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1% of Anything Episode 11 Recap

I’m loving this show so much!

Yes, I’ve been on this show for a while but could never find the time to write on it. You might know that I am currently watching the K2 as well…and I just have to say, this drama is such a breath of fresh air. Not that K2 is bad or anything, but sometimes I need a nice break from the melodrama and this one offers a sweet romantic-comedy which I haven’t watched in a long time.


Anyway, Jae In waits till Da Hyun comes home and is taken aback to find her with Tae Ha. Although Da Hyun initially thinks that Jae In is just jealous of another man, she quickly realises that this guy is Min Tae Ha and that’s why he has never given her his business card. She refuses to let Jae In shoo her in and demands for some answers. Way to go gurl!

She is filled in on the fact that Jae In wasn’t the only grandson mentioned in the will; Tae Ha is there as well. She is pissed off, “You two are really cousins, aren’t you? You act in the same way!” …causing the both of them to retort childishly, “In what way!” She stomps off after saying that both of them have pissed her off and Jae In follows her, causing Tae Ha to wonder if Jae In really has feelings for her. What I like about Jae In so far is that he’s unabashed about his feelings towards her. He isn’t the sort to hide and think that their relationship is disgraceful.

Anyway, Da Hyun is enraged, causing Jae In to SOS Hyung Joon. While Hyung Joon is concerned that Tae Ha has seen the will, Jae In is more worried about Da Hyun. He is disgusted with Hyung Joon’s suggestions of kneeling and begging for Da Hyun’s forgiveness. Hyung Joon leaves after giving him a piece of advice – send her flowers and PLEASE do it personally.


Jae In calls Da Hyun, Da Hyun picks up in irritation and asks him if he has reflected on his mistake, Jae In retorts that he didn’t do anything that bad, and Da Hyun hangs up – x 4 times HAHA, is basically the cold war between the two.

Jae In cute-ly seeks help from Han (HAHA, evidence of his despair) and is innocently bewildered to find out that Han broke up with her boyfriend because he lied about the reason why he liked her.

Presumably, he learnt a few tricks from Han, because the next thing we know, he turns up at Da Hyun’s house with a huge bunch of balloons and roses. And honestly, all I can think about is why would you pick yellow balloons? Da Hyun looks down from her balcony and is tickled to find a beaming adorable Jae In. I CAN’T TAKE IT, THIS GUY IS A FREAKING TEDDY BEAR.


He grumbles about being embarrassed and wonders if he should have brought money instead, while she considerably softens after this balloon thing. She warns him that he’s not off the hook, so when she answers a call from Ji Su, all he does is to pout and roll his eyes. HAHA.

She hangs up and realises her Ji Su poster is falling off the wall. In a struggle with Jae In who wants to rip the poster off, she falls off the chair and into Jae In’s arms.


Jae In hugs her tightly around the waist and smiles, “You are still being hard on me.” He leans in and (OMG GUYS I don’t know how these people do it but you can just feel their desire to kiss through the computer screen??) they kiss.


Later in the night, Jae In is reluctant to go home and asks Da Hyun if she wants to have ice cream instead. Although he doesn’t fancy it, she beams because she loves ice cream. You know how some shows make you feel like dating? This is definitely one of them for me!

Due to Da Hyun’s request, Jae In tries to set up a meeting between her and his grandfather. She wants to know just who is this guy that is implicating her in a will. Jae In is surprised when his grandfather instructed him to bring Da Hyun to the company’s anniversary dinner. Doing so, in an event that is widely watched, means that Da Hyun will be officially recognised as Jae In’s partner.

Tae Ha gets told off for blowing his cover, but honestly, I would grade him a 1/10 in his attempt to get close to Da Hyun. Some of the things he say border on creepiness!

Jae In walks into a meeting and receives a call from Da Hyun for the first time. He learns that she’s at the hotel lobby and tells her to wait for him for 30 minutes, causing Han and Choi to bet on whether the meeting will truly be over in half an hour.

Han Joo Hee pops up again to do her usual hocus pocus of evil words, thus irritating Da Hyun. She holds to her ground with steadfast strength, telling Joo Hee that she doesn’t really care about what happened three years ago between her and Jae In. When Joo Hee continues, she calls Jae In and prevents Joo Hee from running away when she says that she’s going to make Jae In choose between the two. When he arrives, she tells him irritably that Joo Hee wants to do a lot for him, “Also she said that she’s going to marry you. If you are alright with that, let’s end things between us.”

Jae In protests at her sentence, causing her to retort if he wants her to engage in a catfight with Joo Hee instead. Hilariously, she looks at Joo Hee and evaluates within a split second that she would win the fight anyway. Without any hesitation, Jae In chooses Da Hyun over Joo Hee. She ends the conversation with Joo Hee with almost an air of a schoolteacher and Jae In shakes off Joo Hee to chase after her. Han and Choi hide behind a plant as they watch their cold, annoying, stubborn CEO being whacked by Da Hyun. HAHA my favourite scene!!


Jae In fills Da Hyun in on his grandpa’s invitation and she accepts it, on the condition that they go separately so that there will be no rumours. When Jae In jokes and asks her to ‘fess up on her relationship with his grandpa, she stomps on his foot. Hehe.

In preparation for the dinner, Hyun Jin picks out a few outfits for Da Hyun. She is really insistent on a sexy attire, but Jae In throws a fit and later quietly murmurs to Hyun Jin that she has to have some consideration for “Da Hyun’s chest size”.

Hyun Jin realises he’s right which causes Da Hyun to ask both of them to shut up.

Tae Ha pops by at night to apologise and clarifies that he was curious about the kind of girl Jae In is dating. Upon hearing that Tae Ha thinks Jae In is an unbreakable wall, Da Hyun observes that he’s just stubborn. She pus on her puppy eyes and asks if Ji Su could be invited to another SM Mall’s concert. Tae Ha agrees and she shakes his hand in happiness. Jae In, who has been “guarding” from a side, nags at them and smart Tae Ha quickly beats a retreat. He questions why Da Hyun let Tae Ha off the hook so easily and narrows his eyes when she replies that he’s much better at dealing with people than he is. Hahaha.

Grandpa is jubilant that Jae In is actually coming for the dinner. Turns out that Jae In hasn’t gone for three years! He’s certain that this was because of Da Hyun’s influence. Also, Grandpa has a mini heart spasm thing which he masks off as having tripped on the carpet.


Da Hyun dresses up in a white, refined dress (which I approve) and Hyun Jin passes her some heels. Jae In sends a car for her and smiles when she arrives.


He does small gestures like sending the valet off and opening her door himself. He also beams (again) at how pretty she is. When the two walk in together, Da Hyun is the one muttering if he could stand further away from her HAHA. He’s like do we really have to?

He frowns when Da Hyun mentions that he hasn’t been to the dinner in three years, because “Where did you hear that from?” Hyung Joon sends him off to socialise and assures Da Hyun that if anything happens, “He will come running from over there.”


Jae In turns back and sees the two looking at him. He motions for her to eat something and she smiles (in love). Aaah.

Lonely in the room where both Hyung Joon and Jae In are socialising, Da Hyun makes her way out to the main hall to massage her tired calves. Joo Hee appears to jab at how uncomfortable shoes make for uncomfortable feet and comment that it’s immature to cling on to Jae In just because of some will. Oh, so in a day, she found out about the contents of the will too?

Anyway, the episode ends with her saying, “That’s why people like us shouldn’t mingle with poor folks.”

-the end-

One of the show’s weakest points is its second leads. It is odd to say this but it feels almost nostalgic how badly crafted the second leads are; it’s akin to the old Kdramas where all they do is to turn up, say a few evil words, do a few evil hocus pocus, and disappear. Strangely enough, even though Han Joo Hee and Min Tae Ha are horrible opponents (horrible in the sense that they do not pose any real threat at all), I still love the show so much.

I think it’s because I really love the chemistry between the two leads. There’s also a nice balance in dynamics between the two, and I love watching how Jae In slowly changes himself because of Da Hyun. Sometimes, I feel that the show ventures a little into uncomfortable grounds whenever Jae In pulls on Da Hyun’s wrist, but I think it’s the drama’s way of showing a gradual change in Jae In. While his tone towards her may be softening, a huge shift will be illogical, so his dominant attitude serves as a plot tool to ground the character development.

As for Da Hyun, it’s been the latest trend in dramas for our female leads to be a bit sassy, but I really like her more and more. In this episode especially, we get to see how she tries to be above Han Joo Hee’s pettiness and retorts with short but powerful replies. Her career as a teacher really shines through and makes for consistency, when she forgives Jae In and Tae Ha after they have apologised for their mistakes.

In the upcoming 5 episodes, I hope Han Joo Hee will have more potency. I find the repetition of scenes where she pops up JUST to deliver jabs (which aren’t even crafted that well) becoming more of a comic relief. I want to know why she’s back for Jae In. It would have been more effective if we knew more about their backstory (more details, rather than hearing the same story being repeated thrice) and then, understand how Joo Hee actually feels. It is also not convincing that Tae Ha is able to steal Da Hyun’s heart at this point in time, so I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of his role really is.

I can’t wait for the next episode just to see Jae In beaming at Da Hyun!!



    • Oh yes great idea! However, I feel that since this is a remake, they have the power to rewrite characters if need be. For example, I think the female lead in this version is really sassy which is a nice development from the old female leads of the past


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