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King of Romance Episode 15 Preview

We are pretty much nearing the end!


Wang Min warns Bing Bing to be on par with Wang Zhen’s speed in love. On the way back home, Wang Zhen notices that Bing Bing is feeling down so he specially arranges a luxurious dinner to make her happy. Bing Bing worries during the dinner if Zhen is going to propose, but doesn’t expect that he keeps caring about her meticulously in every area.

Since Bing is going to leave for Japan soon, she stores large amounts of Wang Fried Rice in Zhen’s fridge. Zhen teases Bing that she is missing him even though she hasn’t yet left for Japan, but Bing can’t hide her agitation and asks for a goodbye-kiss.

After a day of work, Zhen sees a message from Bing and hurriedly rushes to find her….

Well, a couple of comments from me: First, I think Bing is going to pull a noble idiot thing trick again by leaving Zhen because of her womb status. Am rather ambivalent about this use of noble idiocy, but we have to see how it will play out! In fact, I must admit that I’m a little excited for it to happy, if only that will allow us to see how much Zhen loves Bing. Second, I still think that Bing has a long way to go in terms of learning how to be an equal and active love partner. I know there’s no right and wrong in a relationship, but watching her aggravates me a little. She just doesn’t know how to tell the truth to Zhen, does she? And she continually lives in denial, choosing to run away instead of facing up her fears. I know that they have made Bing Bing into such a character in the recent episodes, but thanks to the flashbacks Zhen had in EP14, I remembered that that’s not true! Bing Bing didn’t use to be like that! She was a woman who went all out for her dreams. (It does just hit me that she went all out because she was super happy to open a shop with Bruce, and she wanted to fulfill Bruce’s dreams — so ultimately, she wasn’t fighting for her own passion. Aha! Now that makes sense! She lives her life based on others’ directions!)

I just hope EP15 is not going to annoy me as much as EP14! Especially since we are nearing the end of this drama.

Watch the video clips below!


  1. Wow that ep. was an emotional one I wanted to tell at her to stop. She talked about that she wasn’t the women in the phone I was yelling yes you are. The next two weeks are gonna be long. I plan on binge watching after the last episode this drama is too good

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    • Yes it’s so good and tormenting at the same time! I feel an on-set of drama blues already:((( Can’t wait how it will all tie up in the finale!


  2. JypCee says

    Gathering towards the end of this series I’m bout to throat punch a couple people. 1 is Bruceasy, because I don’t heven wants zhen with bing bing, 2nd is can’t think of her name right now but it’s the lawyer. She’ll take every advantage of bing bing going to Japan. Bing Bing needs to realize she in a relationship and I’m sure she could study at somewhere closer. I have a feeling it’s no one end with her leaving and him and her disconnecting from one another. Then they meet after the babies you is born and the love they had is gone because of bing bing’s selfishness and childish ways. I hope I’m wrong and it’s different… it’s driving me nuts how they have bing bing’s character always feeble and going to Bruce.


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