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Defendant Episode 16 Recap

Jeong Woo finally corners le Min Ho!

A quick run-down of what happened: Seong Kyu is really dead!! NOOOO. Omg even when they said that they were extending the show, I never expected them to kill Seong Kyu off. He would never get to see Ha Yeon again:(( I shall comfort myself in thinking that Seong Kyu probably wouldn’t have died in the original version.


Min Ho’s dad realises that Yeon Hee was the whistleblower, and Min Ho steps in, since he’s ready to abandon his dad. His dad realises that he made a mistake in protecting Min Ho and his heart starts to act up. He collapses on the ground but Min Ho steels himself and asks his father to help him out once more – take the blame for Chamyung’s fraud. I don’t think his dad actually agrees but he has no choice because he dies from the heart attack.


In order to get out to search for the truth, Jeong Woo has no choice but to say “yes” to the question of whether Seong Kyu was the one who killed Ji Soo and kidnapped Ha Yeon. He is acquitted, gets reinstated to his rank two months later, and visits Min Ho at his inauguration ceremony (for he is now the Chairman of Chamyung).


Rockfish leaves the prison with much sadness and nostalgia, because he misses his cell mates and because no one is waiting for him out there. But lo and behold, Mong Chi comes pick him up in a fancy suit. Aww<3 Eun Hye wants to help Miryang with a retrial of his case, because apparently Miryang also framed himself for the murder of his wife and daughter just like Jeong Woo. Who else here thinks that the mean prosecutor (above Joon Hyuk) was the one who screwed up Miryang’s case? 

Joon Hyuk faces Jeong Woo and asks what’s so different about the two of them – in order to save himself, Jeong Woo labelled Seong Kyu as a murderer. However, Jeong Woo promises to turn things up one by one – who killed who and who covered up everything. He and Cheol Shik (who is still on the run) tag Seok who drives somewhere and disappears into a building…only to return with the Truck of Doom! A car-and-truck race ensues and Jeong Woo manages to get away. They realise that Seok/someone had placed a tracker device on Jeong Woo’s car, which is why Seok knew they were following him.

Tae Soo is currently unemployed but he’s happy getting to see Ha Yeon everyday. Min Ho walks into his dad’s empty room and hallucinates that someone is grabbing onto his leg. The detective whom Seok ran down in the early episodes recovers enough to speak and move about in a wheelchair. Jeong Woo now has one more ally! He decides to shake Min Ho up by using Jennifer Lee. They release fake news that Jennifer Lee’s body has been found, causing Seok to drive straight to where he buried her body. Hahaha.

Cheol Shik and Jeong Woo take Seok down (notice Cheol Shik’s gangster acts being put to good use here i.e whacking Seok hard twice with a club). Meanwhile, Min Ho knows that his secretary/chauffeur probably already realises that he’s Min Ho, not Seon Ho and tries to sound him out in a drinking session. It turns out that the secretary has already turned into Jeong Woo’s spy, because he’s well-aware that once Min Ho is done with him, he will be killed + his allegiance is towards the dead chairman.


Min Ho returns to his office and heads into his secret place, to find everything gone except Jennifer Lee’s photo. Jeong Woo turns up behind him and jibes that Min Ho is not even going to last a week as the new chairman. Min Ho is unperturbed but realises that something is really wrong when he calls Seok…and Seok’s phone is in Jeong Woo’s hands.

-the end-

This episode has a different pace from the usual episodes, just because it doesn’t follow the -oh yay! ohh no!- formula, so I appreciate that. The car chase was pretty cool and I like Jeong Woo’s deduction that Seok couldn’t have wanted to kill them – if he did, he would have offed his truck’s headlights, which were the thing that alerted them to the Truck of Doom.


This drama’s extension doesn’t feel too draggy, in the sense that I could see what 2 episodes could do for them to fully tie up all the issues. For example, without these two episodes, we might not have Miryang’s re-trial, despite knowing that he’s such a kind man who couldn’t have killed his family. We might not have been able to see Rockfish’s release + Mong Chi’s heartwarming visit. We might not be able to see Ha Yeon’s adorable way of waking up Jeong Woo for his work. So don’t be mistaken when I say that I’m a bit worn out by the drama. I do think that it should have stopped with 16 episodes, but this is a criticism more towards the entire drama than with the extension specifically. When the main goal is -catch that &@$#&%@%#*^ Min Ho and Joon Hyuk – and you watch 18 episodes just to reach that end goal, it does make me a little tired and impatient.

Do you think this is a corner for real, or will Min Ho be able to get out of this one once again?



  1. I thought they’d end it with 16 episodes, but I can’t wait for cha min ho to get caught and be sentenced for a lifetime in prison. I honestly thought seong kyu wasn’t dead initially, since they only showed the hand falling dramatically. Like oooh suspense. But 😦 and I’m so glad they finally caught Seok and that min ho’s dad’s death is haunting him. Honestly though he deserves it big time. And his own secretary helping jeong woo was such a twist!!

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    • Yeahhh like you, I thought that it was just a fluke and there must be a twist there! But when I saw how it was ‘2 months later’, I knew all hope was lost hahaha. I hope Min Ho goes mad or something, not sure if a pure prison sentence will do justice to all the murders. Then yet again, he simply abhors being imprisoned so who knows:DD Thanks for dropping by!


      • But that now that they’ve held Seok captive and Jeong Woo knows about Jennifer Lee, I bet Cha Min Ho has no way out of this. I like how Shin Cheol Shik is happily being Jeong Woo’s sidekick. I agree, for all that he’s done prison won’t suffice, then again I doubt they’ll murder him also.


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