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King of Romance Episode 13 Review

Loved it!

So ironic that I really liked all the different elements in this episode, but don’t have the energy to write a full recap!

In short, what happened in this episode – Zhen runs into his first patient (ever) who named her son, Nuo, after Wang Nuo. Zhen tears up seeing how similar this little boy is to his twin brother and seems to find some closure in his heart. Bing Bing and Zhen figure out what it means to be a couple. It’s not about some standard operating procedure, or being the perfect one, it’s about being yourself and at the same time, giving the other person space. Bing Bing loses her job and feels depressed and useless. Zhen in the meanwhile, decides to follow his dream of being a volunteer doctor with the Vietnam crew. At the end of the episode, Bing Bing notices a pocket watch that has a photo of “Wang Zhen” inside.

What I appreciated a lot in this episode is how Yi Le and Bruce give good advice – they reminded Zhen to give Bing Bing space, and also encourage Bing Bing to have her own dreams that are not centered around Zhen. This in itself is meaningful and realistic. It’s good to pursue love, but to have a healthy relationship, you should not give up on your own love for something else, be it music or culinary (as portrayed in the show).

I also like how the couple itself navigates dating. The so-called ‘grey’ area might be fun for the fluttering heart and little glances, but when you are in the relationship for real, the whole dynamics shift. I think the drama does a good job of portraying this shift – there is a sense of shyness, cute awkwardness, but also the desire (on Zhen’s part) to be closer.

At the same time, there is also tension – Bing Bing doesn’t want to sit around feeling useless AND there might be problems with her womb, which causes her to fret because Zhen really likes kids. In contrast, Yi Le is facing another problem – she is pregnant with Bruce’s child!!! I never saw that coming and to be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing how they tease out this plot twist.

Some people have criticised this drama for its lackluster plot and illogical points but I think for the most part, the fact that the parents knew Zhen apart from Nuo resolves a lot of these issues. This drama obviously isn’t gunning for your Goblin or W type of show (and that itself, represents the entire Taiwan drama industry) but there’s just something about dramas which aim to represent a slice of life that gets to my heart. For this type of “pleasant watch” or as Cindy Lien puts it, “a heart-warming drama targeting families”, I think King of Romance is one of the best I’v seen lately. Of course, with the disclaimer that I haven’t watched that many taiwan dramas in the past few years.



  1. Yuki says

    Thank you for your review. Doing recaps/reviews are really tiring & take so much time, so it’s ok.
    I totally agree with you how KoR potrayed realistic shift from wooing to real-life-dating.
    Both Lego Lee & Cyndi Lien acted well…i love how adorkable Zhen is around (and not around) Bing, and i appreciate Bing for having desire to independent & start to care more for her body. Other drama usually goes from the strong women character to the weaker when the leads start dating; but not so with Bing, and i hope she will grow along with Zhen

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    • Thank you for your comment<3 I have no idea why but just don't feel up to the task of recapping this week! OMG I love your insight – yes exactly, this drama shows how Bing Bing becomes stronger and starts thinking more about what she wants. In the preview, she even tells Zhen that she doesn't want to be passively receiving all his care and love. Can't wait to see more of this couple!


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