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The K2 Review

I’m still ambivalent about this actually.

As you can see, I’ve finished with W (feeling super cheated because I rushed through it thinking there were 18 episodes) so there was a crisis. A huge crisis called the drama blues. So I decided to get started immediately on the next drama with one of my favourite actors, Ji Chang Wook.

I was really hesitant about this because of Yoona, to be very honest. Till now (Episode 3), I’m still not entirely convinced of her acting skills, although it is better than what I would expect from a singer turned actress. I must also admit that Healer is one of my all-time favourite dramas, and I love Park Bo Young’s chemistry with Ji Chang Wook SO MUCH.

So this isn’t really like W. I didn’t feel hooked from the very start and I don’t think I might be a fan of the couple till many more episodes in. I found the music a bit too dramatic for my liking. It was really nice and effective at the start, but it soon reduced just choral singing for me. It may make sense in the context where Anna was hidden in a church, but I think the touch is a little heavy for a modern Seoul context. It actually makes me cringe and I would skip the scene if not for the fact that I’m afraid I would miss out on something.

I am also a bit confused as to who the female lead is (not to mention that both of them are called Yoon Ah?). However, I’m not complaining about the frequency of Song Yoon Ah’s appearance because she acts SO WELL and is so beautiful. I also wonder if her character, Yoo Jin, is ultimately meant to be attracted to Je Ha? (OMG at this point in time, I realise that I had no idea what Ji Chang Wook’s character is called. I only knew because of Google.) Is Yoo Jin’s secretary attracted to Yoo Jin? She has this almost-fascination with her boss that seems to transcend work and cross over to the realm of admiration and love.

Ji Chang Wook is still lovely as usual. Great acting, good-looking face (teehee) and top physique. I’m just not sure if the number of action scenes is starting to bore me.

Let’s see how this goes!


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