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Defendant Episode 14 Recap

Yes, yes, yes – just everything I’m looking for!

Once again, for the impatient and the faint-hearted, here’s quick answers to what you are looking for (highlight for answers!):

  • Did Jeong Woo get the knife? Yes
  • Did the long-awaited reunion between Jeong Woo and Ha Yeon HAPPEN? Yes!
  • Did Seung Kyu die? No, phew. 


The answer to the last question posed in the last episode is – FOE! Jeong Woo runs away from the incoming policemen successfully, while Joon Hyuk checks out the crime scene. Jeong Woo finally lets out his pent out frustration in Eun Hye’s car and Eun Hye assures him she will take care of Seung Kyu.

I did wonder briefly whether Yeon Hee knew she was getting Min Ho in trouble, and it’s solved – yes she knows and she has no regrets, for it was Chamyung who drove her dad to commit suicide. “Dad, I will take back everything that you lost.”


Cheol Shik joins Jeong Woo again, this time with a car, so Jeong Woo leaves Eun Hye so as not to implicate her further. The two guys then successfully hijack Min Ho’s car and they drive him to an isolated area. Min Ho wakes up to find that his ‘chauffeur’ is Jeong Woo, but he’s not alarmed, despite being thrown around and beaten up, because he knows Jeong Woo would never kill him. Thus he makes the demand – bring the  knife in exchange for your daughter. Cheol Shik wants to kill him but Jeong Woo stops him. The two guys then have to run because the police are already on them.


We have a nice bro-session where Cheol Shik tries to comfort Jeong Woo and lightens the mood by telling him that he trusts him. They arrive at Munan Rest Area, which is where Jeong Woo hid the knife, but Joon Hyuk reaches almost at the same time because he has deduced the location.

At this point, I’ve stopped feeling too strong an emotion towards Min Ho. He’s definitely psychotic, but to me, that actually makes him less ‘relatable’ as a normal human being and creates more of a detached horror. He kills just for fun and he’s playing this game just because he likes to torture Jeong Woo – this cat and mouse idea is crazy, but do you know who makes me angry?  Joon – freaking – Hyuk. If you’d entertained any notion of him being in this so as to help Jeong Woo, think again, because this coward is honestly in the race to find the knife. He doesn’t even care that this knife has stabbed Ji Soo?? And that Min Ho is abducting Ha Yeon??? OMG, that’s disgusting, and to think you thought you were deserving of Ji Soo’s love.


Putting my brief hate ramble aside, Joon Hyuk demands that Jeong Woo turn himself in, despite knowing that Min Ho was the killer. Why? “Because my investigation was flawless.” He even stops Jeong Woo from leaving, “You can’t take that knife,” but Cheol Shik whacks Joon Hyuk from behind, allowing both to escape. Good job! I find it slightly amusing that Cheol Shik is doing all the dirty job, just because he has no qualms, and that it is actually helping Jeong Woo.

Min Ho tries to get out of being prosecuted, and realises that the only person who could put him in that situation is his dad. He also realises that his dad knew from the start that he’s Min Ho, and his hands shake in anger. In the meanwhile, Seung Kyu gives a statement that Jeong Woo was the one who stabbed him.


Mong Chi realises that he’s not on the news because no one knows that he has escaped. After the warden lets slip that he will lose his job, Mong Chi ‘threatens’ the warden into doing some favours for him, or else he aint going back. We cut back to the prison and see the three other cellmates being released from the punishment cells, and getting treated to jjajangmyeon.


After a round-about manner of getting Min Ho to call him, Jeong Woo finally manages to hear Ha Yeon’s voice and sets up a meeting place to exchange the knife for her daughter. However, Min Ho gets a kick from torturing Jeong Woo, as we know. After teasing Jeong Woo with a almost-there! reunion with Ha Yeon, he smiles, “I changed my mind,” and drives away with Ha Yeon. What. the. hell?


But it’s okay, because that just makes the revenge sweeter. A defeated Jeong Woo finally seeks the help of Prosecutor Choi, who believes in his innocence whole-heartedly. Aww! They set up a situation where Min Ho is locked in the investigation room for 2 hours, while his lawyer is busy somewhere else. Jeong Woo threatens to harm Yeon Hee and Eun Soo, and Min Ho tries to laugh it off, thinking that he can’t do it. Working on the rumour that Eun Soo is Min Ho’s son, Jeong Woo replies calmly that yes he can’t do it, but Cheol Shik can. Recalling that Cheok Shik was the one who almost killed him, and the fact that that guy is now in his house, Min Ho finally loses it.

He gets driven into a corner because if he kills Ha Yeon, Jeong Woo will kill Yeon Hee and Eun Soo. He relents into an exchange, but oops! Who’s having your nonsense now? No one, and Jeong Woo rightly demands that nope, bring Ha Yeon. There’s no exchange here.


Min Ho thus releases Ha Yeon, and Tae Soo and Eun Hye pick her up. By the time Min Ho ascertains that his loved ones are safe and calls sidekick to get Ha Yeon back, it’s too late! Ha Yeon has a reunion with grandmother and finally, FINALLY, her dad.

Joon Hyuk is devastated to hear that Min Ho has let Ha Yeon go. Seriously? But the tables have officially turned, and Joon Hyuk runs out of office to find hordes of reporters…and Jeong Woo who turns up with Ha Yeon. Jeong Woo smiles at Ha Yeon, “The world will not turn its back on us. Whose daughter are you?” “Dad’s daughter.” Awww so cute, but I feel a bit uncertain when Jeong Woo says that…what if the world betrays you?

The reporters have a field day firing off questions and Joon Hyuk really nails my dislike for him with a desperate, “Don’t do this. You can’t do this, Jeong Woo.”

Jeong Woo declares that he’s turning himself in to prove his innocence, and the father-daughter pair smiles at each other. Woohoo!!! I can’t wait for Episode 15 now that Jeong Woo has the upper hand. It’s so exciting just to imagine how it would all pan out – will the prosecution process proceed legitimately and honestly? Given that there’s the knife as evidence, I think Jeong Woo definitely can get a re-trial and prove his innocence.

I have no doubt that Min Ho will get his just desserts, although I’m not sure if that will come in the form of a death penalty or death by other means. As for Joon Hyuk, I really hope it will be a satisfying end – show the world just how cowardly this guy is, for not daring to own up to his mistakes! Just because he wants to have a perfect record, he abandons his friend and his love, and there’s something really infuriating with the notion of a character who rationalises his behaviour when it really stems from cowardice. I think this is another reason why Min Ho doesn’t draw that kind of anger from me – because he knows he’s crazy and he admits that he’s torturing Jeong Woo just for the kicks. People like Joon Hyuk say -it’s not my fault! it’s because you didn’t tell me Ha Yeon is alive- and Tae Oh in Missing 9 -it’s not my fault! You guys are the weird ones for not caring about your survival!- that get me all worked up.

Well, let’s see how this pans out next week! Will Jeong Woo, who is now surrounded by trusted allies and loved ones, be able to fight for his justice?


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  1. I am honestly hoping, he gets a retrial and wins the case. Even though the knife is with him and his daughter had been rescued, doesn’t meant Min Ho can’t do anything though can he. It’s like ticking time bomb, anything can happen at any moment. My favourite scene from this episode was when Moogchi sends food for his inmates in prison xD


    • Exactly, but what’s keeping me on my toes right now is whether the prosecution will carrying out a fair investigation process! I feel like the crux of the obstacles lies in that even if you can get all the evidence, you won’t be able to do anything if you can’t get past the prosecutors…and that honestly sucks. Oh ho ho me too, did you see his delighted face when he threatens the warden? HAHA!


      • You know what I feel, I think Jin Hyuk might just get some sense back and help him. Because remember when the head of prosecution asks him if he met Jeong Woo at the graveyard, he said NO? And now that Ha Yeon is also alive, I really wish he stops being so greedy about going abroad. And yesss it was so adorable when both of them get out of the bank and are all happy to be super rich! 😀


      • I think he said no because he didn’t want to reveal anything about the knife, and also why Jeong Woo managed to get away even though he saw him! So for me, I think it was still a self-motivated reason to say no. Hehe, seriously love the cell mates, they provide the comic relief to this show


      • Ahh yeah maybe, that could be one reason! I know right, especially when they were escaping from prison, the planning that went into it, so cool!

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