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The K2 Episode 14 Review

I’m saying the same thing so many things that it’s becoming a drill – exciting and yet frustrating episode.

This week, Kim Suk Ha becomes the nation’s most-chased person as he is pursued by both Park Kwan Soo’s men and what he thought were Choi Yoo Jin’s men. In a flash, Kim slips over the railing and Je Ha holds on to him, but the force pulls him over the railing too. Je Ha does a very innovative saving trick by swinging Kim into the floor below such that he is saved by his own bodyguards and from the fall . Je Ha throws himself onto a truck which cushions his fall but is unfortunately, shot by Park’s men. In his pain, he hides the thumbdrive in the grass by the fence before Chief Joo manages to rush him to JSS where Yoo Jin watches him worriedly. Park partners with Chairman Choi’s father-in-law and strikes now by sending the police chief into JSS’ headquarters. Boss seems to reluctantly allow the police into Cloud Nine, but interestingly, the lift goes up instead of down. True enough, this is all a fluke – whatever data stored on Level 9 is just general employees’ information. When Kim wakes up, he recalls being saved by Je Ha and immediately calls the men off him. This means that the police chief has no choice but to pull out.

Or this is why I think Kim wants to help Je Ha as his first reaction is to call Je Ha “friend”. His action, however, sends the message to all the third party watchers that Je Ha must have stolen the thumbdrive and therefore, Choi Yoo Jin is untouchable. Yoo Jin herself, is ecstatic and knows that Je Ha must have taken the thumbdrive. She sends Chief Joo to look for it, since it is not on Je Ha himself.

Anna rushes to see Je Ha and even resorts to calling Yoo Jin “Mum” just so she will grant her access to Je Ha. Yoo Jin brings her up to Cloud Nine, but manages to convince Anna to leave Je Ha once she sees him. In return, she will save Je Ha and not kill Mi Ran, Sung Gyu and the house keeper.

Omg I really love the scene between the two female leads! I know it’s more of a threat than anything else, but the acting by both leads is great. You can feel the love for the same man emanating through different ways – both females are trying to protect the same man by the only way they know.


Chief Joo is unable to find the thumbdrive, although his men are searching the exact location where Je Ha collapsed. Hmm. Anyway, his loyalties are put to test because Jang told him that Je Ha meant the thumbdrive for him, not Yoo Jin. Boss is uncomfortable to find out that the thumbdrive is still not found, especially since Yoo Jin is now bluffing (to the members of the dark meeting) that she has it.

Je Ha wakes up, orders Mirror to show him the footage of what happened when Anna visited him, and cries in pain. Chairman Choi convinces Park to collaborate with him instead and tells him the most important piece of information – why does everyone think that Cloud Nine is on level 9?

Yoo Jin rushes to see Je Ha now that he’s awake and asks for the thumbdrive. In what is probably one of the top Yoo Jin-heartbreak moments, she finds out from Je Ha himself that the thumbdrive wasn’t meant for her, but as his new version of safeguard against her. Oh crap crap.

Boss sees how Yoo Jin is soft on Je Ha and rants to Chief Joo. Chief Joo appears as if he has never realised how much Yoo Jin likes Je Ha and is (hopefully) suspicious of the Boss. He has to leave to escort Jang to an event and Boss decides it’s now or never. He calls the Chairman Choi who sends in men to take down JSS men and escorts them to the true Cloud Nine.

In the mean time, Yoo Jin feels betrayed. Isn’t Je Ha her friend? But Je Ha is determined that she, like all others, is oblivious to other people’s pain and he can’t be friends with someone like her. She needs either someone who worships her or someone to worship, and he can’t be both of that for her. Even worse, he wouldn’t be her slave. Just as she’s about to reply to that, they both realise something and turn around in shock.

-the end-

I hope the big crate which Chairman Choi is carrying into Cloud Nine isn’t some poisonous fume or weapon again. This will appear slightly repetitive given that Je Ha previously also saved Anna from it.

However, I am super excited to see how Je Ha will react in a time of danger like this. Will Yoo Jin disregard her own life to save his? Will he have a change in opinion about Yoo Jin? I really hope he does, even though we only have 2 episodes left.

I wonder what the development of the main couple is going to be like. Is Anna really going to go overseas and then, as how Yoo Jin says it, “If fate allows it, one day, you might see him again?” I mean it’s true that he’s a wanted criminal and there’s no way he can go abroad now. The scriptwriters might conveniently throw in a -two years later- just to skim over the technicalities of how Je Ha is absolved.

I also find it super interesting that up till this point, we have no idea what Je Ha’s real name is. It’s probably not important, but there’s just something curiously odd about not knowing the true identity of your male lead. I like that sense of mystery but it would be cool if it builds into something bigger.

Yoon Ah did a great job in this episode. I felt all the emotions and there was subtlety to the mood she was trying to convey. Very impressive! As usual, I am blown away by Sung Yoon Ah’s acting and as I’ve said before, she has become the main reason why I’m still watching this show. Honestly, the plot, while interesting, is a bit too melodramatic and there’s nothing much inside that appeals to me if it doesn’t concern Yoo Jin. It’s too late for me to like the main couple and there’s no hope between Yoo Jin and Je Ha.

I don’t think I have stressed this enough, so here goes. Do you know what else rocks?? Kim Bo Young’s Today. It’s awesome!!


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