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The K2 Episode 12 Review

It kind of shows when you are in a hurry and the only screenshots you took were of this pairing.

I loved Episode 12 – it was way better than the past 5 episodes and I honestly enjoyed most of it, even the main couple bits!

On the main couple, I think it is a fact that their chemistry is SO GOOD. I don’t even know how to describe how good they look together and how when they stand next each other, I can just feel both the physical and emotional compatibility. It’s odd. Each scene is conveyed so well – from how she ran towards him when he came back safe, how he saved her before she fell during the fashion show, or even when she came out in her angel costume and he saw her. I think this largely owes to the great acting. Ji Chang Wook’s omg-my-girl-is-beautiful’s face is one of the best I’ve seen in drama history, and that’s saying a lot, given that it is SUCH a cliche.

I also now acknowledge that Yoon Ah can act. It is awesome because she doesn’t just cry or beam now, and I can see the range of emotions she is able to convey once the script allows her to do so.

But uhm (I think you guys know this is coming), unfortunately, I can only appreciate these scenes in a detached way. Place them as part of the drama and I don’t really fangirl over them because I just wish so much that Je Ha pays more attention to Yoo Jin! I did a mental calculation and realise that Yoo Jin got to be at least 10 years older than Je Ha (a very optimistic calculation here). Yet, if you don’t think about the number and just watch the show as it is, this pairing offers so much. I LOVE the tension between the two of them each time they appear on screen together. I love how Yoo Jin changes and softens in front of Je Ha, and how she embraces it, even threatening her trusted Chief Kim just to show how much she wants to protect Je Ha.

And that’s so odd, because I’ve never once loved a second female lead so much more than the main female lead. I don’t know if the show is shooting itself in its foot but it has portrayed a complex second female lead with so much depth, intelligence and sass, I just can’t emphasis how refreshing that is. Sure, she is “evil” but as how she has pointed out herself, she wasn’t always a wolf. She was once a sheep that turned into a wolf because of the wolves in her life. It’s precisely because of all these mysteries, unspoken reasons and the fact that she has built such a strong wall around herself that I love it every time Je Ha has the chance to learn something new about Yoo Jin. I just silently cheer on the Master to tell Je Ha more.


It’s also an odd kind of support because it’s not like I exactly want the two to have some romance. I admit that I can’t imagine them dating because no, their chemistry goes beyond that kind of simple love. It’s just how she trusts him with HER LIFE that is so fascinating.


Je Ha’s shocked face when he realised that fact himself is such a great step forward in their relationship. But when he asked with a cynical face why she configured Mirror to obey him, I felt like he went back again.


So yes, I know that he’s going to date Anna and love Anna but I so wish that he would soften more towards Yoo Jin. I like it that he stands up for Yoo Jin but then I groan when he says without batting an eyelid that he’s on Anna’s side. Poor Yoo Jin!! She needs some support!! And now that he knows she didn’t kill Anna’s mum, I am SO EXCITED to find out if his attitude will change.

I don’t know if the show did this on purpose but it pretty much made Je Ha fall in love with Anna from the start (and one could say, without any clear explanation as to why) – to me, that’s probably a sign that Je Ha was not meant as a love interest for Yoo Jin. But the show continues to tease us. It knows that some of us (I hope at least not just me) wants Je Ha to like Yoo Jin, so we are shown scenes where Je Ha trusts Yoo Jin with his life and learns more about her. I think that’s clever, but do it well. Otherwise, this will just fizzle out into frustration. Honestly, I can’t really predict how the ending would satisfy a Je Ha-Yoo Jin shipper like myself. I don’t want them to date, but at the same time,  I want something good out of them. Thanks for making me feel such complicated thoughts, the K2. Hahaha.



  1. heroonthebeach says

    Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode! Looks like I am not the only one who felt this episode was much stronger. In fact I thought it was the best episode because it finally addressed some questions we were actually keen to find out more about. Thanks for also expressing how you feel about the Je Ha and Yoo Jin pairing because it’s completely how I feel to. While a romantic pairing would not work, I find their relationship absolutely fascinating and want to see them interact more!

    Have shared more of my thoughts here…

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the remaining 4 episodes!


    • Yes it was much stronger than the past episodes! What do you think of the development in Episode 13 and 14 though? Yes I want to see them interact more and am actually a little disappointed to see how much Je Ha dislikes Yoo Jin in Episode 14!


      • heroonthebeach says

        Hey thoughtsramble, I’ve blogged about 13 and 14 already! I felt they were weaker than episode 12 and I am honestly very disappointed that we still have no answer about Anna’s mother. However I am now just focusing on the strengths of the show, which is Song Yoon-ah’s amazing performance!


      • Hey! I’m so sorry, have been swamped by so much work that I haven’t had time to check out your posts:( I will try to do so soon! Have you written on the finale?


  2. Anonymous says

    actually i’m on your side! Totally agree with Je Ha and Yoo-Jin Relationship.. haha


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