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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review


Yeah I’m 5 months late with this show and now I have no idea why I held out for so long. On the other hand, glad that I actually have the time to binge watch this because it is so satisfying!!

Straight off the bat, I’m going to tell you that I adore this show WAY more than Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I know the comparison may not be fair, but I guess it’s because Strong Woman is still pretty fresh on my mind, and yes, I love Weightlifting Fairy so much!

There’s nothing much that I actually could rant about with the drama. I did have a few gripes here and there. First, I didn’t like how in the first episode, they were pitting skinny girls against the stronger, fatter ones. I also didn’t like how they kept insinuating that skinny girls are bitches. Skinny shaming is a pet peeve of mine and I always get very frustrated with how the society overlooks skinny shaming, or looks down on one body type in favour of another. All body types are beautiful, so long as you are healthy!!! Anyway, I’m glad that the drama didn’t continue much with that line or I think I would have been forced to stop. I actually appreciate how they show the struggles of gymnasts as well with maintaining their weight; there’s two sides to a coin. Second, I was a little annoyed with Bok Joo for moping over Jae Yi for the longest time ever, without any happiness that she has won a gold medal from her tournament. It feels silly to let a guy ruin your triumph so utterly! That being said, the annoyance did taper off once the show starts leading into Bok Joo’s slump.

Why do I love the show so much? Very simply, it’s a super pleasant watch that has not much plot. When I say that there’s “no plot”, I don’t mean it in a negative way. There’s actually significant plot movements that focus on Joon Hyung’s start trauma and Bok Joo’s passion towards weightlifting. Not only that, we also saw how other athletes struggle in a world of competitions and rankings. I like it that the show seamlessly weaves in deeper, important issues like those into a constantly light-hearted and happy mood. There was not one moment in the show where it was depressing, moody or melodramatic, and that’s pretty amazing to me! I need more of such dramas so please recommend to me if you have any in mind! I actually prefer Weightlifting Fairy over the other light-hearted shows recently, such as Strong Woman, partly because it is in a school context and partly how they are straight-up honest about the lack of melodrama. They do not attempt to fluke the viewers by relying on a plot-line that is disjunct from the drama or by relying on plot complications that do not cohere well with the romance. Even though there’s no true villain (Si Ho wasn’t threatening at all), I was always entertained. At the end of the show, I am truly impressed with how well-written the drama was. This is one show that I can actually foresee myself re-watching on a really moody day, or just when I’m plain bored.

Of course, any drama with amazing chemistry between the co-leads is bound to generate a huge amount of interest and love, and enough has been said about Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk. This is actually my first drama of both of them, since I dropped Doctors and didn’t watch Cheese in the Trap/School 2015, but I’m so in love with the both of them! You have no idea how many times I squeal in delight or laugh with them (once again, looking like a lunatic), and then rewind to relive the moment again. Kudos for creating catchphrases like ‘Sweggg’ and ‘WHAT?!’ hahaha I think now fans will always think of the drama when they hear something to that effect! Talk about a long-lived show!

Most importantly, why do I love the show? It’s because I get to watch the main lead act as a second lead for 10 episodes and then ultimately end up with the girl! This is my dream come true! He’s a second lead because he was really just a friend to Bok Joo while Bok Joo has a crush on Jae Yi. He never once expected more from Bok Joo and helped her so selflessly and cutely. This couple didn’t even end up together till Episode 12 or 13, but the whole process was so incredible to watch. Nam Joo Hyuk’s dreamy eyes and cute face is to die for. I especially love how he looks at Bok Joo kyaaaa. The couple even fights so cutely! Their dynamics is definitely more my thing, as opposed to outward professions of love like Min Hyuk in Strong Woman (nothing wrong with that! It’s just a matter of personal preference). I’m so happy that they are dating for real and that really shines through during the later half of the drama.

Ahhh I really hope I won’t get drama blues with this show. Anyway, let me end off this review with a trip down the memory lane of the finale! Thank goodness I wasn’t recapping this series because just one finale generated a fair number of screenshots hehehe.


This must be telepathy!!


Sweetest reunion ❤


Aahh who wouldn’t say yes to those eyes!!


PLEASE, jebal, please give me another drama like this!!!



  1. This drama seems to have been pretty popular. I just finished The Liar and His Lover and felt it was similar – much lighter than most. It had it’s serious moments but overall the theme was friendship and doing the right thing and there was no one I wanted to push off a cliff by the end. And definitely one to rewatch when you need something fun & sweet.


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