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Blood Review

Yeah I finally finished this drama after 2 years HAHAHA

To be honest, I didn’t hate the show. I only stopped mid-way through Episode 20 because there was something going on in my life then and I forgot to go back to it. Yeah so I guess it wasn’t that memorable either.

Blood was a 2015 KBS drama which starred Ahn Jae Hyun, Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee. I have a few posts written in the past already on my thoughts throughout the series but I just thought I would do a round-up for fun!

If you remember, Blood caused a huge uproar amongst netizens who abhorred Ahn Jae Hyun’s acting and the chemistry with Goo Hye Sun. I was actually pretty surprised by that because I didn’t think Ahn Jae Hyun was that bad. Sure, he’s still not lead-man material but I wonder how much of his acting was stifled by his character’s personality. In fact, I even quite liked some of his scenes. I think I’m a little lax on him because decades of taiwan dramas similarly show me how actors and actresses who can’t act can land a lead role so long as they have looks and charisma.

As for Goo Hye Sun, I admit that I was never a fan of her. I disliked her acting in Boys over Flowers (although I did re-watch that on the second time and felt better about her), so I did not watch any of her other dramas. In Blood, I think she tried her very best to show that she could act and that’s the problem. I don’t feel like she’s living her character, but more like ‘okay I’m supposed to cry now, okay I’m crying’. I can still see Goo Hye Sun in Ri Ta. It was also very distracting because she always gets cross-eyed while crying! WHY?? Is it because crossing her eyes makes her cry better?



She doesn’t look like she is really looking at where Ahn Jae Hyun is standing??

[Spoilers ahead!**]

I think Blood had a lot of premise and potential, even though it was revolving around a cliche plot of vampires and what-not. For most of it, I actually enjoyed the plot. However, the drama could have executed its finale so much better. I don’t get it why directors/scriptwriters/producers just give up on things which a small effort (and a healthy dose of common sense) will make a huge difference. For example, why does Ji Sang warn Ri Ta not to touch his blood but later on smears his blood all over Ji Tae’s hands like it’s nothing? Why does Ga Yeon look like she took her last breath but still spoke up at the last minute…before dropping off dead again? Those moments were so ridiculous and it’s not surprising that most people heaved a sigh of relief when the show finally ended.

I guess for me, it was a good watch because I was free and there was nothing else better to do. I didn’t hate the acting and actually appreciated Ji Jin Hee trying to carry the show through. I like the plot and I was really intrigued by Ga Yeon and Son Soo Hyun (actress). I feel slightly embarrassed to admit this but I actually teared a little at the ending, where Ji Sang died. I thought that it was an apt way to go, with the sunset and everything. Yea it was pretty melodramatic, but I liked the touch. YET suddenly Ri Ta gets attacked by vampires again, only to be saved by a Ji Sang doppleganger. I like the idea of the aesthetic visual where Ji Sang extends his arm out towards Ri Ta but the practical reality just strikes wrongly with me. Is this Ji Sang? Did he not die?? Okay uhm it can’t be a doppleganger right? The show did suggest that Ji Sang is so strong he could survive withotu a heart. Okay sure, then why does Ri Ta look so surprised to see him? She should know that he’s alive right? *Questions, questions* The very last scene feels like a last-ditch attempt where the actors know they screw up but just keep huge smiles on their faces as the curtain falls. Nonetheless, dear Drama Gods, please give me more Jung Hae In, that adorable man!!

As you guys know, this being written 2 years later, there is a huge update which is the marriage of Goo Hye Sun to Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m happy for them! Did you know they had their first kiss before their first on-screen kiss?? I personally thought their on-screen kiss was alright, but there were tonnes of people who dissed it for the most awful, no-chemistry kiss. I wonder why that is so!! Perhaps it’s a reverse psychology thing, like honey, let’s pretend like we don’t actually like to kiss each other yeah or everyone else watching this would know something is up. Like Weightlifting Fairy hur hur hur.



  1. I’ve heard such mixed things about this drama. Some people really liked it and everyone else seems to say “run away as fast as you can”. 😉 One of my favorite recap blogs did fake-recaps for Blood – she watched it raw and just guessed what was happening. I haven’t read them all but they are hilarious enough to tempt me into watching. If I get bored I might but I’m too busy enjoying a few other dramas atm.


    • Omg do you remember the name! I did read one which termed its recaps as ‘fakecaps’ but I don’t think it was fake because the content was mostly right. Yeah HAHA it’s not something to take up your time with, but it’s definitely not a miss for me either


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