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Suspicious Partner Episode 15 – 16 Recap

All was going well, but the ending frustrates me a little!

With his mind full of suspicions and having ran into Hyun Soo, he invites Hyun Soo back for a few drinks. They return to find the crew mostly knocked out from too much drinks and Ji Wook asks a few seemingly harmless questions like whether Hyun Soo has a family and girlfriend. Hyun Soo asks if he’s going to introduce a nice girl to him, to which Ji Woo points out that the only woman he knows is Bong Hee LOL.


The crew awakes in a drunken stupor about truth and dare and Ji Wook laughs in slight embarrassment but still toasts Hyun Soo with suspicion in his eyes. In the morning, Bong Hee tosses in her bed and groans for water.

She mistakes Chief Bang for Ji Wook and shrieks in shock when she realises it’s Chief Bang. Chief leaves dejectedly and scolds Ji Wook because he was the one who requested Chief Bang to give Bong Hee some water.

Jokes aside, Ji Wook has another favour to ask from Chief Bang – find out more background information on Hyun Soo. He is grateful towards the Chief for leaving his civil job to join his firm, but the Chief replies, “I’m very happy here. I’m working with wonderful people at a great firm.” Flashback to drunk truth and dare where he said, “The thing I regret the most is submitting my letter of resignation and coming here, and meeting all of you.” HAHA.

Bong Hee runs into the duo while they talk about Hyun Soo and she presses Ji Wook for an answer. Ji Wook recalls the night before where Bong Hee confesses being really happy because she sees herself in Hyun Soo and she feels rewarded for giving him back his freedom.

He refrains from telling Bong Hee the truth and in the midst of bickering, the two ends up laughing but freeze again when they realise they are enjoying each other’s company.

Chief Bang updates the crew that the firm’s current clients are all Eun Hyuk’s and that both Bong Hee and Ji Wook should either defend for free or become public defenders. Byun suddenly launches into a commentary about how he can still feel the sausage from last night, causing Bong Hee to feel nauseous. Byun swears off drinking and points to Bong Hee, “You can call me your son if I drink again,” but Bong Hee whispers to Chief Bang, “I don’t want a son like him.” HAHA I haven’t completely warmed up to this crew as a whole yet, but I do like their dynamics.

Ji Wook throws a fit and in the midst of this, Eun Hyuk enters with some cake and requests that everyone make themselves available that day. He has some exquisite wine and champagne too. Everyone looks away at the mention of alcohol  (presumably) and runs away.

The Chef’s sister undergoes prosecution interrogation for destroying evidence and they run into Ji Wook, who questions the sister on why she removed the picture frame. We cut to the a scene of Hyun Soo walking in the park with earphones on, and he sees a memory of a girl smiling at her phone – the girl who was assaulted? He remembers the drinking night before where Bong Hee wonders why the murderer did something like this to her, and he answers it’s because you had witnessed something you shouldn’t have, but unfortunately you weren’t there. And you couldn’t recognise me when you encountered me. I’m going to continue to keep my eyes on you. 

If you never found out who I am, I will always be remembered as a good person to you. 

He calls Bong Hee and invites her for a meet up. Ji Wook’s interest is piqued and hilariously puts his ear to the phone as well.

Yoo Jung watches in tears and Ji Hye murmurs that she’s losing her respect for her. The couple bickers again because Ji Wook wants to meet Hyun Soo too, so Ji Hye walks over and intentionally knocks into Bong Hee. Just look at that exquisite face of Ji Chang Wook *dies*.

The lift doors open to reveal the District Attorney and Bong Hee looks scared to death.

Ji Wook, having already deduced for himself what happened, grabs her hand reassuringly and enters the lift first. When it’s their floor, Bong Hee tries to pull him out but he closes the lift doors.

He turns to the Attorney and warns him not to hurt Bong Hee again, “Don’t touch her.” Woww.

Bong Hee knows that Ji Wook must have said something to the Attorney and is angry with him because she’s scared something will happen again. He lost his job as a prosecutor and as a lawyer because of her. Ji Wook protests that those were his decisions and not her fault, but she looks sadly at him, “This might really be an ill-fated relationship.” She warns him to stay out of her affairs and runs away, before leaning on a tree and crying that she can’t get over him.

When the day is ending, Eun Hyuk enthusiastically invites everyone for dinner but Chief Bang coughs that everyone is still hungover and not feeling well. Eun Hyuk looks at the cake he brought in the morning and finds that there’s only a slice left. He brings it to the park and sets up a tent, before blowing out candles on his cake. AWW OMGGG it’s his birthday!!!! Aww Ji Eun Hyuk, you break my heart! And did you see how he pat his head while wishing himself happy birthday??? On a side note, so happy that I got to watch Choi Tae Joon in such a lovable role, with no hints of the villain Tae Ho from Missing 9 – such a great actor!! Ahhh Eun Hyukk I will be your friend, please don’t feel lonely.

While eating his cake, Yoo Jung appears and wishes him happy birthday. She explains that she has “accidentally” stopped by since this was their frequent haunt and that she will be on her way. Eun Hyuk instinctively wants to stop her but looks away. At the same time, she makes the excuse that her legs are tired and sits down.

Ji Wook looks at the date and realises it’s Eun Hyuk’s birthday. He drafts multiple messages to wish him happy birthday but doesn’t send out any. He frets over them and accidentally knocks into Bong Hee, thus sending out a draft which only includes ‘H’ of Happy Birthday HAHA.

Eun Hyuk receives this message and laughs. Yoo Jung confides that she told Ji Wook she left him because his love wasn’t enough, and Eun Hyuk was like, “What?”, leading me to think that there’s still something more we don’t exactly know about the relationship two years ago! She admits that it’s her fault but wishes that the two guys wouldn’t hate her so much.

She asks if Eun Hyuk hates her really and he nods, although flashback to drunk truth or dare shows Eun Hyuk admitting in tears that there’s someone whom he can’t dislike or hate no matter what. Yoo Jung leaves her present and walks away.

At night, Hyun Soo meets up with the DNA analyst and asks threateningly why there were footprints and his button left behind. The DNA analyst meekly says that it was a mistake and Hyun Soo warns that the next time he makes a mistake again, he will take it as an intention to betray.

He will have to help Hyun Soo until four people have disappeared, “That’s the only way you will pay for your mistake, Chan Ho.” Ooh finally we have a name to our cute analyst here! No wonder he was so distraught that Hyun Soo was acquitted – he probably left clues so that Hyun Soo would be caught!

Ji Wook looks at Bong Hee when she isn’t noticing and vice versa, and the couple is just feeling dejected in general. Bong Hee tells Eun Hyuk that she has ended her one-sided love and will continue to cheer Ji Wook on as a fan, since fans cannot expect anything. “I am 98% over him.”

Flashback to truth or dare shows Bong Hee saying, “I think I will love him till I die.” I love how all these flashbacks show us the truth that is in stark contrast with what the characters put on as a strong front.

Eun Hyuk decides to help Bong Hee out. He knows that Ji Wook is watching them so he asks Bong Hee to lean in a little closer, “Then start laughing.” He does his awkward fake laugh, which actually makes me laugh in real life, and Bong Hee follows suit.

Ji Wook takes up the garden hose but feels Chief Bang’s judgy glance and places it down.

If you are wondering where Byun is, he’s busy washing the dishes because he lost the drinking game. Ji Wook overhears Bong Hee telling Eun Hyuk that she’s going to meet Hyun Soo and follows her. Hyun Soo offers to buy her lots of meals as a sign of his gratitude. It’s funny how Ji Wook lacks in spying abilities here (I have a sudden urge to watch Healer again!!) because he gets spotted immediately. HAHA oh he makes me laugh, just thinking about how he must have thought hunching would do a great deal in hiding him.

When confronted by Bong Hee privately, he pretends like it’s just a coincidence, “Hmm what do you mean? What?” but Bong Hee knows that he’s hiding something.

In the meanwhile, Hyun Soo thinks through his previous conversations with Ji Wook and how he followed them to the cafe. He knows that Ji Wook is up on something.

Ji Wook is about to tell Bong Hee that Hyun Soo’s alibi is flawed but Bong Hee has to rush off to meet her mother. She tells her mum that Ji Wook has broad shoulders, is understanding and his eyes gleam like the stars. She tears up at the thought of being rejected and her mum asks if she can find someone else whom she liked so much in the future. Ji Wook’s mum overhears this and scoffs that Bong Hee is head over heels in love, “There’s no one like this…except my son.”

The reunion between future mother-in-laws is yet to be, because Ji Wook’s mum meets Ji Wook outside Papa John’s and complains about the weird women in her shop. She frets over his loss of weight and wonders when he grew up when she can still remember rocking him to sleep. Ji Wook, on the other hand, feels like he hasn’t grown at all because he’s still a coward.

He goes back to office and continues to fret over the case, when he suddenly recalls seeing Chan Ho at Hyun Soo’s trial. He finds Chan Ho and asks if he knows the Chef or Hyun Soo personally. Seeing Chan Ho’s reaction, Ji Wook’s sure that Chan Ho is hiding something and gives him his namecard, “I’ll help you if there’s anything I can help you with.”

Chan Ho ponders in agony and finally decides to take up Ji Wook’s offer. He calls Ji Wook, but as Kdramas go, Ji Wook misses his call because he is in Yoo Jung’s office. Yoo Jung has a photo of the picture frame which she knows Ji Wook is looking for, and thus Ji Wook finally sees the verse that’s written on it. Since Chan Ho couldn’t reach Ji Wook, he calls Bong Hee instead, “I know who bought the shoes.” BUT ALAS! Chan Ho’s phone is tapped and Hyun Soo is pissed off.

Ji Wook finally sees the missed calls from Bong Hee and Chan Ho, and reads her message about meeting Chan Ho at this park. Bong Hee parks her car and almost rushes to meet Chan Ho but stops herself because she feels like something is wrong. Yet, she (stupidly) leaves her phone behind in her car so she doesn’t know Ji Wook is calling her.

What…if you feel like you are in danger, are you really telling me that you wouldn’t want your phone to be by your side 24/7 and will choose to squat next to your car instead…

In the meantime, poor Chan Ho waits for someone, anyone but Hyun Soo, but Hyun Soo locates him gahhhh and Chan Ho has the expression of one who knows he’s about to be killed. OMGAHH Chan Ho noooo.

Ji Wook finds Bong Hee in a scared lump and unleashes his frustration at how Bong Hee shouldn’t have come alone to a place like this, “What if something happened to you? You’re troublesome, you’re a nuisance.”Bong Hee protests that she did wait for him because she knew she was going to get scolded, “Most of all, I was scared, so I walked back here to wait for you.” She rubs her eyes and her contacts lens drop out AGAIN. How many times are you going to use this device my dear scriptwriters, I hope Bong Hee never reveals the brand of contact lens she’s using because I sure wouldn’t buy them.

In any case, we all know that when Bong Hee’s lens drop out, it means lean up and be cozy time. I know I sound so cynical but don’t get me wrong, I was also fangirling inside when I see how Ji Wook grabs her hand and apologises.


She leans in close to see whether he’s sincere or not and Ji Wook hugs her.


I love the way how Ji Chang Wook embraces Nam Ji Hyun here – it’s so strong and firm, as if she’s someone precious whom he never wants to let go.


He leans back and with the Ji Chang Wook eyes we all know and love (omg this guy is smoking hot), he looks at her with depths full of emotions and LEANS IN FOR A KISS.


-the end-

Tadah, the end of this episode. I love the hug, I love the kiss, but really, does it have to take place at the expense of Chan Ho?? Someone whom you, No Ji Wook, trigger into confessing so you should take responsibility for whatever you started! It’s so sad that Chan Ho finally decides to do something and yet will now either be dead or be scared into silence again. I sure hope this isn’t the last we will see of him! This is why despite the romance at the end, I was a little frustrated at the illogical way it turned out. Sure, maybe there’s more to the scene which we don’t know – perhaps in the next episode, we will see that actually the couple did try to find Chan Ho in the park, so I’m leaving some benefit of doubt. But if that’s not the case, I would be rather put off by our leads for just being caught up in their own world and bickers, and not bothering to meet up with someone who could be waiting for them. Strike 1!

At this point in time, I think it’s safe to say that Hyun Soo calls the shots while Chan Ho cleans up the mess. I don’t know if Chan Ho is actually a killer so to speak since I don’t think we’ve seen him partake in any murders exactly, but we will have more to see! Still no signs of that amnesic killer previously promised, unless the synopsis and brief released was mistaken! Very happy that we got to watch  Dong Ha in a psychopathic role which is so different from Park Myung Sik in Chief Kim! He was lovablee there ahhh.

Other than our significant kiss at the end of the episode, I’m also glad that the drama let us in on Eun Hyuk’s lonely world. He’s such a likeable person for a cheater – because he never made any excuses for himself and he isn’t greedy for wanting to have both love and friendship. He knows he dug his own grave for cheating with Yoo Jung and he doesn’t whine about this consequence, unlike Yoo Jung. Most of all, he still keeps putting on a strong front despite his palpable loneliness and for that, I feel for him. Can’t wait to see where the drama will go with this character!

Leaving you guys with our smoking hot lead in glasses:




  1. I have a horrible fear that Eun Hyuk, Yoo Jung or both will end up as targets due to the cheating.

    I can see what you mean – it’s hard to enjoy the romantic moment when there’s something horrible possibly happening at that moment!


    • Nice thinking there! But if I were to choose one, it would be Eun Hyuk because the scriptwriters made him more likeable than Yoo Jung and therefore more impact on viewers. Yeah my heart was with them, but mentally wise I was just like OMG can you please think about Chan Ho, he’s dying out there cos of you. HAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree, though I feel like Yoo Jung is more the cheater than Eun Hyuk was. I mean – they both cheated but she was the one in a relationship. It’s not like Ji Hye got attacked when she cheated with Bong Hee’s boyfriend. Unless Hyun Soo only blames the men. But Eun Hyuk’s definitely the one we care about for sure.


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