wen Kai in their hands.

On the way home, Wen Kai appears in front of Yu Tang. Of course, I can’t have you guys break up in a meeting room? Yu Tang turns around and Wen Kai holds her back. “I just want…to take another look at you.” (Oops I hope this doesn’t contradict Tip No.2.)


He lets go of her arms and takes a step back. She apologises, “I’m the one leaving.” Aha! Love this teeny twist (mentioned in the previous episode).

She really wants to help him but she only became another source of stress, “Maybe you can only feel better when I leave.” Wen Kai sees her tears and instinctively wants to caress her head but clenches his fist in helplessness. Aaahhh.

He wants her to promise one thing though – to find him when she feels sad and wants to cry. She collects her tears and asks to spend a day with him.


He smiles and nods in tears. Hey where’s my scene in the preview where he leans his forehead on her and says that he doesn’t want to let her go?

She later sobs in her room and tucks herself to sleep because she won’t think about anything when she sleeps. How is it comfortable sleeping in your outside clothes? She gets a grip on herself in the morning and tells herself to stop crying. She needs to put on her best self for Wen Kai, so she starts applying make up.

-the end-

To be honest, I’m rarely excited for the next episodes when it comes to Taiwan dramas. I look forward to watching the drama every week but I don’t necessarily have that curiosity and the urge to find out what’s going to happen next. What I like about this drama is that I sincerely think it got better towards the end and now I find myself really wanting next week to come sooner.

Refresh Man Episode 17 Preview: Wen Kai appears at the amusement park in a lion mascot; Yu Tang looks back with a luggage; Ai Sha asks about Zi Yu’s promise to let Wen Kai go now that Yu Tang has left; Zi Yu is angry because the promise only kicks in if she comes to work at Xin Wei; Wen Kai says that Shen Director has been pushed into a corner and will sign the merger; Wen Kai eyes the document during the meeting with anxiety?; Zi Yu tells Wen Kai that if he is unable to say where the funds go, Zi Yu will charge him immediately once the merger is completed; at the meeting, the door opens and Zi Yu is shocked to see Yu Tang; (my interpretation) Wen Kai doesn’t seem to be shocked and instead, stands up, causing Zi Yu to glance at him.

Guesses anyone?? I’m not sure at the moment why Yu Tang is there but I certainly hope it isn’t because she is now willing to work for Zi Yu. That will be a shitty ending. Nope, Yu Tang must have found some smart way to circumvent the issue or she was in some plan or something. That will satisfy me very much:D On that note, I can’t believe next week is the last episode??? Nooo. I used to think this was supposed to be 16 episodes, then I thought it was 20. Then I found out it’s ending next week. What a rollar coaster HAHA.

For this episode, I really like the interaction between the main couple. There’s a very stable vibe that I can’t exactly pinpoint. It’s a different kind of chemistry from the ones Aaron usually had with Gui Gui, Puff Guo or Tia where there’s quite a strong flirting atmosphere going around (which I’ve also loved HAHA). Here, I feel like Wen Kai/Yu Tang are beyond that – they just get each other. Watching them honestly gives me very peaceful vibes about relationships. As I’ve said before, this couple is damn strong from within. All the problems which take months for a new couple to figure out? With the right attitude, they resolve them so easily and realistically.

I think this was an episode for Aaron to showcase as well – there were loads of heartbreaking scenes and I think he/the couple carried it off quite well! I didn’t tear but I could feel that the couple was in pain.

That aside, I don’t have any emotional attachment towards Team 3 per se. The plotline revolving them just isn’t as developed or doesn’t have enough depth.

On a side note, I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I think that Joanne Tseng can be quite full of herself sometimes. I’m sure she doesn’t mean it intentionally, but surely, asserting over and over again that you have started in this industry earlier than everyone else is not really that funny after you have said it umpteenth time? (For example, in this behind the scenes, she was telling the interviewer that when she was hosting shows, the interviewer is probably still a young kid eating packed lunch.) I’ve never felt anything more than amusement at this observation so don’t get me wrong, but I just wonder if I’m the only one who even remotely feel like it’s enough with these seniority comments?

Talking about age, can you believe that Aaron is 30??

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you can check it out on Viki! Last episode next week, let’s give it a good shot!



  1. I’m wondering is maybe the funds were used to make her a majority shareholder? Though I’m not sure if that’s any more legal than anything else going on…

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  2. You could understand Mandarin? How could you know if Joanne is quite full of herself? I mean I have watched all of the behind the scenes and I didn’t sensed it at all


    • Yes I can understand Mandarin! I just find it amusing initially and slightly irksome towards the end when she always cracks the joke how in terms of seniority, she’s almost the first to enter the showbiz…as if she has this inexplicable need for affirmation. But feel free to disagree with me(:


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