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A Korean Odyssey Episode 13 Recap

Our couple is really taking the next step of committing to this Love, which really touches me for some reason. Could it be the fact that it’s such a difficult love to begin with, yet Oh Gong is fighting so hard to protect it?

Ma Wang enlightens Sam Jung that Bu Ja is possessed by Ah Sa Nyeo and that’s why Sam Jung should not summon Oh Gong who is dealing with her at the moment.

Ah Sa Nyeo caresses Oh Gong and reveals that she was betrayed by the man whom she loved and had a marriage promise with. She summoned dragons for this person to make him a king, but on the day of the wedding, he locked her and trapped her for 1000 years. This is why she wants Son Oh Gong – someone who will stay by her side and not betray her; someone who will protect her the way he protects Sam Jung.

She pulls the Guemganggo off Oh Gong’s wrist, “You are mine from now on.” A voice speaks from the side, “Then I’ll give it to you.” The camera pans out to show the REAL Oh Gong standing at a side, “I’m Oh Gong, that’s Qi Gong (seventh Gong)”. The illusion disappears to reveal a soft toy monkey HAHA, much to Ah Sa Nyeo’s confusion. Oh Gong tells the soft toy, “Although it’s a bit sad to let a woman with such an awful temper take you away, but what can I do? She wants you.” HAHA.

Oh Gong dismisses Ah Sa Nyeo’s desire to have him and she tries to promote herself by saying that she’s much stronger than Sam Jung. She wants to finish the wedding she didn’t have and she chooses Son Oh Gong. Oh Gong understands her desire but cannot accept that she wants to replace Sam Jung, much least saying all these words with the face of someone Sam Jung dotes on so much. He prepares to fulfill his promise of burning Bu Ja on the spot, but Ah Sa Nyeo thinks fast – and smiles, wondering if Sam Jung has eaten the food she brought. If yes, she would need a rose petal.

Oh Gong dashes back to find that Sam Jung has not eaten a single bite, but that Ma Wang has. Ma Wang’s face contorts a little, to Oh Gong’s alarm, but he complains, “It’s a little salty!” Knowing that he was tricked by Ah Sa Nyeo, Oh Gong furiously burns the soft toy that Ah Sa Nyeo is holding.

They have a meeting on who should be the ‘sacrifice’ to marry Ah Sa Nyeo, such that she can rest her grudge and move on. Oh Gong hilariously volunteers Ma Wang, while Ma Wang gives him a knowing look, “I’m sure there’s someone better.” Oh Gong nods, “I guess there’s no choice…let Oh Jong go.” HAHAHA. Ma Wang sighs, “Please have some conscience,” and Oh Gong protests, “Why! He’s cute when he smiles.”

Ma Wang sees Oh Gong’s reluctance and gets Secretary Ma to bring Sam Jung away. When Sam Jung is out of sight, Oh Gong admits that Ah Sa Nyeo has chosen him. Ma Wang observes that this is a great opportunity for him to escape the clutches of Guemganggo, but Oh Gong’s face remains solemn – both Sam Jung and him feel so wronged by this situation. Ma Wang quickly disclaims his involvement and points to the skies, revealing that this was all the Heavens’ plan.

This causes Oh Gong to visit Bo Ri’s office, where he angrily smashes the table and stalks towards Bo Ri. He demands to know who will die in this prophecy, but Bo Ri doesn’t know. He only knows one will die at the hands of the other. Oh Gong mutters, “If it is fated that we will be involved, then why make me wear the Guemganggo to protect her?” He breaks his calm facade and shouts, “If we are to kill each other, you should not make me wear this toy!” I LOVE this scene for so many reasons. Just from this one sentence, I can hear how tortured Oh Gong must feel, and how manipulated he must be. What’s going on right now seems to be the heavens pulling strings, and the leads are just puppets working to their desire. Lee Seung Gi’s acting is also great here!

Bo Ri notes that Sam Jung’s mission is important and sacrifice will definitely be involved. Oh Gong leans in and says through gritted teeth – the prophecy? No such thing. He clenches his fist tight and the death bell disappears. “As long as I’m here for a day, she will never die.” Very sweet Oh Gong, but a little voice at the back of my mind just can’t help but speak up: oh no but we are scared that YOU will die. 

He leans back, “Sacrifice? Let the Heavens know that as long as they anger the Great Sage, they will also need to sacrifice. Trying to use me to make a story? That’s their mistake.” And poof he disappears. Bo Ri asks the skies if they have really made a mistake, and the skies reply with non-stop thunder storm.

Sam Jung watches the thunderstorm with unease and Oh Gong appears because he wants to protect her from a rogue Bu Ja. However, Sam Jung has already heard from Ma Wang that Ah Sa Nyeo wants to marry Oh Gong and she throws a petty fit, saying that she doesn’t care. She angrily smashes the lids together and bursts out, “So what?” when Oh Gong points out that the lid she’s holding is not the right lid for the box she’s trying to close. Oh Gong pulls the box over and demonstrates that only with the right lid, can you close the box. You can’t put two things together that will never match and insist that they get together. Wow drama, trying to be metaphorical here. He places a hand on Seon Mi’s head, “Are you angry right now?” and she admits that she’s fuming. He pulls her into a hug so as to calm her raging fire and she grudgingly says that he has to work harder to put out the fire. But she then apologises for her tantrum and that she’s scared of causing pain to him just like the other time.

Meanwhile, Kang finds an expert which examines the carvings on the coffin and guesses that the coffin must have contained someone who was really powerful. He smiles creepily at the interesting turn of events.

Ah Sa Nyeo gets a make over and runs into two strangers who try to pick her up. She smiles and the next scene we see, she gets out of a car with blood on the windows. She murmurs that this is not enough to get her powers back and that she needs to get Sam Jung’s body soon.

Seon Mi learns that while she has a lotus scent, Ah Sa Nyeo has a rose scent. She wonders why she’s so weak compared to Ah Sa Nyeo but Oh Gong reminds her that her blood is powerful. Oh Gong scoffs at her wanting to help Ma Wang and in a flashback, we see Ma Wang being manipulative and hilarious with his tears again. He used the Bu Ja card (oh poor Bu Ja! Poor Zombie!) but also reminded her about points (ah my points!) hahaha.

Seon Mi notes that they have already done fake wedding twice to chase away evil spirits. She will just treat this marriage with Ah Sa Nyeo as to the same effect, since it’s just formalities. Oh Gong casually proposes, “Let’s organise one. The third one, let’s make it real. Do you want to marry me?”

Seon Mi tears but reminds him that if they marry, he will never be able to escape her despite taking away the Guemganggo (I guess there’s divorce *cough*). Oh Gong puts out his hand and tells her to grab him tight. As long as she wants, he will do it. He lies down on her lap and she pushes him away, so he says, “Yeah of course we should go to the bed.” AHAH this monkey is full of tricks. But Seon Mi grabs him by the shirt (LOL) and claims that she’s sending him away for his good, “I’m trying hard to protect you.” Oh Gong covers his chest with a simpering look, “Is she protecting me?” Hahaha.

Ma Wang learns from Secretary Ma that Princess Iron Fan has lost her child in this life due to a stabbing incident and that she blames herself for not fetching her child from the bus stop. Ah Sa Nyeo makes use of his weakness, revealing that Chal Nyeo (referring to Fan princess, the name is too long) keeps a swiss army knife in her bag at all times. Secretary Ma has no choice but to tell Ma Wang that the person who stabbed Chal’s kid was underage at that time and only went to jail for 3 years, causing Chal much pain. This was also why we saw her in a police car in the previous few episodes, because Chal tried to stab the murderer.

Ah Sa Nyeo opportunistically offers her help, and Ma Wang sends Secretary Ma away, much to her shock.

Oh Gong visits Oh Jong at work and it’s always a little -wow- to see Oh Jong send hordes of important people away just to tend to Oh Gong. Oh Gong wants Oh Jong to find out more about Ah Sa Nyeo and Kang Dae Sung.

Talking about Ah Sa Nyeo, she comes face to face with PK, who disregards Ah Sa Nyeo’s presence in Bu Ja’s body. Just as she turns away, PK pats her head and Ah Sa Nyeo finds herself turning back. PK promises to find Bu Ja’s family and believes that she can hear her. After he leaves, Ah Sa Nyeo touches her heart and wonders if Bu Ja is really still in there.

While talking to Seon Mi about property developments, Seon Mi suddenly asks Han Joo about marriage. She tries to analogise her situation to normal humans’ situation – what happens if someone wears a bangle, ah no ring, and says “I love you”? I love how Han Joo interprets the question in his normal human way, such that his replies are not factually correct yet so on point at the same time. He immediately asks if Seon Mi has bought Oh Gong a huge diamond ring, “That’s not real love. Once you take the ring away, there’s no love. None.” As he walks to the couch, Oh Gong suddenly appears, holds her face, and pecks her on the lips. He disappears before Han Joo looks up to ask for the company stamp. Han Joo is still hot on the topic and continues, “It’s a materialistic love. Once the material disappears, the love will disappear too. You can’t believe such nonsense and get married.”

Oh Gong then appears again and shakes his head. He smiles reassuringly, covers her ears and gives her another kiss on the mouth. Han Joo looks up to see a blushing Seon Mi, much to his confusion. She finally gives him the stamp which he has been asking for but continues asking if it’s alright so long as she can buy a 100 diamond rings until that person dies. Han Joo sighs, “Sure go ahead, but why don’t you raise my salary if you have that much money.”

He stalks out of the office and Oh Gong pulls Seon Mi’s face to him. He kisses her deeply this time, and leans back to smile before kissing her again. Ahhh love it, hahaha the way they kiss gets better and better! It’s very natural, innocent yet passionate at the same time.

Han Joo realises that Seon Mi has given him the wrong stamp and tries to get back into the office but the door shuts on him and becomes locked. LOL Oh Gong, seriously. Han Joo is aghast at the troublesome woman he has to work with. This is extremely cute except that I distinctly heard the door close when Han Joo stalked out a minute ago.

Ah Sa Nyeo visits General Frost and reveals to us that it was her who placed Summary Fairy’s spirit into his body because her spirit was so weak.  She has come to reclaim the favour General Frost owes her for saving his sister in the past.

Ma Wang comes to ask Bo Ri if what Ah Sa Nyeo suggested is feasible (we don’t know what yet) and Bo Ri reluctantly says yes, preferring that Ma Wang helps Chal only after becoming a deity himself. He reminds Ma Wang that she’s the one who has broken the heavens’ laws, and Ma Wang breaks the table in anger, “Won’t it do for me to bear all her retribution?” I find it quite funny that Bo Ri’s table is constantly being wrecked. Do you think he has a storage room with back up tables, or does he just mend it with power each time?

Bo Ri fills Sam Jung in on Princess Iron Fan’s background, wanting her to help advise Ma Wang against his course of action. Turns out Princess, in wanting to save her child, stole the spirits of human children and this was why the Heavens banished her, much to Ma Wang’s pain. Because of this, she has to reincarnate 108 times. This is her 9th reincarnation within 1000 years. Sam Jung notes that the 99 reincarnations would be equivalent to 10000 years of pain, and this is why Bo Ri is so worried.

Oh Gong is similarly very worried, and Ma Wang tells him to kill Ah Sa Nyeo if Ah Sa Nyeo has lied to him, “You have a debt to us.” We finally learn the back story of these two – when Ma Wang separated from his wife due to a disagreement, Princess borrowed the fan from a deity so as to patch things up. “If not for a little thug deity, taking the fan for himself, we would have patched up.” Oh Gong protests that he didn’t know the fan was so urgently needed, and that when he wanted to pass it to Ma Wang later on, he was later trapped into the house. A little confused here because this is not the original purpose of the fan, which was used to put out fire or call the rain. Here…does it mean that the fan literally puts out fire, like a rage, in people??

Oh Gong asks if Ma Wang really has to do this, but pulls his hand back when Ma Wang asks him back, “If you knew there was such a solution, would you hesitate?”

With General Frost’s help, Ah Sa Nyeo manages to get her urn back. Using this urn, she can help Ma Wang, but that’s just a pretext. In truth, she wants to use this urn to switch her soul with Sam Jung’s. Wow, Ah Sa Nyeo’s spirit in Sam Jung’s body? That would be formidable combination. The way to achieve this is to mix Sam Jung’s blood with hers, and that’s why she needs Ma Wang.

Oh Gong hilariously gets Oh Jong to cook the food Ma Wang likes, and gets both PK and Alice to bid their farewell to Ma Wang. It’s supposed to be a last words, final moment thing, but it’s just so hilarious watching Ma Wang lose his temper at how Oh Gong is treating him like a cow that is about to be slaughtered.

The two powerful women finally have a show down. Seon Mi graciously thanks Ah Sa Nyeo for keeping Bu Ja’s body alive, even though Ah Sa Nyeo notes that she doesn’t have the power to recognise Bu Ja has changed. Ah Sa Nyeo asks if she would like to change their bodies, and Seon Mi notes out loud that she has to be difficult at this time. She repeats Oh Gong’s words, “Of course not! Based on what? How much are you giving me? I won’ change even if you give $500,” and tells Ah Sa Nyeo not to try and meddle with the two of them. As for powers, “No matter whether it’s Bu Ja, or you, both of you are awakened by my blood. My blood is also powerful, so no, I do not want to switch with you.” Nice one!

The stolen urn actually comes from Kang’s museum and he sees Bu Ja from the CCTV footage. He smiles, knowing that she’s still alive. I feel like Kang will eventually try and make a deal with Bu Ja/Ah Sa Nyeo.

PK runs to Bu Ja, telling her that her mother is still alive and in a hospital. Ah Sa Nyeo punches him but her body reaches out to touch PK’s nose. PK knows that Bu Ja is still in there somewhere and rushes off with renewed hope.

Ah Sa Nyeo tells Ma Wang that she needs Sam Jung’s blood in order to fulfill her promise to Ma Wang. Ma Wang pleads with Sam Jung, who visits Chal Nyeo, and sees the grim reaper by her side. Apparently, Chal Nyeo dies at the same age in each reincarnation and that night, is the night that she will end her 9th reincarnation.

Oh Gong learns from Oh Jong that Ah Sa Nyeo has the power to manipulate humans’ fates, thus she can direct all the stars charting Chal Nyeo’s fates into Ma Wang, allowing Chal to break free. She can also control spirits by transferring them. Hearing that she does this by mixing blood, Oh Gong looks unsettled.

Sam Jung is similarly unsettled but goes ahead with dripping her blood into the urn. Just when Ah Sa Nyeo thinks that she has gotten her way and is just about to drip her own blood into the urn, Oh Gong puts his hand out and catches the droplets. He even praises himself, “Nice catch.” Oh Gong chases her out and makes her leave the urn behind. Ma Wang is angry at his meddling but Oh Gong tells him that he doesn’t need Ah Sa Nyeo; Sam Jung’s powers is more than Ah Sa Nyeo and Sam Jung can achieve the same.

Thanks to Oh Gong’s extortion (haha), Bo Ri helps push back Chal Nyeo’s death for a few hours so that she can meet Ma Wang. Ma Wang tries very hard to control himself from crying, “Even though you don’t know me, I know you quite well. In order for you be safe, I’m going to gamble everything.” I thought he’s walking towards her to give her a hug, but instead he just walks off, determined. This is how thoughtful our male lead is.

Although Sam Jung is afraid, Bo Ri reminds her that she’s Sam Jung and she can do it. She places her hand on the urn and the stars turn their direction, firing into Ma Wang with much force. After much pain and torture, Ma Wang collapses to the floor. I love you. 

-the end-

I’m really beginning to be hooked real deep with this show, such that even though not much happens in terms of plot, my mind still stays on the show.

When I just finished the episode, I wasn’t satisfied with Sam Jung’s performance, although she had a few stellar moments. However, now that I thought about it, Sam Jung in the original classic was also someone like that. He was always just ‘kind’, full of compassion for others, and always needed Son Oh Gong and the others to save him. I remembered being kind of annoyed when I was younger! Put in that context, I guess I feel better about Sam Jung in Episode 13 – her helping Ma Wang out without a real sense of danger is somewhat in line with her character.

There’s also something incredibly cute, intense, yet innocent with the kiss in the office we had today. I do think that they could have started with a peck on the forehead first, before progressing to a full on make out session, but as it is now, I think it was such a fangirl-worthy moment. I loved how Oh Gong appears just to sooth Seon Mi emotionally and in his desire for her is really palpable. I also like it how even though it’s such a lovey dovey scene, they manage to work in some comic relief by having Oh Gong shut the door on Han Joo. Haha poor Han Joo!

On a deeper level, I can’t say I actually saw the plot of being married coming. I guess the signs were there from the first few episodes – she was dressed in a traditional bride costume when she first activated the Guemganggo. But the analogy of the Guemganggo to a ring is on point and strikingly relevant – the idea of a contract, a physical ‘bind’ or a promise, sense of control and ties. Throw in love and you can’t tell both apart. It is pretty refreshing to watch a couple discuss marriage halfway through the show, and that the marriage will advance the plot, rather than it being a usual happy ending.

Looking forward to the next episode!




  1. I felt like in the office scene, SunMi was almost asking Han Joo for permission to marry Oh Gong – asking if it’s ok for them to marry. And at the end, when he was all “sure, fine, marry him” and she happily told him, “thank you,” that Oh Gong basically took that moment as her deciding she will marry him and that was half the reason the kisses suddenly got way more intense. (Or at least, she’s on the brink about to say yes and he’s pulling out all the stops to convince her.) I liked that he jumped straight into the mega-kisses because it felt like he was saying “I thought Han Joo would never leave!”

    I’m kinda wondering if Bo Ri just picks up the two pieces, pushes them together, and leaves it with a slit down the middle expecting it to get broken again and again. I noticed when OhGong breaks the table, the table legs always go flying off to the side out of the way but with Ma Wang the legs were still there.

    I wonder if Princess Iron Fan stole 108 souls and that’s why she’s supposed to reincarnate 108 times?


    • HAHAHA I love how we are actually analysing the table – did you notice how in the recent episodes, it became horizontal across him instead of vertical?

      Ooooh that’s an incredible deduction. They never gave us the answer but it could well be!!

      Liked by 1 person

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