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Defendant Episode 15 Review

You aint getting your happy ending yet!

So here’s another quick recap of events for the impatient and the faint-hearted (and if you’re both like me, hi-five!)

Jeong Woo undergoes investigation once again and while in his cell, he recalls a sweet conversation with his daughter where they tearfully thought about Ji Soo and hoped for better days (it’s really a lot sweeter than what this summary makes it sound like). Joon Hyuk gets himself in a knot because he’s in deep trouble and almost gets convinced by Jeong Woo to finally man-up, but alas that is not to be, because Min Ho threatens him into being a coward again. The important knife gets escorted to NFS for analysis and Prosecutor Choi allays our fears by escorting the man who is bringing it there. Truck of Doom credits à la Seok (Min Ho’s henchman) tries to descend i.e literally crash into Choi’s car, but another Truck intervenes – Cheol Shik to the rescue! However, Min Ho begs his father to save him with the promise of doing whatever his father wants. His father, having once swapped Min Ho’s fingerprints with Seon Ho’s, relents and helps him. Thus, the test results come up with the dismaying results of ‘no other blood stains found other than that of Ji Soo’s’.

Even though his father saved him, Min Ho gets more bitter because he’s like omg my dad is so powerful, why can’t he then stop the prosecution? He’s only doing this because he knows I’m Min Ho -ish kind of whine. Thus, he decides to betray his father and Yeon Hee shows him all the evidence of his dad’s slush fund. Seong Kyu turns himself in and admits to kidnapping Ha Yeon, so that Min Ho will go after him instead and Jeong Woo will be released. Min Ho sends Seok to kill Seong Kyu in the night, after having bribed the guards, and in the morning, Jeong Woo wakes up to find Seong Kyu’s dead body being wheeled out.

I was/am harbouring the hopes that Seong Kyu isn’t really dead because first, they covered his body on the stretcher and as some viewers have pointed out, he was wearing a watch on his left hand in the cell, but the watch wasn’t there anymore when his hand fell out. However, why then in the preview, did Jeong Woo manage to get out and be Chamyung’s legal counsel?? How did he get to that position in the first place?? Questions questions. I do hope Seong Kyu isn’t dead, just because he’s just a likeable hero in his own way and I really want him to have a happy ending.

Although I think this episode is really good in itself, I’m getting a little weary of the plot twists. I know they are all different in their own ways and they are still rather logical – I suppose Min Ho’s last ditch attempt may be an extension of the plot, since originally this was supposed to be the second last episode, but since it makes sense that he makes this attempt, I’m alright with that. However, I do find the formula of hope! despair……hope! despair…. wearing me down a little and while I can’t get enough of this drama, at the same time, I find myself skipping little bits of the episode here and there.

One thing’s for sure though -the cell mates continue to provide much-needed comic relief, such as treating Mong Chi like a king when he returns to finish the last THREE days of his sentence. Cheol Shik shrieking the Jersey Boys’ song is also really funny. Thanks for satisfying the viewer’s urge for ONCE to see the Truck of Doom thwarted!


P.S can anyone enlighten me why Min Ho and Seok weren’t capture on the CCTV on the night Ji Soo died???

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