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Suspicious Partner Episode 13 – 14 Recap


Bong Heel reels back in shock and knows that she should refrain from asking questions. Ji Wook wonders inwardly whether he will live to regret this moment of rejecting her. Bong Hee regrets confessing, but not liking him, and asks for a hug to which Ji Wook immediately grants.

Aww the way he holds her so tightly shows us how much he wants to say yes to her confession!

Bong Hee returns to her room sobbing and Ji Wook lies on his bed till morning. He hilariously gets a shock from seeing Bong Hee in the morning with spoons to her eyes and offers to get her a cold towel. Bong Hee soberly tells him to stop being nice because she has to reset herself and stop liking him; if he’s so nice, it will be difficult for her.

I don’t know if it’s because Bong Hee says she will no longer stay with him (and hence no need for large amounts of food in his fridge) or that Ji Wook is trying to cheer her up, but Ji Wook funnily empties his fridge and cooks a scrumptious breakfast for everyone. Byun questions the couple on their relationship because he ran into them hugging the night before, but the couple insists that Byun saw wrongly.


The team congregates to go over the case, just as Yoo Jung and Ji Hae are determined that Hyun Soo is the culprit. Bong Hee updates that she left her number in the bar, in hopes that the couple will contact her. After the meeting, Eun Hyuk runs into Bong Hee outside the gate. She confesses honestly that she has lots of tears inside her and is trying to dry them out, so Eun Hyuk advises her to just cry them all out. In the end, they end up confiding in each other and Ji Wook kicks them apart LOL.

Bong Hee gives herself a heavy knock on the head and runs after Ji Wook for some investigation work, while Eun Hyuk murmurs, “It’s not always under our control when it comes to our feelings”. He recalls previous scenes of Yoo Jung and knocks his own head as well. I am honestly against all cheaters (emotional, physical, any forms) but I do like where the show is going with the development of Eun Hyuk’s character. He gives up his love for his best friend and for that I do sympathise him, especially in the previous episode where he cries – knowing that he still loves Yoo Jung, that Yoo Jung still pines after Ji Wook and that technically he would and could never get together with Yoo Jung again. I like it that Ji Wook is still hard on him (saying that he will never forgive him) but at the same time, never severing ties totally. I do hope that the drama unties this knot satisfactorily! Am still rather ambivalent towards the thought of a possible reunion between Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung.


The couple attempts to find useful CCTV footage and breaks into the crime scene to investigate further. Said housebreaking attempt involves Bong Hee climbing through a window to open the door for Ji Wook hahaha, he’s sure living the boss lyfe. Just as the couple wonders about housebreaking charges, they hear sounds and try to hide, but still get found out by Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung wants to talk to Ji Wook alone and threatens to charge only Bong Hee with the housebreaking charge if Ji Wook declines. Ji Wook’s reassuring look towards Bong Hee and his slight nod warms my heart.

I thought that Yoo Jung would be trying to convince Ji Wook about something romantic-wise but turns out she is confused as to why Ji Wook is representing someone like Hyun Soo, whom she’s convinced is guilty. His past record of assault is not as simple as Ji Wook thought; photos show that if no one was at the scene, Hyun Soo may very well have killed the person. I guess the prosecutor side in Ji Wook kicks in and he visits Hyun Soo in prison. Hyun Soo gets worked up explaining that he was trying to protect a child who was assaulted by the man but Ji Wook pertinently remarks, “This wasn’t about stopping a crime..it was about punishment.” Hyun Soo struggles to contain his anger and mutters creepily, “What’s wrong with that?” The moment passes and Hyun Soo goes back to his usual calm and mellowed manner.

Later, Ji Wook confides in Byun that he hates innocent clients because he’s scared he can’t get them out. The funny trio gets themselves drunk while Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk wonder about the scenario if they like each other. Life would be much easier and they won’t be in one-sided love, “It would be two-sided!” HAHA they are cute, I’m so glad that the second lead here isn’t pining for the female lead, as so clearly stated by Eun Hyuk who says that no matter how he looks at Bong Hee, he feels nothing.

While they laugh over a joke that Chief Bang made about Cupid being a baseball player (HAHA), a disapproving Ji Wook appears to dismiss the party. The drunk Bong Hee winks at him while Eun Hyuk gives the heart-shape gesture.


Ji Wook brings Bong Hee home and almost touches her hair, but Bong Hee turns around in her sleep. Ohhh if Bong Hee knew what she did, I bet she would groan and be so frustrated! Ji Wook, almost caressing her hair!!


Eun Hyuk reaches his destination only to find that in his drunken stupor, he gave Yoo Jung’s address. He sobers up and directs the cab driver to his house, but sees Yoo Jung in the rear view mirror. Still ambivalent about this…in fact I wish that he ends up loving someone else entirely, have a new start!

Ji Wook Le Boss is upset at the mediocre work handed in by his subordinates, who claim that they do not have enough time, “You guys must have joined this firm to go drinking all the time.” Phew, I don’t know whether I would want to work with Ji Wook…but I think the brooding looks make up for most of it eh *winks* okay kidding. With the sudden ferocious push by the boss, the trio works extra hard. Eun Hyuk finds out that the dead Chef was always making a mess of things, and it was always his sister who cleaned things up.

Bong Hee devours the CCTV footage and finds something interesting. Ji Wook instinctively pats her on the head and the two freeze.


During trial, Ji Hae brings up evidence of a button dropped in the Chef’s house that belongs to Hyun Soo and has his DNA on it. Ji Wook defends Hyun Soo on the basis that the button was dropped the day before when he helped the Chef move heavy furniture. Just as he has no evidence that proves that the button was dropped the day before, Ji Hae likewise has no evidence to show that he dropped it on the day itself. I don’t know how the Korean legal system works exactly, but in general terms, the defence just has to raise a reasonable doubt to the prosecution’s case.

Ji Wook questions the witness on her eyesight which leads her to determinedly point out that Hyun Soo was the one she saw – slim and had no bag on him. In a nice little twist, Ji Wook points out, “Then how did he move the valuables he supposedly stole?” Uh-oh, checkmate!!! Love this part! You could hear the oh! in everyone’s head. Finally, Ji Wook interrogates the sister (i.e the woman we saw in Chef’s apartment) and uses the CCTV footage to prove that she arrived at the apartment at 11am, not 1pm as she claimed. He intentionally accuses her of murdering her brother, thus pushing her to admit that she was the one who took the valuables and hid them to make it look like a robbery.


The couple return home that night, exhausted after the trial. Bong Hee reluctantly goes to the second floor because there’s no more bathing supplies on the first, and finds Ji Woo knocked out on his chair. She tries to remove his tie for him but he awakes, causing her to stutter in her explanation.


She leaves in embarrassment, but Ji Wook holds onto her, “Please stay with me…for just five minutes.” She agrees and he closes his eyes. In the morning, Chief Bang finds the couple knocked out on the sofa and hilariously stops the other two from going to the second floor.


Thanks to Ji Wook’s well-executed defence, Hyun Soo is acquitted and it turns out that the DNA analyst is there watching the trial as well.

The team celebrates with Hyun Soo but Ji Wook is bothered because the real murderer has not been caught. Chief Bang astutely answers, “You’re right, but that’s for the prosecution. It’s not our job.” I like the depiction of the constant struggle between the prosecutor and the lawyer in Ji Wook. Although I think that the show simplifies the tension a little, I do appreciate the well-balanced of pros and cons for and against lawyers and prosecutors, and their treatment of accused persons.

Ji Wook returns to find that Bong Hee has been invited to sing and tries to stop it to no avail HAHA. The couple at the bar returns and sees Bong Hee’s note. Bong Hee is too into her song to realise that she has a missed call, so the couple calls Ji Wook instead (assuming she left his number as well). Ji Wook doesn’t want to break the party up so he meets the couple alone and watches the video. To his shock, the man captured in the video as drinking alone was not Hyun Soo but some other man.

Ji Wook places the photo back on the bulletin board and suddenly notes the other notes and photos. He recalls the alibis which Hyun Soo has mentioned and scarily locates them on the bulletin board – the girls with the balloons, the urge to watch Usual Suspects, and street food.

Ji Wook speculates that Hyun Soo came to the bar after the murder and happened to see photos as well as notes on the bulletin board. As he was unexpectedly arrested, he used his good memory to regurgitate stories based on the notes he saw. Homage to Usual Suspects here!

The drinking party talks about Bong Hee’s tone-deafness and she attempts to hwee-hwee her way through the melody that has haunted her for two years. This always amuses me, her attempted whistling! A series of flashbacks show us the twist – that Hyun Soo was implicated all along. He was the one whistling at her arrest, the one who bought her shoes, he was there at the Chef’s apartment together with the DNA analyst, the one who placed shoes in her office, and finally, the one who passed by her the night two years ago on the bicycle.


Ji Wook walks back to the drinking place and thinks, when a criminal who is guilty walks away, the judge, the prosecutor and the attorney who let him go are all guilty. 


If I helped a criminal get acquitted, it’s Jung Hyun Soo. 

-the end-

I have gotten this bad habit of reading comments before I start the episode, so I must admit that I wasn’t as blown away by the twist as expected, especially since Hyun Soo was behaving so suspiciously in the previous episode already. Nonetheless, I do like where this is going and would love to understand more about the relationship between the two murder suspects! As it’s going now, I’m actually starting to think that Hyun Soo calls the shots and the DNA analyst is just a guy who cleans up after Hyun Soo’s mess. We’ve never actually really seen him in the act of murdering – he was always there to destroy evidence. In this episode, he looks upset that Hyun Soo was acquitted and in the next episode’s preview, he calls Bong Hee to confess that he knows who bought the shoes. Friend or foe? We will know soon!

Despite Ji Wook’s migivings about helping Hyun Soo go scot-free, I think that ultimately the blame has to lie on the Chef’s sister. Ji Wook’s case is right – he did not twist any facts or hide any evidence. The prosecution’s case is that Hyun Soo committed robbery and murdered the Chef; that’s where the fatal flaw lies. Because the murder is the consequence of the robbery, they have to prove that the robbery occurred before they can prove murder. Therefore, the sister who made it look like there was a robbery was the one who threw in this obstacle on her own. Since she took away valuables, it is not surprising that Ji Wook would be able to uncover loopholes and contradictions in the story that Hyun Soo robbed the Chef – because he didn’t! Therein lies the genius part of this whole incident, that the case against Hyun Soo would never be made out because he was not charged with the right crime. So this is unlike the usual ingenious stories where the suspect manages to trick the lawyer by cooking up a solid backstory (thinking of Majo Saiban here).

Definitely intrigued by the drama, so hopefully it keeps developing well, although I must say I’m a little confused because I thought the murderer had amnesia or something?



  1. And why did the sister cover things up in the first place? All the talk about punishment makes me wonder if he’s some kind of killer-for-hire, though as a serial killer, he was pretty sloppy this time if he got pegged as the killer by the prosecution.


    • I think the sister didn’t want it to be known that the Chef was murdered due to his escapades with women, so she made it look like it was a murder motivated by robbery instead. I feel like he’s stemming more from personal vendetta against cheaters/rapists/crimes along those lines! EXACTLY…unless it was all a plan for him to be caught, otherwise he must suck pretty badly to be caught so quickly. The only reason why he was acquitted (imo) was because he was charged with the wrong offence.


      • Hubby and I are watching a British show on Hulu called Silk and there was a similar episode where the bad guy got acquitted because a policeman had tampered with the scene in an effort to make sure the bad guy was actually convicted for once. And, of course, had he not tampered with the scene, the conviction likely would have gone through but he actually accidentally removed the real evidence in his attempt to plant some!

        On a side note, I’ve discovered a benefit to watching legal-type shows from other countries is since we have no idea how their law works, we have to accept everything that happens, regardless how bizarre it might seem. While US TV, we question a lot because we know some of the stupid stuff commonly shown that’s not true.


      • (OOH you have a hubby!! sorry for random comment hehe) Oh I’ve not heard of that show before but the scenario sounds really similar!! Yeah exactly, and sometimes I think the dramas may mislead viewers into thinking that’s how the reality works!


      • lol – yes, I have a hubby and a 13-year-old daughter. I’m an older fan, in my 30s. 😉
        We had to Google British law so we could understand the title and get a vague idea of the differences between barristers and solicitors. Still don’t completely get it but we’re not quite so confused.

        Yes – dramas really mislead viewers about so many things. Like needing so many minutes to trace a call – so silly.

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      • Omggg that’s lovely to know! And for you to have a 13 year old daughter, that means you must have given birth really early! HAHA aww that’s so cute of you two. I guess you could say dramas motivate knowledge in a way then.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, fyi, I heard that Ji Chang Wook will be doing his military service after this drama so there won’t be anything from him for a while after Suspicious Partner ends…


    • OMG are you serious?? NO I can’t live without his dramas! *dramatically flings myself over a table* but really, in all seriousness, by the time he gets out I might be too busy with work:(


      • Time flies so quickly, sometimes they come back from service before I realize they were gone. But others just seem to be gone so long! (Like Lee Seung Gi – is it October yet so he can come back!! lol)


      • We have telepathy!! At this time of your comment, I was REALLY just wondering where Lee Seung Gi went. I wonder why I felt that way?? On the other hand, I felt like Song Joong Ki went in and came out pretty fast.

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